. . .

And after that last post, I would just like to restate my love for Chelsea. I honestly love her, she is my best friend and an amazing person that I look up to so much. I am so glad we are still friends to this day, and that we still talk like crazy. I love you Chels! Thanks for everything! You are simply amazing. :)

-Katie :)

Past Rememberings. :)

So, once upon a time, me and my good (and wonderful) friend Chelsea decided that we wanted to write a super long E-Mail, an epistle if you will. So we started, writing a paragraph each day and sending it back and forth. We did this... for I'm not exactly sure how long, but probably a month or two? And then we finally sent it (once I dislocated my shoulder and could no longer type with much speed). Today me and her where looking at old E-Mails and both started re-reading this wonderful E-Mail and we both decided not only are we going to post it on our blogs, but we are going to start a new Epistle. The Epistle of Katie and Chelsea 2.0, if you will. And don't you worry, it already has begun.

So, for your enjoyment (or for mine and Chelsea's embarrassment), or for your marvelment at the longness that is this E-Mail. Here is mine and Chelsea's first Epistle, written back in 2005.

WELCOME ALL! You have entered the amazing EPISTLE of Katie and Chelsea, oh yes thats right, you now get the combined E-Mail of both of us! So hold on to your underwear because here we come!!
So here we go! First I guess I will start with a little explanation. So me and Chelsea deicded that we are going to write an E-Mail for you all....a long one....together! BWAHAHAHA!! So this E-Mail will be a mix of my thoughts and Chelsea's! All jumbled together to creat one SUPER E-MAIL!!! So how is everyone!? Hopefully grand!!! BLAGA BLOOGAHA!! HAHA! So yea Umm Chelsea ate me....and that makes me sad......just becuase I snort like i pig doesn't mean I taste like a pig...gosh dont eat me....rdhl, oh boy So the other day I wasin the woods.....ya I really have really I mean, right now...Im just kinda.....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH......tee hee....
New paragraph bahahahaha. This would be the point in time where "Chelsea's thoughts" begins. And seeing as though there isn't much thought going on right now. This might not be an incredibly long paragraph. But not to worry, this will pretty much be the longest e-mail EVER written! Katie and I are going to see if you hit a certain point, it won't let you type anymore. hmmmmmm. I bet you are all wishing that point be right about now. But that sucks, becuase it isn't. It will probably take you a whole hour to read it. MUAHAHA! So I'm feeling that I need to tell a story right now. Last night, something horrible happened, oh yes it did. Katie, Jess, and I... we were all soundly sleeping, (or so we thought until **SNOOOOOOOOOOOORT BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA** compliments of Katie not being able to think about silence... haha) anyway, back to the story, we finally fell asleep... and there was someone outside! Who was this person? We may never know. But all we know, is that they pretty much executed the worst toilet papering job EVER! I mean c'mon, first of all children, when we toilet paper, we use ALL the rolls. We don't leave unused toilet paper on the curb. And if you're going to toilet paper someone, just, try to get more than an inch of toilet paper in the trees. But you know, some of us just aren't so capable of finishing a job. So that was my super special story. And I think that I'm going to shut up now. But do not despair, becuase it is Katie's turn to drag on! YAHHHHHH!!! NEWS FLASH FOR YOU ALL!! So we prettymuch thought we knew who did the toilet papering right?....but then Chels's sisters come up and they are was we are like...oh...okay thats weird....BUT THEN!!!! DON DON DON!! We found out that it wasn't in other was one of you....or not.....haha, but thats okay, becuase it pretty much sucked and was a very crappy anywho! How is everyone? hmmm I think I already asked that huh....ya probably but thats okay, you mood may have changed now from reading this E-Mail, so, ya know, thats why, I, asked again....yes...
So today Choir peoples went and sang...and I was one of those people....and it was REALLY lame....we didn't even do anything (besides sing duh), nope nothing...didn't talkj to the judge or anything...just sung and then sat there....ya that was a waste of my morning...pshhh...OH man its kinda cold in here....but if I close the window (that yes is open and letting cold air in)...then it will get hot becuase of all the stupid machines in here...So did you all know that getting blown up ois "pretty much" good luck? Yup it when you go to fill you cars up with gas...dont touch any metal and leave you car on so you will be blown up and have good luck, because its pretty fun! So the other day, I was going to go bowling with some we went to a bowling was we went to another was full....SO THEN we go TO OLYMPIS.....which when we get there is full...but psh we can wait for this one...:|....but then me and Chels. and Shawn...RAN AWAY...and then chris followed yelling "YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LEAVE ME" and ran after he gets in the car...and then we also got Cam and Darin in the car....and left...and we didn't even bowl.....and then we all lived happily angry after. The End. So that is my story for the day, it was pretty then we drove off into the distence in Big Blue. (which is not a whale, but a van)....woah man that would be pretty off ina whale....dont know how that is possible, but I will do it someday....just like rolling up the stairs....yes...those are my life goals....kinda sad.....I mean...I guess I have a few to eat dinner tonight....If I passed on my bike would you know? huh!? Would ya!? *I AM THE LUCKIEST!!* Oh man good song **dances** did you know that next door theres an old man who lifed to his 90's and then one day passed away, and his wife stay for a couple of days and then passed away? Isn't that cute, I think that is...I am weird for thinking that that is cute? hmmmm probably....but what else is new? eh!?
So Today I really am bored and in kinda a talkative mood, so you get a lot of Katie for a bit haha..... so that is why I have kept on going instead of just writing one paragraph, so ya haha too bad for all of you, because you get me for a little while longer! :D *I've got soul but im not a soilder!* Oh man this E-Mail (or epsitle) is going to be great, look how long it is already! oh man, this is oging to be amazing! :D CHELSEA WE ROCK!! ERROR CLAMPING computer likes to yell at me...and my printers for that matter....NOT RESPONDING....HIBERNATING *beeoooo* **Shuts down** Did you all know that computers hibernate? Yup its pretty common knowledge around my parts....but some of you city folk may not know that....but they do, just those silly computers....will just shut them selfs down and start hibernation...I get to stop working at in like.....36 mins Im happy! :D *HRE I STAND SAD AND FREE AND I CANT CRY AND I CAN SEE WHAT I'VE DONE!!!* oh carried away! haha For all you ladys out there....Hello......ANF for all you guys out there!....Hey **does the trade-mark guy head lift thingy** How you doing? hahaha Chelsea is painting her kitchen....painting sounds pretty fun right now....but I dont know if she is having fun....white paint?...thats not very should but some blue dots on there or something...that would be pretty cool, IDAHO!? WHAT IS THAT!? you da hoe! HAHAHA! oh man....I kill myself....literally...I take knifes and stab them in my heart....but then obviously I bring myself back to life with my magic powers.....psh...what kinda of person do you think I am?, hey I have a question for anyone who can answer it...So you know how if someone says your name you brain stops? like....RICHARD....did you brain stop? Probably not because it was typed...but if someone said your name enough times over and over and over and over really fast like....would you eventually die?....becuase you brain like....would it be stopping so much that you would just.....plop over and die? hmmmm...I think that we should do some experiments......OH man, I just went to go get some more DVD's for the job I am working on....and the box was I got to move it and get at the box that was uner it....and its like...heavier then it should be...and I am like....what in the....and so I look at the box again...nothing in I lift it again...still then I look at it again....and i pick at the bootom...and it comes up...IT WAS LIKE A HIDDEN COMPARTMENT....and there were lots more DVD's under the cardboard...haha....okay so it wasn't really a hidden compartment....and normally I would remember that there are more DVD's under there...but I didn't this time...and it creeped me out...kinda out of it right now...still sick..:P...*she paints me blue*
I guess its about time for one of these huh? yup yup I do belive so! My daddy just looked at me thew the window and it was funny....hahaha.....LOOK BEHIND YOU CHRIS I THINK SOMEONE IS COMING AFTER YOU THROUGH THAT WINDOW....:|....oh man I just dropped a DVD but my hand was kinda out and it landed on my my pinki went through that hole! it was pretty magical...MAGIC.....oh man the sun is in my eyes.....I like magic dont you? I think that it is...pretty....magical....kinda like magic...ya know? Man we are at #90 lines already man! Its pretty sweet! I wish I could play the piano cooly like and good.....Like Ben Folds......and....Justin...and Sicka....and Kels....and anyone else that can play the piana really good haha.....haha...stupid Katie...I had the chance...but what can i a lazy child......and I was when I was a younger child then I am now....haha oh boy....hmmmmm.....I guess I will stop for now....ya? maybe...maybe not....hmmmm.....yes...yes i think I lets all give it up for ChHHEEEEEELLLLLSEA!! **Claps**

