In a Nut Shell

Bullet Point the First. I only have 5 days left that I have to wear my boot. To say I'm excited is probably a huge understatement. Mainly because it's hot, and throws my back and hips WAY out of alignment, is annoying to walk in, makings sleeping a choir, etc etc. It will be nice to have it off, though I am nervous to start walking on my foot and building back up that mobility. But I tell myself that it will be so nice to have the stupid boot off I don't even care. In a nutshell: Boot = Annoying.

Trying to keep SOME muscle in my leg.

No more stiches.

How a lot of my workouts look at Crossfit lately. Shoulders for days.

Bullet Point the Second.
Haevin is 6 months old. Her stats for this check up came in at 14 pounds 13 oz (25%) and her height was at 26.5 inches long (75%). She is slowly catching up in weight - though I feel like she has gained a lot in the last little bit... apparently she is still pretty dang small. She is loving to talk and eat, loves her jumper, loves to pivot around, is getting better at sitting, still hasn't rolled fully from her back to her tummy but can roll just find from tummy to back, and loves to play/watch her big sister. In a nutshell Haevin = Adorable Smiley 6 Month Old.

Finally taking naps unswaddled. Woot. 

See! She is getting some rolls. Kinda... if you squint?

So much smiles.


Bullet Point the Third. Rosealynn turns three in 19 days. THREE. I always forget how much she has grown and developed and changed in the past years until my TimeHop reminds me that two years ago today she added a fourth word of "hi" to her vocabulary (which only consisted of Mommy, Daddy, and Doggy). Crazy how much children/babies grow and learn and how quickly. Rose is such a spit fire. She is her own person and has some great attitude, but she is also the biggest sweet heart I know. 2 has been a fun (and exhausting) age and I can't wait to see how 3 goes. In a nutshell: Rosealynn + 19 days = 3 year old = weird.

How Rose wakes me up in the morning some days. 

Wanting to put on mommy's boot.

Getting so big and so good on her bike!

Watching the Crossfit Games while eating lunch together.

These two!

"I'm just reading Haevin stories"

"Red is my favorite color!"

Bullet Point the Fourth. My sister in law Chantelle get's married next week. Being the youngest I never went through the whole "Siblings growing up" thing... it's weird. Seeing Braedon's sisters grow into these beautiful and independent women is mind blowing some times. I'm excited for Chanty and her new adventure and hope everything goes great for her big day. I also may have put together the most wonderful (and slightly inappropriate) gift for her today (just like my awesome sister in law Tiff did for me when I got married). In a nutshell: Being a sister in law = fun.

Bullet Point the Fifth. Speaking of the above gift... Most items I got off Amazon. And I didn't realize I was still signed into a clients account until I went to check out. Oops. That clients "recent search" history is going to be interesting for them next time they log in (don't worry I Emailed them to inform them of the error - not awkward at all). In a nutshell: Always checking what account you are logged into before looking up "sexy-time" items = A great idea. 

Bullet Point the Sixth. Braedon had a birthday (shout hooray!) He has now officially joined the 27 year old club. I love this man so much and am so glad that he was born. I don't know where I would be without him and his support and love in my life. I know to him a birthday is "just another day" but it's a pretty important day to me. In a nutshell: Life with Braedon > Life without Braedon.

Always reads the girls stories before bed.

Playing with Rose in the pool

These three. :)

I know it's blurry... but Haevins face basically says it all. 

Bullet Point the Seventh. For some reason the past couple of days I have been really looking forward to Fall. I love Fall. So much. I think we've established that here on this blog numerous times. That being said... I think I'm gonna make this summer seem even longer if I'm already longing for Fall. Sigh. Bring on camping, cooler temps, sweaters/jackets, Halloween, hot chocolate and more! In a nutshell: Summer < Fall.

Bullet Point the Eighth. We've been working on our backyard the past few weeks. Yes we have a tiny backyard, but we still like to make improvements on it. The builder of our neighborhood had put in these tiny little decks and a bunch of rocks on one part of the cement pad. We hate both. So Braedon has been doing a great job of removing all gross rocks and putting in lovely pavers. It looks so much better already and we are only about half way done. Can't wait for the finished product. In a nutshell: Pavers > Rocks. 

Bullet Point the Ninth. I thought I had more to talk about... turns out that while our life is amazing and lovely... it's also a little non-eventful right now. And that's okay with me. In a nutshell: Nothing to talk about = End blog.


Laid Up

I've had quite a few people asking for updates on how I'm doing and how the surgery went... so here you go. :)

Friday the 10th I went into surgery for my left food - for almost as long as I can remember I've had a pretty bad bunion on my left foot. As I've gotten more and more active in Crossfit it's been hurting more and more - especially after any significant running or jumping (which is almost every day with Crossfit).

