Random Facts of Life Right Now.

Here are a few facts about my life right now:

- We finally know the Gender! I couldn't be more excited for our cute little baby girl! :)
I realize some may think the photos are creepy - but I love it!
Also we think she might have a bit of a mohak. ;)

-Ever since watching the first season of Walking Dead a few weeks back I have a least one Zombie dream a week. Last night’s Zombie Dream included Braedon and myself living in a 15 story Library (this place was huge!) for quite some time until finally the zombies found us. We of course escaped through a secret tunnel that put us like 10 miles away from the city. We then proceeded to drive a very cool muscle car into a military base where we helped kill some rampaging zombies that were just about to overcome the military personnel, thus saving the day. A few weeks back my Zombie Dream included the wonderful Melissa Singleton and I running 7 miles to her house because we just had to have some bread she left there. We of course got attacked by zombies but my mad skills with a blade attached to a rope and Melissa’s skills with her baseball bat with nails sticking out of it led us to my Aunt In Law Stacey’s get away van (which of course was filled with all her kids, cousins, and drooling dog).  Dreams are weird – but at least I’m a kick A zombie hunter in all of them.

-I have officially started to wear maternity pants every once in a while. My regular pants still fit… they just jab into my gut if I sit for any extended (10 seconds) period of time (thus resulting to me forgetting that I had unbuttoned them and end up walking around the office with my pants hanging open). I put off switching to maternity pants because I didn’t feel I was far enough along. Turns out I should have switched ages ago - these things are magic! Sooooo comfy.

-I got a new phone case. I like it. Of course since getting it I haven’t dropped my phone once thus making me feel that I wasted 6 bucks on getting a case. At least it’s pretty. J

-We had a wonderful time in St. George the last weekend of March. We hiked Angles landing, ate good food, did some shopping… and were planning on doing a bit more hiking on Sunday but those plans were fouled up by someone backing up into the front of our car – that was parked in the driveway. Awesome. Luckily with some bungee cords and string we were able to get the bumper up so we could drive home. Now I get to deal with insurance companies again – eeeeeeeee death.

-I don’t know if I mentioned this or not, but I’m pretty proud of my husband lately. Not only did he just get a promotion (wahoo!) he’s also lost 20+ pounds in the past 2.5 months! He’s getting thinner as I’m getting bigger – there’s a nice symmetry to it all that I just love.

-Braedon gets up about 30 minutes earlier than me. Lately he’ll go in and wake up Spook and put him on the bed. Spook will then come rushing to my face, give me a couple of kisses, and then we’ll snuggle. I love this snuggle time. The other day when Braedon put Spook on the bed Spook immediately fell over – apparently the pup was too tired to even walk the few steps to my side of the bed. Don’t worry – I still dragged him over for snuggle time. Adorable.
Love this pup.
-I’m still loving the wonderful weather.

-Recently I’ve been slightly obsessed with these wonderful Lemonberry CreamSlush things at Sonic. They are heavenly. I feel that they will be my go to treat as it gets hotter and hotter (especially since there happens to be a Sonic 2 minutes away from our house).

-I’ve had people ask me about Belly Pictures – I have taken them, promise. I just have not taken them off our camera. At some point I’ll post them…

-I’ve developed a fear of taking large pills. Taking pills made me throw up a few times in the first trimester and has apparently scarred me. I now take my prenatal pill with me to work and leave in on my keyboard for half the day. I stare at it until I finally get the nerve to just take the dang thing. Silly? Oh yes. Still true? Extremely.

-I’ve been having OCD flare up’s left and right lately. The other day I went on a deleting/reorganizing rampage against my desktop at work. It felt great.

-Braedon and I have been working on a project for the nursery. I'm really excited about it and hoping it turns out as awesome as it is in my head. More on this later. :)

-I’m really enjoying life right now.