Woo hoo it's meee! So Katie wrote a LOT just now. I'm waiting to go to church... it's pretty fun. I just had a scary scary bishop's interview.. after waiting a half hour. It was pretty much the best time I've ever had in my life (well actually, set aside from the night we had that really fun time at three different bowling allies, and who could forget DANS!). But now I'm watching 13 going on 30. And all I have to say is I really hope I get a chance to wear some of that super hot spandex that they are wearing... Don't you think its weird that that stuff is coming back... whats even weirder is that people think it looks good on them... I mean honestly, have you ever seen these girls try to walk around in the pointy shoes... Have YOU ever tried walking in those things? Yeah, don't worry that its pretty much impossible to do without looking like you have a log shoved up where the sun doesn't shine... But maybe its just me, I actually tried it at work one time (and for those of us who don't know what Chelsea does for money, she pretty much sits on her butt in the middle of the mall and does nothing... which might explain why I had the time to try on stilhettos, how the heck do you spell that anyways...? I think I just prefer pointy shoes) anyways, I tried on the shoes, and it wasn't really a good experience...... woo hoo... just got back from church... good times. And I'm pretty much thoughtless now... yeah.... hmm.... yesterday Kaisa and I went to Smiths twice... and the first time I thought I would try to catch one of those stuffed animals in the claw machine thing... and i actually got one! It was a gorilla... kind of ugly, but its okay. So later that day my dad wanted some pop.. so we go back and on our way out again I tried to get something from the claw machine again.. this time there was a guy trying to get something from the machine next to me and I was like "These machines are just great aren't they" and he turns around... and his profile wasn't nearly as creepy as his face was... but... he was just like "Yeah I've been trying to get this f-ing dog for almost three weeks now!.. once I started these machines they are just so addicting and I do it every time I come to smiths" and so Kaisa and I were just like oooooookay! and we continued deciding which one we should try and get, when all of a sudden it smells of reaaaally bad flatulence.. and then the guy runs out of there. hmm... suspicious... but anyways... we got a daisy duck on the second try. It was pretty amazing. (Katie.. I'd have to say this e-mail is coming along quite nicely... wouldn't the rest of you agree?) I wonder if there is a record for the longest e-mail EVER. hmmmmm... DUH! So I wanted to finish watching 13 going on 30 from before church, and my mom comes in and is all "start it from the beginning!" Geez... So now I get to see the fun people in poka dots and spandex and the weird man dance in his underwear.... again. The girls in this show are so mean. It makes me sad.

That was kind of a long paragraph.... Hotmail doesn't do paragraphs well.. doesn't really work with the tab button or whatever. And now that I've started a new paragraph... I really don't know what to say. hmm... So I've always wanted to learn the Thriller dance. We should make a music video. Maybe not necisarily to Thriller, that might get scary. But ya know, like some N'sync or some backstreet boys... yeah... that's right. Oh... uh... REMINDER! April 22 is national balloon day. So you have to bring balloons to school that day... hopefully we have school that day... dang... well, if not then we'll just walk around and give them out.. yeah. awe.. this part is sad... stupid devil girl. Speaking of the devil, white noise is a pretty good show. lol. I highly reccommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it yet. Its a really touching story about a dead woman trying to tell her dear husband to run away from the three evil posessed men that are going to scramble him like an egg. But oh, don't worry.... it all works out. They all die in the end. That saves everyone the trouble of trying to talk to dead people and running away from the three evil men. Yeah, it was pretty much a 7 star movie! Its getting quite pathetic, movies these days, they are running out of ideas I'd have to say. I mean all these talking animal movies, yeah.. that was about over after I don't know, doctor dolittle perhaps? And there are like two more movies coming out about "meeting the parents". Lets be original here people. hmm... yeah... Its quite amazing how one can just drag on and on about absolutely nothing, well I guess its something... but its all so random. I'd have to say Katie is quite the master of randomness... "shut up WHORE!" hahahaha... oh yes. good times. Wouldn't that be neat to fast forward time and go to the future... It might be kind of sad actually. I don't think I would want to know what I would look like when I was older. But anyways.... So I'm losing the juice here... So my good friend Katie would like your attention....
Yup pretty much its me! So I on MSN.....duh.....and I am talking to this person that just added themselves to my list...and I am like..."who are you?" and they are like..wanna paly 20 questions!?" and I was like..."not really" and they are like" Come on it will be fun!" and I was like....."...Fine..."....and then I ya they are prety much freaking me I guess its a boy....and that creeps me out even more...some stocker...Im kidna creeped out.....goodness.....WHAT IF I DONT WANT YOU ON MY LIST!? HUH!? GOSH GET OFF CRAP FACE!! oh first off I want to make it clear that white noise is probably the best movie I have ever seen and I wuld have to agree with Chels on this one...ITS PAYDEN BUTCHER!!! HOW DID HE GET MY E-MAIL ADRESS!?! WHY!?! I NEVER TALK TO THE KID? what on earth is he thinking!? I bet he is one of those people that like to get a lot of people on there list to they look cool...but really you only talk to like 5 of them.....I hate accounts always get people on it that I dont want to talk I eventually get a new account....ya because I am so cool like that...oh now he is making me feel guilty saying we all dong do anythign fun with him anymore...and he ignore him and give him the cold shoulder...I wasn't really that close to him to begin with...I am so confused! goodness!! I hate it when people do that! so sad......why do you all hate me....ohhhh...I dont like food anymore.....ohhh maybe it was my fault....ohhhh...maybe i will be a FLIPPIN RETARD! Goodness....sorry...anger...just...had to get it out for a bit...ya know how that is! he asked me...whats up how was your weekend...and I was like...fine....didn't really do anything exciting....and this is his reply...ANYTHING IS EXCITING WHEN VIEWED FROM THE PROPER PERSPECTIVE, INCLUDING THAT OF SITTING HERE AT THE COMPUTER ON A BORING SUNDAY AFTERNOON...WHAT THE CRAP IS THAT!?! I mean come! IM SORRY! I AM A HORRIBLE HORRBILE PERSON! haha....I really need to not be so sinicle...and mean.....and....complain-full.....and yes that is too a word...just like funner....Richards my heor...ya pretty much....AHHH haha I really need to stop saying that...because I pretty muh say pretty much pretty much to much...tee hee....I will never tire of that.....actually.....oh man....OH MAN! DANG IT!!...I just said all the saying I am trying to NOT say in one sentance! goodness...haha...So how is everyone!? becuase for all I know it could be a different day now from when you first started reading this...because...this e-Mail is pretty long...should i see how mnay lines we are at!? Okay! WOW! (176!!) Thats how many lines....176.....this is going to be a great E-Mail....Speaking of E-mails...I lost all my other long I may be going around to some of you to get them yes...please send them to me if you h ave any left...because I miss them so *cause I miss you so, when I look at you!*..oh man scarlet pimpernel! Good show....Ragtime...another good many...*ITS RAINING MEN!*....actually its not...but that would be pretty fun...."I like to jump off building for fun!"..."well I like to brush my teeth at 3 in the morning so lets make a date of it!"...okay! Sounds good *come on barbi lets go party!*....oh no! I have to go to dinner...thats all for me! and back to you Chelsea!