Braedon and I have discussed countless times about looking into surgery for my foot but we've (okay really I've) always put it off. This year Braedon had to go into see a podiatrist and asked if he should make me an appointment as well. I finally caved and said yes. Of course I was told what I knew I would be told - I have a bad bunion and the only way for it to go away is surgery. I didn't have to get surgery... it wouldn't damage my foot further keeping the bunion around, but most likely it would continue to get worse and more painful and the longer I waited the harder recover would be. 

So seeing as we have already hit our deductible this year due to our sweet little Haevin - we finally (after discussion) decided for me to get the surgery. And after further discussion I decided it was better to do it sooner rather then waiting towards the end of the year (when said baby Haevin is crawling and possibly walking). So not wanting to have a giant boot on for Braedon's sister's wedding in August we had a small window to get it set up - but luckily there was a date open exactly 4 weeks before the wedding date.

As things got closer I got more nervous. I've never had surgery before (besides wisdom teeth removal) and while this was a pretty minor surgery it still made me anxious. The day arrived and my daddy picked me up to take me to the hospital so Braedon could stay home with the girls (and so we wouldn't have to wake them up at 5 in the morning). I got prepped for surgery - and was given these lovely beauties:

These are gonna be the new leggings one day. ;)
Once I was all set they rolled me into the OR... man those rooms are a bit intimidating. So big. So many machines and instruments... and it was freezing. They switched me tables, gave me some blankets, gave me oxygen... and I remember looking at the clock and it was about 7:30. Next thing I remember is looking at the clock and it was around 8:30. Talk about trippy and the best nap I've ever had.

Everything went well and about an hour later I was able to have Braedon pick me up and go home. My foot was completely numb still so I was feeling just fine (though still groggy and sleepy from anesthesia) but apparently the meds they had given me, mixed with leftover anesthesia did not like the motion of a car ride... which resulted in me throwing up all over our front garden bed on the way into the house 3 or 4 times. 

The rest of the day wasn't too bad - the nausea started to lessen. I started to wake up a bit more (after a good nap), and my foot was still totally numb so there wasn't any pain to deal with thus far. I started my Cold and Compression therapy and man is that machine super cumbersome and awkward. 

So awkward to get around my foot. 
Rose keeping me company while I lay in bed. :)

As I was getting ready for bed I could finally start to feel a bit in my foot and some pain. Not wanting to wake up in agony I decided it was time for some drugs. Thus enters my other fun toy I've been given - the pain pump! Basically I have a catheter in my foot that allows me to give myself some fancy pain drug straight to the surgical site. Sweet.

The rest of the weekend has been pretty good. Obviously the numbness is subsiding so the pain is a bit higher, but not horrible as long as I keep my foot elevated... walking or putting it down for longer then a couple of minutes get's it throbbing and starts to hurt quite a bit. I'm starting to figure out the best way to walk with the boot that keeps the pain to a minimum, and the cold/compression machine coupled with the drugs help quite a bit.

Braedon has been amazing this weekend. He took all of Friday and Monday off to help me with the girls and help keep me in bed when I want to get up and help out. It's been a bit odd having so much down time - Braedon has taken the girls out of the house  few times for hours at a time so I could rest and the quiet is pretty amazing. That being said... I think I'm starting to already get a bit antsy to be able to move around a bit more easily.

Braedon brought up this little table into our room and brought all our dinners up so we could still eat as a family. Rose was so excited to have a family "picnic" as she called it. :)
Us girls just vegging on the bed together. :)
Flowers from my parents and Braedon. They make my heart so happy. If I was rich I'd buy a fresh bouquet of flowers weekly. 
Basically what I've looked like this whole weekend. 

Wednesday I'll have my post-surgery check-up so we will see how things are looking and feeling at that point. As far as I can tell though everything seems to be going as it should!

After I get the check-up I'll try to get back to Crossfit (pain tolerance and doctors orders pending of course) The next 4 weeks will just have to be focused on my upper body and mobility as I have to keep the boot on. Then after those 4 weeks the boot will be off and while I still have to stay away from running or heavy jumping, I can start back up on more lower body activities. It sucks to have so much down time from Crossfit/activity again so soon after having Haevin, but I'm hoping long term it will be worth it not to have to deal with the pain (or dreading pain) anytime I want to walk a lot, run, or jump a lot.

So there you have it. So far all is going pretty good. I've had so many people reach out to me and ask how I've been, offer help, bringing dinner/treats or flowers. I feel so spoiled and appreciate all the love and support. :)

Here is hoping the recovery keeps going well and I'm back on my own two feet quickly!