haha... woo hoo for me... So its really bothering me that I can't indent these stupid "paragraphs". I try to indent one line and the whole paragraph indents. WHAT IS THAT?! Yeah... so today was a pretty boring monday. On our way home from school this really creepy old guy came up next to our car and he wouldn't stop looking in at us... and so we tried not to look at him... but then we kind of would through the corner of our eyes and then he rolled down his window and wanted us to roll ours down... then thankfully the light turned green.. it was hilarious... one of those location things though I guess. Don't you hate when you try to tell someone something REALLY SO SO SO SO funny that happened... and after you're done telling them they kind of just sit there with their finger up their noses wondering why it was so funny. And then it just isn't funny anymore when you have to explain why it was so funny... There have been a lot of those moments in my life... oh yeah. for sure. So this morning I got locked in the bathroom. It was really sad... becuase my dad was clear in the other room... so I sat there for 30 years yelling his name and he didn't come until i started banging on the door. How tragic would that have been had no one been home? It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it! lol. Why does this font look different than the other font in the top part of the e-mail... its quite bothersome...... We need to spice up this seriously boring font. hahahahaha now you don't know what i'm saying... that is unless you are smart and take this and copy and paste it somewhere like word or something and then change the font... yeah, that would probably be the smart thing to do... but there are some not-so-smart people.. so maybe i could get away with saying anything. I could tell my deepest darkest secrets and some of you would NEVER know about them... I really hope I'm typing the right letters, that would be pretty embarrassing if my fingers weren't even hitting the right keys... but then again you can't read this in the first place.. why does it matter if you can't read it in another font muahahaha... These symbols are pretty neat I'd have to say... I think we should write like this... who came up with all this random pictures anyway? Probably some really weird people who had enough time to sit on their butts and write ridiculously long e-mails like this one... hmm.... I'm trying to think of a dark secret... OH! I thought of one... um Katie is kind of an evil girl... pretty much satan's special helper... and she's going to eat your soul and kick you in the balls if you piss her off. Yeah pretty much. Um what's another secret... Chris and Darin are secret lovers... I don't know how big of a secret that was... wait, no, chris and kaisa are geting married and having a lamb child... but maybe it was chris and darin... i seem to have forgotten. But anyways this font is getting pretty old now... i think we can change it to something you can actually read. haha... you don't know what I just said! muahahaha... or..... DO YOU?! dun dun dun! I wonder how many lines this is so far... I'd count them... but I don't want to... I leave that to Katie, she's a pretty good counter I guess. So rugrats is on right now. And Angelica is such a little snot. And I've always wondered if it ever hurt her eyes to have her bangs in them at all times... kind of weird. Okay so I think that this paragraph is good for now.....

So Chels is pretty much retarded and mean to me....She said mean things about me and other people in that code...godd thing I can read code and knew what she said....SHE CALLED ME EVIL!!!! I wil kill you all....AND eat your souls....a curse on you AND you family...yes...yes thats right...**goes off in the corner planning everyone's eviliy planed death's**....I mean...cough cough....ugh...dont know what that was...I think im coming down with ya anywho!! Im really tired....I kicked some butt today at dance...I'll tell ya what, but that really means that I danced hard and I couldn't breath becuase of asthma....and I am really tired...but its sounds so much cooler when I say I kicked some butt today at dance dont ya think? Haha so anywho! I I stopped typing for a bit...and I came back....and I have no idea what I was going to say so I will just dropped that topic...and ya! So tomorrow, I keep thinking...I have something...but I cant remember it and then I am like...DUH Choir.....and then I am like....silly Katie....but then I keep doing that over and over and over and over and over...a....again....becuase less is more less is more....oh man...haha wow this paragraph pretty much sucks....Im just man! Im so excited! we are having grilled cheese sandwhiches tonight! My dad makes one of THE best grilled cheese! I love them....he like butter's each side....and then he smashes them! mmmm they are so good! Im so excited! YES! anywho!! QUESTION!!! IF You had a date with somenoe...or lets say not really a date but like..."together"...whatever you want to call it BUT then you got a box of chocolates from a secret person saying I STILL love you....what would you do!? well im off to dinner! so ya anywho Heres Chelsea!

hahaha. don't we all love how Katie's paragraph just then just kind of ended... if you ask her, she has a reasonable explanation haha. Okay so I'm really hungry and we have ZERO food in this house. I mean okay, we have food... but nothing worth eating. its ridiculous. So I can pretty much feel my stomach eating itself. Yeah. Today was boring. I'd have to say. Last night was quite the evening though. Filled with shredded paper and tomatoe murders... oh yes. Good times, that's for sure. Oh ps... for anyone who is interested... there are slippers at harmons for a dollar! And I'm sure if you asked Shawn, he'd have nothing but good things to say about them! I would highly reccommend the princess ones. They're pretty hot. Especially when they are a thousand sizes too small.... and if you get bored... you could maybe try putting on some boxers that are a thousand sizes too big... yeah. But that's only if you get bored of the slippers... becuase you know... there's people out there that like to give people abominable wedgies times a thousand to the 62nd power. *cough darin cough* So you best be watching out to see if your trow is hangin down a little, becuase, our friend darin has a hard time keeping his hands to himself... said with all due respect of course. So anyways... Cheerios are gross. I guess the apple cinnamon whatever ones are okay.... but only when there is nothing else. My personal favorites are the marshmellow mateys or the fruity pebbles! french toast is good too... i haven't had the french toast crunch in forever.... i need to get me some of that. I used to love it... do they even have it anymore? I dont' know... hmm... maybe... maybe not! We may never know... unelss we decide to get off our butts and go to the store and see... but people these days are pretty lazy... its like they think their legs are painted on or something. I mean I'm not one to really talk... I'm sitting here writing a pointless e-mail that iprobably only half of you are going to read. Yeah, and for the other half... you guys are pretty much missing out on the best e-mail ever. Maybe this is what we'll do... we should say something about EVERYONE we're sending it to... yeah it can be good oooor bad... and so that way if the person doesn't read it, it can go one of two ways... if they don't read the bad thing... HA! they'll never know they were being talked about. But if they end up not reading a good thing... then how sad for them.... they'll never know what a great person they are. But that's just a suggestion. My house smells kind of funny.... I mean, it isn't making me laugh or anything... but its gross smelling. Isn't that weird, "smells kinda funny".... why do people use funny in that context? half the time it isn't funny... hmm... I wonder what has to say..... Well okay, so maybe it does make sense... the dictionary says that funny is: Causing laughter or amusement, Intended or designed to amuse, Strangely or suspiciously odd; curious, Tricky or deceitful... so next time you use the word funny... think twice... becuase, it could mean something else. Or you could trick someone.. like after they tell you a joke or something... just be like... that was funny! And they'll be thinking YES!!! THEY THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY I'M PRETTY MUCH THE MOST AMAZING PERSON ALIVE! When in reality... it was a stupid joke... and when you said it was funny... you really meant that it was suspicously odd. A lot of my friends are funny. muahahaha. Now are you guys laugh out loud funny? or are you suspiciously odd? hmmmmm.... Oh that was pretty fun. Whats another word that we can make mean something else... hmmmm... Okay.. so I can't think of the word that everyone is like... oh hahaha! that means a hair on a donkey's butt! Becusae every time someone says that... it is something different, like a wart on an elephants butt... i mean c'mon people. It probably isn't even in the dictionary. that's pretty lame. So the definition for weird is.. Of a strikingly odd or unusual character; strange. I would have to say that describes some certain people.. me being one of them... hahaha. One of these days.. instead of telling someone they are weird... i'm going to tell them they're strikingly odd. Wouldn't you so much rather be told that instead of weird. Becuase you're not just odd... you're strikingly odd. yeah. Words are pretty crazy. Do you ever just sit there and think about different words and think... where in the world did anyone come up with THAT? Like um, spoon, or fork? what? or... balloon... i mean does someone just sneeze and then decide? or does it all come from latin.... becuase doesn't everything originate from that crazy language that no one even knows anymore. I'm so tired.. and I have to go to work today... I'm going to fall asleep... hopefully one of you will come and visit me... probably not. OH WELL! Okay... yeah... I have nothing. So.. I'll let Katie get back to whatever point she was trying to make with the chocolates....
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Im am SO UPSET!!! First off, I would like all of you to know, that I had a GREAT pharagraph writtin here before, but then my computer turned all japanese on me and was like I AM FREAKING YOU OUT! And it freaked me out. So I closed it, and for some reason my E-Mail never got its way to Chelsea. Some Japanese kid is probably reading it right now, Q Gosh! So anywho, I wil try to remember some of the stuff I put in the other pharagraph, but it just wont be the same, so Im not really gonna try that hard, but could we all have a moment of silence for the lost words....**moment of silence**....Thank you
Okay! Now that we are done with that! How the crap are ya!? Haha Hopefully good! Oh man, me and Darin learned a pretty sweet dance last night huh Darin!? It was pretty flippiin amazing, I bet you all wish you could have learned it huh!? Ya, thats what I though. You know what i have decided? I almost NEVER use periods, like, correctly....see! I always do the dot dot dots! I mean I put "?" and "!" and sometimes I even put in a few "," but almost never I use "." hahaha. Maybe I should start? EH!? Becuase you know what I have decided!? That sometimes a period can make a sentence funnier, because it like finalizes it...not like....just kinda ends it like dot dot dots do. Lets see I will find an Example. LIke it I were to say "That was a nasty fall. Seriously. But it said it like this...." That was a nasty fall, seriously....." thats just not as cool...haha okay so that was a crappy example but oh well! I dont care! OH man, so in my dead pharagrpah, When I was writing it I was working and watching Stron Bad E-mails The DVD! It was awesome, i love those things! But anywho, I was talking about how I wish I could write E-Mails like Strong Bad, and then you woud all be excited to get E-Mails from me, not like "Oh my crapface what is Katie doing!?" ya know!? Ya, that would be pretty cool. BUt anywho! I really want to send this E-Mail to Strong Bad! HAHA! Wouldn't that be great! Be like

"Dear Strong Bad,

Me and my Friend Chelsea started makeing an E_Mail for out friends, and it turned out to be a journal of our lives for a few days. Do you have any Journals? Here is ours!

Yours truely,
Katie and Chelsea"

Wouldn't that be so funny!? and then we would put the whole E-Mail on it! Oh man! That would be great, ya I think that we should do that! It would totally be Advo-Crazy! OH MAN!! YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THAT IS!! DANG IT!!...It died with my pharagraph....I was saying how I wish I could sign things with a cool like like..Ike, or...Kettle....or, Advo-Crazy.....and then I was like OH MAN! THATS A COOL WORD!! So I was going to use it! here I will show you a Sentence : That dance was Advo-Crazy! or That fish is totally Advo-Crazy! See!? Itsn't that fun!? I think so! You know what makes me sad!? That I lost my pharagrpah, but you know what makes me even sadder!?!?! That I must be leaving you shortly, but I will do one more thing for you all before I go...I will count and see how many lines we have....428!!! OH MAN!! (Psst in my other E-Mail I had 450 alread, this makes me sad!) but anywho I got to go to school so I will be leaving you and yes I am putting my pharagraph to a close, not just

haha. yeah. So I'm in CIS. Its pretty exciting. We just took a really super hard test... NOT. It wasn't that bad, I couldn't remember what URL and HTML stood for for the life of me though. Sad story, not quite as sad as Katie losing her super amazing paragraph. I'm sitting next to Matt Kasteler... he's kind of weird... he gets really into his games and yells at his computer if he starts to lose. It makes me laugh. It actually makes me laugh when anyone does that... I mean honestly people... you're computer can't HEAR you! duuuh! Plus, its not like you're going to get anything if you win. I mean, maybe my opinion would be different if I actually were good at games on the internet. My personal favorite is the one where the abominable looking snowman hits a penguin with a club. I'd have to say that one is pretty fun. But there are some preeeeeetty weird ones out there. I mean, spank the monkey... WHAT?! what kind of sick people come up with things like that... sheesh. I'm really tired today. I was yesterday too. And the day before. And the day before. And the day before. And the day before. And the day before. And the day before. And the day before. And the day before. And the day before. I can't remember about the day before that.... woo hoooooooo spartan vision... the freakin HIGHLIGHT of my day! woo hoo for morp. I'm pretty excited about being part of a chess team! haha. Yeah pretty much... its morning... and I'm not used to writing these e-mails in the morning... its usually after school when lots of good stuff happens. Yeah... but its morning... and lets see... nothing has really happened. My mom bought me two huge things of fruit snacks I'm pretty excited. I think I'm gonna bring a huge box and put it in my locker. yaaaay. Maybe I'll sell them.. So who do you think was the murderer in Clue? hmmmmm.... I won that game one time... it was pretty much the most amazing win of my life. I never win games... unless someone on my team is amazing. lol. So if I ever beat you at something... write it in your journal, becuase it is definately a moment to remember. Hopefully we've passed up Katie's maximum amount of lines by now. I think its time to celebrate. **celebrates** lol. That was the most enthusiastic celebration if I say so myself. So matt is playing a game where you catapole santa clause... whaaaat? Do people get paid to come up with these kind of games? And where do they come up with them? Is it just like... Oh I have christmas spirit... oh santa clause is great... oh lets make a game that catapoles ihim down a cliff.... is it like that? I think i really need to know this in order to continue living my life! Steroids! ha. lame. Who would want to do steroids... personally I think its disgusting when people are all humongous and there vains are all bulgy and they look like if you poke them with a needle they will inflate... actually.. i think inflating is when you blow up.... is it deflate? That never made sense to me.. those words.... is deflate even a word? i don't know. You know what would be crazy... is if there was somewhere something that recorded every single thought you ever in your life had. like EEEEEVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEERYYYYYYYYYYYYYY SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGLE one. yeah... that would be a pretty good bathroom read! haha juuuuust kidding. But then again... don't even try to deny that you read in the bathroom. lol. Everyone does. maybe some longer than others... but that is not the direction we want to head with this e-mail... but you know... the bell is gonna ring in like I don't know... a minute... so I bid you farewell.. and I'll probably see most of you in like 2 hours... for sure... yeah... lunch is a great thing... I can eat my ruit snacks... but... I"m really going now...
I am lame and dont have time to write so here is Chelse again
So I decided since I'm really super bored I'm going to write another paragraph... even though it isn't my turn becuase Katie has this thing called work... I mean whaaaaaaaat? I'm in personal finance right now.. its really boring... this is kind of sad that I can write these in my CLASSES... in my COLLEGE classes. Yeah. Sadness. So anyways.... I didn't get to tell anyone about my day yesterday... I worked... It wasn't fun. Well actually the part where I colored a pretty picture of a My Little Pony with wings.. that was pretty fun. The guy that was working next to me is crazy though. He sells New Testament videos... and at one point he came over to my thing and was like... can I just remind you, to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS dress modestly! I just can't believe what I'm seeing here at the mall... and I was just like yeah sure.... WHAT DO YOU EXPECT STUPID ITS THE MALL! duuuuh... then he told me he had some scriptures I could read if I got bored... then he wanted to set me up with his younger brother... I was just like hmmmmm... tempting... So that was pretty much my day yesterday. Oh yeah, then me and kaisa and katie fidel figured out what we're going to do while all you losers are at choir tour! ha! it will be fun fun fun! oh yes. um oh yeah.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX. I'm not exactly sure when this e-mail is going to be sent... and it might just even be in like 5 months... a year maybe.... maybe we'll just keep it going forever.. so when you finally get it.. you can read it and remember all the fun times... or not so fun times *cough bowling cough*. haha. But then all of you complain that you won't read this becuase its too long. well hellooooo... you don't have to read this all at the same time.... sheesh... copy and print it... put a copy in thebathroom, in your room, in your car.... put one everywhere, and just read it whenever you so desire. Today is Friday... that's pretty exciting. I wonder how this some dude's playground thing is going to go over... I didn't have such an amazing experience last time I went there.... ok ok ok ..... I know you're dying to know the story so I GUESS i'll tell you... so it basically went down like this... Me and Kelcie (gray) were in those huge sumo wrestling... doing what you might ask? well wrestling of course... and not just ANY kind of wrestling.... we were SUMO wrestling... and we were kind of scared to put the helmets on... becuase ew.... who knows what kind of heads have been in there... it was just kind of gross to think about... so neither of us put on a helmet. so we're doin our thing.... and i run into kelc and she falls over and crashes her head, not into the mat that we were wrestling on, but onto the concrete floor that the mat was on. Yeah, that wasn't really supposed to happen. She kind of went all weird and was acting drunk. And I was just like hmm... then she didn't know how many fingers I was holding up...and she wasn't remembering anything that had just happened... becuase we were sitting in the bathroom with all the lights off to help her head... and she was just like LETS GO PLAY! and i was like... uh... you don't know how many fingers i'm holding up let alone what just happened. but long story short, I gave her a concussion and had she sat there any longer waiting for our ride home she probably would have died. Supposedly she should have gone on an ambulance as soon as she fell! SAD HUH! I ALMOST KILLED SOMEONE! yeah. This movie we're watching is killing me.... "The 9 steps to financial freedom" ugh. The ladyt talking is a little too smily... i mean... its just kind of creepy... and those eyes.... they almost seem like..... she knows something... that we don't..... oh THAT'S RIGHT! she's knows the stupid steps of financial freedom! ahhhhh i'm bored. There's a girl in my class that brings her flying squirell to class. well actually I don't know if its a flying squirell... but its a little rodent... and its ugly as feet. And hello... she just keeps it in her purse... and ONE of these days... she's gonna open her purse expecting the rat thing to run out and he's going to be DEAD! Yeah... hopefully there are air hold in the bag.... haha. So what's this thing called My Space? I think everyone in the world is on it e xcept me. We should start a little website. Oh yeah. woo hoo the movie is OOOOVER! our sub is kind of weird too... hmm.... I'm mean.. hmm.. lets say something nice about him... uh... I'm sure he... has a lot of..... good experiences to share with everyone.............. yeah...... Dang. I left my little book of stupid questions in my locker. pooey. I wonder how many lines our thing is going to be. hmm... I also wonder what I cou ld possibly say in this e-mail that would make you guys pay attention. What's a word that I could type that could catch your eye. hmm. I guess it's different for different people... and its not like it would even matter if I just typed it once... because it would just blend right into the rest of the words and it wouldn't be like.... I'm sure... when you guys look at this.... this will be the first part you read becaaaaaaaaaaaaaaause..... take the word "Toilet", for instance, observe: TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET TOILET Yeah... pretty much I bet all of you just looked at that thinking... what in THE world is she talking about. you probably thought I was talking abouta toilet... yeah... not really. I was just getting your attention, to tell you.... that..... Well actually I don't have anything to tell you.... but maybe I do **shifty eyes** wow... those toilets sure added a crap load of lines to this e-mail MUAHAHAHA no pun intended..... puns are kind of stupid. They're almost pointless... so pointless that people just shouldn't say "No pun intended".... I think people know whether or not if it was intended. And if it was intended, and no one laughs. Then... you are lame and shouldn't try to say puns ever ever ever again. I'm staaaaaaaaaaarving. Good thing LUNCH is next period. not like it matters becuase I probably won't eat... lol.... I'm a poor child. Wow there's like 15 minutes left in this class. hmm... I think there is an earthquake happening right now... one of them mini ones.... the floor was just shaking... i was almost scared. but then it stopped... well actually... its still kind of gently vibrating. hmm... I've never been in a real earthquake. or a tornado. or a tsunami. or a blizzard. well i take that back, I'm sure I"ve been in a blizzard.... some time or other. I want to toilet paper Mr. McDonald. As a sign of appreciation of course. well actually, I don't really care who I toilet paper... I just want to do something mean to someone. lol. *BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM i want you in my room** isn't that just the best song to have stuck in my head right now... my carpool was playing it on the way to school... and that's the only line that I know, or remember for that matter. **yawn** You know what I hate... is when you're talking on msn or something... and you make a noise.. and you want the person you are talking to "hear" it... but you don't know how to spell it... and so you're just kind of like fjsadfjklsafklsafkls... and they're like WHAT are you talking about... and you're just like... you have to hear it.... yeah pretty much. I'm tired of being random. I just remembered I could be doing my history. (remebered is a fun word to type... you can just get so carried away remememememeberered.... yeah... try it...) anyway... I'm going now.... have fun children. its katie's turn now.
YES!! I have a little bit of time before I have to go to work, sorry I have been kinda lame for the past little bit BUT IM BACK!! Tee hee Thanks Chels for keeping up busiy...but I guess they never really had a break huh!? Oh man, I will give anyone who reads this whole thing the whole way through, EVERY SINGLE WORD, with out stopping a quarter! Yes thats right, but you cant take a break, and if you already did, too bad for you! :D So anywho Today was pretty good, I pretty much did NOTHING ALL DAY! Doesn't that make you upset!? Makes me upset, because I get up early go to school and then just sit there...oh hard chairs that hurt my butt, and then I get tired....and then I want to go to sleepbut I cant no...because we are in school and "learning" goodness....So yesterday I was going to write stuff, but then when I went to work my daddy is all, you have to do two jobs at once, and I was like....okay...that sucks. So I couldn't write anything. But I was going to after dinner, but then I had to go to a Mod Squad meeting (lame) and THEN I went to go visit Trevor (Erickson) with Darin and Shawn, that was fun though so its okay, and then I went to bed! Ya it was pretty exciting, but anywho so I am pretty excited for tonight! I have..I go to a wedding reception and then *drum roll* ALEX'S B-DAY PARTY!!! HAPPY BRITHDAY ALEX!!!! I've never been to somedueds, it better be fun **Don don don! Don don don!** good song...but I think I just did the acition stars huh...oh thats lame OH MAN! Who is excited for CLUE! I am!! YES!! My sisters are watching Anne of Green Gables....its pretty exciting...ya know....its actually kinda cheesey.....Today in Dance, we did Newsies...and that dance is pretty much me and Lauren were sitting there more energenic....uhhh....lets then we pretty much sat there for 15 or so mins, it was great. OH OH! We got these new Dance shoes (THAT I DONT NEED, but oh well).....and guess what they are called!? Any one guess it!? FOOT THONGS!! HAHA! Isn't that funny!? I think so! they like dont even cover your whole foot...and you toes go through these straps and stuff, they are pretty amazning...actually they kinda hurt a bit, but i figure once we get used to them all will be well So my sister just told me I need to "not stay here much longer" but thats too bad. Just to darn bad. "I'll fix your computer box, all it needs is a few this one....and this one....and this one..." haha oh man. So there was something in one of Chels pharagraphs that I was like oH MAN I HAVE A COOL STORY FOR THAT....but I dont remember what it was...and I dont know if I want to venture up and try to find it.....haha....SO! whos ready for a count!? EH!? EH!?! I will be right back! 611!!! OH MAN! You may all return from the edges of your seats! Yes that is amazing!! Deff. the longest E-Mail I have ever writting....probably even if you took away what chels has said...haha....good stuff! I dont really want to work today, ugh, but I do need the money, so ya. Ummmm lets see...OH! My sister was coming home (I hope I havn't already said this haha) from school the other day, and there were all these geese crossing the road...all of them white and all of them walking in a perfect formation and on the same foot...and THEN they all turned at the same time! HAha! Isn't that Advo-Crazy!? my sister was looked like some drill teams military dance! haha, that would be so cool, these geese come and compete again all of thses peopoles, I bet they would totally win, haha OH OH! Speaking of...birds....The other day when I was going to school there was two ducks on my porch, just chillin. and I laughed and started walking down to my car and they flew away...but only like 10 feet away...and then they just sat there looking at me! OH OH! and another story! (its kinda fun living by a dunk/geese park/pond) So there have always been these two geese that just chill in our neighbor hood. and one of them (that I like to call Phill the Fighter)....just follows people and squacks at them as they take walks around the neighborhood....but anywho, these two geese, in the mornings and like at dusk, they always stand on these two houses (one on one house and one on the other) in my circle and look at each other, and they sit there and Squack at each other, its so funny! Oh man! Its like they are talking to each other, but anywho! They were back this morning! HAHA! I loved it...they were like SQUACK!.....SQUAAAACKKK.....SQUACK SQUACK...SQUAKCCKCKK....haha it made me laugh listening to them while I was scrapping my car! oh man! I loved it. So yes. Yes indeed. I REMEMBER!! The Penguin game! Haha I love that game, but I found a different version of it! Its so funny...its like all gory and bloddy...but its like drawn in from the Paint haha! It makes me laugh...and they added these bombs, and if you hit one you shoot back intot that air and go further anfd further haha I love it...its kinda sad though...but it makes me laugh!! So ya ANYWHO! I got to go to work now BLAH!! BLAH!! But I assure you, there will be some good stuff this weekend! So ya anywho Im off! and, ya heres Chels again! :D

Yeah.. me... again. Oh boy. I forgot it was my turn. and with all this excitement that has been going on.... oh yes. But you're probably going to hear a lot from me... becuase... well... katie is pretty much armless. Well... she has one arm... but you all know what i'm talking about. and by the time you read this she'll probably have both arms back. So you guys have pretty missed out on like a weeks worth of mine and katie's life.... that's pretty sad if I do say so myself. I can't remember anything that has happened... well I can... but nothing important enough to write.... but then again, none of this stuff is really important. haha. I'm kind of in a lame mood right now... this won't be the most amazing paragraph I've ever written.. so feel free to just skip it... becuase its not going to be anything great. I'm in personal finance again... and we just took a test... 75 questions... yeah... it was a good one....... uh huh. and I just checked my stocks.. yeah I've pretty much lost like 6,000 dollars. Good thing I never had 50,000 dollars to begin with... and I mean honestly... if someone has 50,000 dollars.... why invest it? boring. go buy a cool car or something.. haha jk. I guess that's pretty much pocket change for like I don't know.... Rich people...... Do you ever wonder like... how much you're worth.... or how much money you've spent in your WHOLE life added up all together? Like how much people have spent on you... and you on yourself.... oooor... if you just saved all your money and NEVER NEVER NEVER spent a penny.... how much would you now? That's crazy to think about... but then again... if money wasn't spent on you... you'd pretty much be a bum living in a box in a garbage can. That's a pretty sad life I'd have to say. Yeah.... I'm reaaaally tired right now. I wonder how many lines this is now.... and I'm thinking maybe we should send this sometime soon.... becuase..... no one is going to read this far anyways..... unless you're a TRUE friend. My mom was like.... why can't you put the energy you waste on that e-mail into something PRODUCTIVE. And I was like.. ah hogwash... this is completely productive. I work on my putting-my-thoughts-on-paper skills. And the people reading it... well... they work on their.... reading skills. Becuase this is a pretty tough e-mail to read. Its more a lesson in uh... determination and motivation. hmm... maybe their sh ould be a motivation for you to read this e-mail. A prize... or something... maybe katie and I will make up a test on everything that was in this e-mail... and whoever gets 100%... gets a special prize. It will be a good one too... Yeah... good prizes... those are always fun. I don't usually get prizes... lol... becuase I don't usually win competitions.... becuase I'm not really good at anything... lol... EXCEPT... I can spell. Yeah... I'm a good speller. I've won two spelling bees. heck yes. I'm freakin awesome. I wonder how many lines this is now. Dang... did I already say that? I think I might've... well.. if I did... then.... oh well. becuase I don't really care... becuase you stupid heads aren't reading this anyways. Woo hoo... I only missed 7. so i'm so done with this e-mail... lol.... I don't know if Katie will have much to say...... But here she is... yours truly.....
ITS ME!!! oh man, so this might not be the best paragraph I will write, typing with one hand pretty much sucks haha two more days and this stupid brace is off! YES! So lets see...OHOH! HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY!!!!!! tes I love this holiday! we are watching Zoolander right now oh man this show makes me laugh! haha I love it so ya any who I really am starting to think yes on this ending the E-Mail thingy soon because oh m,an is this thing long...lets give it a count shall we? 664! not that much since the last count huh? oh well I think that we have a pretty good reason for slacking off the past couple days.....and if I dont care, were pretty lazy lol! So this weekend sgould be pretty fun! ya! ummmm I really am feeling lame actually...I dont really know what to type...I am talking it over with Chels, we will discuss the end of the E-Mail...Well evryone! looks like we are going to bring this to a close! yes I know shocking!!! but I want to bid a very find farewell (name that movie!) And hope that you all enjoyed THE EPISTLES OF CHESLEA AND KATIE! because I personally thought theywere amazing. So with that I leave you final words from chels and hope you all have a great day!
Okay... finally this thing is done. It was getting a little boring and repetitive. And this probably won't be a long paragraph... becuase chelsea is TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRED. And I'm pretty much sure you're all sick of reading this... even though none of you probably got this far. haha. But anyways... If you did read all of this... Katie and I are very proud of you.... and you should be proud of yourself. Its quite an accomplishment to read.... **drum roll** 679 LINES!!!! okay just kidding lets make it even... okay! 680 LINES! WOO HOOOOO! Bye!

Yours Truly,

Katie McLelland & Chelsea Chamberlain


Gobble Gobble...

Yup! It's that time of year! Thanksgiving! :D

Life has been pretty crazy and busy lately and I am so excited to have a break from school and be able to spend time with my wonderful family!

So of course in honor of the Holiday I've been thinking of the many things I'm grateful for. I even pulled out my little 'Grateful Notebook' that I've forgotten about yet again. My Grateful Notebook is a little notebook that I started in young womens back in 2004 where I wrote down things I was grateful for. And of course I went through periods where I forgot I had it and then times when I wrote things in it every day (which is why it's still a work in progress even though I started it 4 years ago haha).

Anywho. So I thought that I'd dedicate a blog to things I am grateful for starting with the 'primary' answers, and while they may be 'primary' answers that doesn't make them any less important to my life. So here it goes:

My Family - Really... I have one of the best families EVER. And I am so grateful for them and the relationships we all have with each other. I love spending time with them and I am extremely grateful for the strength they give me. They are all so amazing!.
The Gospel - And more pointedly my testimony of the gospel. I know it to be true and with out that truth my life would seem more confusing and less meaningful. I am also extremely grateful for the power of prayer and also the power of the priesthood. I don't know how I would survive this life with out all of it.
My Friends - Honestly I don't know how I got so lucky with all the amazing people in my life. Along with my amazing family I have great friends who care for me (or so they say ;) haha) and are amazing examples to me. We are able to have lots of fun but also know when it's time to be serious. They have all taught me something and have helped me become the person I am today. I love them all so much!

So now for the random list. These are in no particular order nor all the things I am grateful for. Also I don't really expect any of you to read this whole list, but if you get through it all, way to be! :)

Love, Braedon, books, music, humor, rain, toilets, toilet paper, movement, inside jokes, paper, clocks, dance, socks, blankets, easy transportation, sleep, home, water, teachers, glasses/contacts, soap, smiles, laughter, silence, knowledge, education, stars, the moon, the sun, clouds, exploring rivers, camping, pictures, camera's, shoes, pillows, fire place, innocence, memories, cute little animals, safety, lights, challenges, values, examples, tooth brush, tooth paste, freedom, feet, chap stick, sunrises, sunsets, tree's, colors, leaves, fog, hearing, sight, mountains, flowers, nature, internet, letters, talents, spell check, technology, computers, my name, happiness, naps, long weekends, games, the movie Clue, the game Clue, dreams, fresh air, food, being full, thanksgiving, holidays, electricity, Temples, couches, differences, help from others, the dictionary, extended family, Testimonies, my library card, art, games, doors, doctors, windows, HUGS, kisses, feelings, snow, history, exercise, being able to run, holidays, hats, coats/jackets, ice, health, imagination, fun, vacation, wind, heroes, Joseph Smith, massages, hot baths, Fridays, Sundays, patriarchal blessings, the atonement, forgiveness, faith, hope, laws, prophets, easy communication, softness, Christmas, bridges, entertainment, quiet moments, smoke detectors, volume control, lessons, angels, the ocean, clothing, heritage, expression, risks, compassion, space, peace, the Holy Ghost, motherhood, optimism, trials, Jesus Christ, truth, surprises, carpet, photo shop, costumes, language, breath, plastic, unity pockets, seat belts, Temple Marriage, good manners, gentlemen, tissues, tears, make-believe, sleeping in, E-Mails, hymns, beauty, razors, blessings, Velcro, air planes, charity/service, hospitals, make-up, puzzles, underwear, elevators, stairs, Book of Mormon, babies, little kids, logic, common sense, the constitution, prayers, a living Prophet, medicine, the ability to read, change, comfort, progress, potatoes, modesty, patience, order, chaos, spontaneity, math, chairs, Q-tips, texting, msn, choirs, singing, cell phones, journals, notes, wheel chairs, fasting, college, new experiences, institute, cheaper gas prices, cooking, map quest, second chances, picture frames, iPod, covenants, the sacrament, facebook, missionaries, meeting new people, people's spirit, long weekends, and so much more!

I am a truely blessed person and am so grateful for the many amazing and wonderful things and people in my life!

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! :)


Laughing Corner Part 2

So, I was bored at work again and thought that I would do another laughing corner. I know things in the world are a little crazy right now and I think that everyone could use a good laugh, so hopefully something on here will get something out of ya. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest clips, comedians, cartoons, etc that have made me laugh. :)

1. Big Bang Theory. Yup, it's on top this time. I honestly laugh so much while watching this show. I highly recommended it to anyone in need of a good laugh.


"I'm Batman!" Hahaha, love it. :)

2. Chuck. Again another TV show that just makes me laugh. It doesn't take itself super serious and it's just fun. Again, highly recommended. :) There aren't as many clips of Chuck on youtube that I could find, but here is some Captain Awesome for ya!

3. Jim Gaffigan, a comedian that I personally find funny, hope you do too.

Cake Anyone?

And how about another...

Hot Pockets Anyone?

4. The Office. Honestly my favorite parts of this show are all the pranks Jim pulls on Dwight. Like this one for example:

and all of these ones too

5. Scrubs. I'm excited to say that the new season is up to par with the older ones. :)

and how about another

and why not one more?

6. Marcus. Another comedian that I find hilarious. Not a ton of videos on youtube again, but here ya go!

and just for fun, look at this trailer for his DVD. Anyone who spots me gets a gold star! :) (To help out, it's within the first 30 seconds of the video)

7. Batman vs. Superman. This has always been a major discussion between my friends, and Chelsea one day fell upon this video and of course shared it with me. It's pretty dang funny. Enjoy.

8. Jeff Dunham. I know I did a lot of his stuff on the last Laughing Corner, but honestly, he just makes me laugh. So this time I have some Peanut for ya. And if I did the same video, sorry, but it's still funny!

Part 1:

And Part 2:

9. Scale of 1 to 10. My sister Robin sent this video to me once upon a time and me and Chelsea where actually talking about scaling people on a 1 to 10 the other day and it made me remember this clip that Robin had sent to me. I thought it was hilarious then, and think it's hilarious now.

10. Random Crap I found on Youtube. I couldn't think of something for number 10 so I typed in 'funny clip' into youtube and here is what I picked.

Anywho. There you have it! Hope you all had fun! Until next time! Keep laughing!


Snow, snow, snow, snow!

Winter is here! Once upon a time I used to not like Winter so much. In fact I would even go so far as to say that I hated winter.

What. Was. I. Thinking?

I'm not sure when I changed my mind about Winter... But I think it was because of last year when we had such a crazy winter, and I absolutely loved it. :) I've decided that the reason why I always had such a tiff with Winter was because we never really had a lot of snowfall. We would get the extreme cold, crappy road conditions and then no fun snow to play in to make up for the rest. I don't think I always hated Winter, I remember when I was little I used to LOVE winter and playing in the snow. But when I was a kid we were in a 'wet spell' and actually got lots of snow, I think we are out of our 'dry spell' and back into the 'wet spell'! And I am so happy.

So what do I love so much about Winter? Well I'll just go right ahead and tell you my main 5 things!

1. Snow Activities. Like I said, there needs to be enough snow for you to be able to actually DO something in it. I love all kinds of snow activities. You have sledding, skiing, tubing, snowball fights, snowmen (or in my family's case snow-frogs and snow-toilets), forts, snow angels, and just plain walking in the snow (especially when it's falling). SO much fun is to be had! :)

2. Ice skating. And I know what you may be thinking and no ice skating does not count as a snow activity - it's called ICE skating, not SNOW skating. :) I love ice skating. I'm not really sure why I love it so much but I do. Gliding on the cold ice is so relaxing and fun, sometimes I feel like I'm flying! I can't wait to go!

3. Snow Accessories. Now I'm sure that if anyone is reading this then you probably know me well enough to know that I've never been one to have or wear a lot of accessories and/or jewelry. But winter accessories are my favorite - hats, beanies, scarves, gloves, long coats. I love them. Especially gloves and beanies. :)

4. Hot Chocolate. I loooove hot chocolate. Especially how I make hot chocolate. Here is how it goes: go to a 7-11, get the regular cup (16 oz.), get the plain Hershey's hot chocolate and hold down the button a little more then what they tell you to on the machine, then put 1 and 1/2 package french vanilla creamer in, 1/2 package Irish creamer in, a little squirt of carmel, sprinkle in a little cinnamon and a little sugar and mix it all up! Soooo good. :)

5. The snow itself. Yes, it deserves it's own number. Even when I'm not out playing in the snow it still amazes me and make's me so happy. It is so pretty. Snow has such a soft and quiet beauty to it and even, like Lorelai Gilmore says, a romantic quality to it that just simply make's me happy and calm. :)

So there you have it. I'm excited for this winter and hopefully I'll actually have time to go out and enjoy it, and hopefully you do too! :)


Falling Up...

I absolutely love Fall. It is by far my favorite season. I love the crisp weather, the smell in the air, foot ball season (I'm going to the Utah game tomorrow! Go Utes!) and of course the changing colors.

But really. There is something about Fall that just clicks with me. For some reason Fall to me seems like a new beginning, a fresh start. And I realize that most people would think Spring is the new beginning... what with all the new flowers and plants growing and what not, but really I think the beginning of something new starts with a change or an ending of something else, which is what Fall is all about. The ending of summer leads to the beginning of school. The changing of the colors on the tree's later leads to new leaves.

Change can be a very scary thing sometimes, it can make you feel like you are falling... but more often then not it leads to new growth and new experiences. I try to embrace change as much as I can, which a lot of times isn't so easy to do, but there usually isn't anything I can do to stop the change so why not just enjoy the ride and see how things turn out?

Anywho. I'm not sure how my blog about Fall got turned into a blog about change but there you have it. I'm excited for the season and looking forward to taking some pictures of all the change in colors! :) Life is going good. Nothing too exciting to report! I hope all are well out there in blogger land!

Till next time!


MY wish is YOUR command.

Now wouldn't THAT be nice.

Though to be honest, in the world that we live in today, isn't that a lot of our thinking? 'I want this, and I want it now'. Now some of you may be thinking, I'm not like that at all... but think about it. Have you ever gotten impatient at a fast foot restaurant that wasn't FAST enough for you? Ever gotten mad at your computer for being too slow? Gotten mad at someone on the freeway because they were going below the speed of 70 mph. I know that I have, and if you NEVER have... well then you are a saint. But for the majority of us, it's all about instant gratification, sadly. And though we may not be thinking the exact words a lot of the time we are in the frame of mind that "MY wish is YOUR command". But as the saying goes patience is a virtue. And just for fun's sake I thought I'd show you a video where impatience, while funny, can turn on you:

Gotta love those old ladies huh? ;) Baha.

So anywho, this blog is dedicated to the word 'patience'. And mainly MY patience, since I don't really know who is reading this blog or presume to say that who ever IS reading this blog needs to work on their patience. And more specifically it is my goal to be more patience with things. I've already started working on my impatience with driving and I can see the difference it has made in my life and my happiness. My next goal is to not get so frustrated when my computer is not going as fast as I would like. At least it's going, right? :) And besides, getting frustrated or mad at my computer is not going to make it go any faster, so why fret?

So there is my goal for the week, and yes I realize that it's nothing too big, but hey... baby steps my friend, baby steps. :) (Name this movie: "Baby steps to the door... baby steps to the elevator...")

Until next time! :)


Amazingness of Things.

This blogs title and topic was brought to you buy my lovely and wonderful sister-in-law Tiffany. :)

Now 'things' are indeed amazing - especially if you actually sit down and THINK about them. Such things as: plastic, words, why we think certain 'things' are funny (for example this picture:

which p.s. if I ever find this guy I'll make him my boyfriend haha), hair (see picture above), computers, clouds, wind, airplanes (seriously, if you sit down and think about airplanes, you will soon be thinking about their amazingness), magic tricks (especially criss angel - have yourself a look:

freaky huh!?), toilet paper (really people, think about it), books, TV's, DVR, some peoples athletic abilities:

(I really wish I could do that), water, rain, keyboards, iPod's, the ecosystem, some people's ventriloquist abilities:

(yes this was just another excuse to put some Jeff Dunham up), paper, the wheel, cars, laughter, peoples talking abilities, movies, Chinese finger traps, cell phones, and even peoples ability to be amazingly stupid:

There really is a lot of things in this crazy world of ours that are simply amazing. I suggest you all take a few mins and contemplate them as I just have today. :) I hope you all have an amazing weekend! :)

P.S. If you get bored and are a Twilight fan, go look at Stephanie Meyer's website and read the August 28th post - you might find some interesting news about Midnight Sun.


Laughing Corner.

I love to laugh, and I do quite often. So I though I'd share some laughter and post a blog with some things that make me laugh. So enjoy! :)

First up: Achmed the Dead Terrorist.

I suggest anything by Jeff Dunham... he is a funny guy.

Second: Cyanide and Happiness.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Third: Dr. Horrible.

Fourth: Big Bang Theory.

Fifth: Ask A Ninja.

Sixth: Teen Girl Squad (Or anything from for that matter)


This website is a place where people post stories of things that have happened to them that proves that customers are not always right. Here is an Example of what you will find.

(I work in healthcare and am talking to a man in his fifties who is having angina for the first time.)

Me: “You haven’t had a heart attack, but this pain is probably coming from your heart.”

Man: “But I’m only 50-something and there are no heart problems in my family. Why would that be?”

Me: “You smoke 30 a day and drink 2 cartons beer a week. That’s not good for your heart. You should think about cutting down.”

Man: ”I’m sick of you people telling me that bulls***! It’s a scientifically proven fact that smoking makes your arteries smaller, and drinking makes them bigger! If I keep drinking AND smoking, I’ll be fine!”

Me: ”That’s not at all how it works, but I see I’m not going to change your mind. You’ll be going upstairs soon.”

Man: “I want to go out for a smoke!”

Me: “That’s really not a good idea…”

Man: “What would you know?!”

Me: *gives up*

Eight: The Office (Coming back September! Yay! )

Ninth: Strongbad E-Mails.

Tenth: Demetri Martin.

So there you go! Hope you enjoyed them! I know I did while putting them on this blog! :)

Keep laughing.

p.s. This blog was brought to you by Katie's boredom at work.


Crossfit 801

So this past Saturday I was able to go try a new place called crossfit. What is Crossfit you ask? Well here is part of the description they use when describing what it is:

"CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide."

They have these located through out the US and just recently opened one in Midvale. My sister in law's brother works at one in California and was down in Utah helping with the new open. So we got to go try it out for free. So me, my two brothers and my sister in law head over Saturday afternoon... excited but slightly nervous. (Okay so maybe more then slightly in my case... especially since I haven't really exercised this whole summer... lol)

So once we got there we fill out some paperwork (things like I will not sue you if I get hurt- which only added to the nerves) and then started a warm-up, which consisted of doing some squats, push-ups, sit ups, and a jog around the building. Then it was time for the real work out. Don don! ;)

This is what the work out consisted of:

1. 400 meter farmer carry (which is running with about 35-40 pound weights)
2. 40 wall balls (which is basically doing squats while throwing and catching a 15 pound ball)
3. 400 meter run
4. 40 Push Presses. (lifting a bar from your shoulders to above your head.)
5. 40 Box Jumps (Jumping to a platform about 1.5 feet up and then jumping down)
6. 400 meter run
7. 40 Burpee's (Which is a six count thing involving squatting to the ground doing a push up and jump back up with a clap.)
8. 400 meter farmer carry.

Since we were first timers they had us do the routine in pairs, allowing you to kinda split up the reps. So me and Tiff where a pair and Ry and Tay where a pair. They also timed how long it took to finish the whole thing so if you do continue to come back you can try and do better each time. Me and Tiff finished in 27 mins. which I was pretty happy with. But of course for those who have been doing this for a while had times of about 13 mins. Haha.

Anywho. It was super intense and really hard. BUT I loved it! I was extremely sore for the next two days but I felt strong and fit. I would really like to sign up if the cost wasn't too much for my budget. But thus is life. If anyone wants to check it out here is their website: Oh and here are some pictures of me working out (I'm the hot one in the blue basketball shorts. ;) Hahaha):

Ya I know I look pretty retarded but oh well! :) Anywho that's all for now. Hope all is well with everyone else out there! :)


Can YOU guess!?

I like quotes. I like quoting things even more... such as TV shows, songs, cartoons, movies, etc. I'm sure if you really know me, you probably already know this. So. This blog is dedicated to quotes. (Apparently I feel like every blog I write needs a dedication to something) But to make it more fun for all of you readers out there (*cricket cricket*) we're gonna make it into a game. If you can name what every single quote is from. I'll buy you an ice cream cone... or something else in the dollar range if ice cream doesn't tickle your fancy. And here we go!

1. "Yes... No... Wait, I want to change my answer!... Oh, now we'll NEVER know!" (If you haven't noticed this is also from my previous blog... but it IS from something else originally)

2. "So evil wins, Grandpa Borgnine?"
"That's right. Even your tiny soul is doomed, Billy."

3. "And by bunnies I mean stupid people..."

4. "We threw the racket up to get the birdie. "
"We threw Gödel's cane up to get the racket. "
"And I threw Podolsky's golf club up there... to get even with him!"

5. "Sometimes... wizards are so awesome, it hurts."

6. "Why is the car stopped?"
"It's frightened..."

7. "They come in pints?... I'm getting one!"

8. "Ummm, I've been turned into a cow. Can I go home?"
"Yes, anyone else?"
"No, we're good."

9. "Here's another curse, may all your bacon burn!"

10. "Where are we going? I am going to hit your head with a hammer thats where we are going."

11. "I don't dislike you, I nothing you."

12. "Could I be wearing any more clothes!?"

13. "Thats right. You saw what you saw. That's how we roll in the Shire."

14. "What's he trying to teach us?"
"To pay attention, or we die."

15. "There's that word again; "heavy". Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the earth's gravitational pull?"

16. "Boy, these pretzels are makin' me thirsty."

17. "Please! This is supposed to be a happy occasion. Let's not bicker and argue over who killed who."

18. "May your forehead grow like the mighty oak!"

19. "Okay, I got everybody smalls, but remember there's free refills, so small is really a large with a little extra walking."

20. "They just said Spencer..."

So there you have it. I tried to pick ones that I think would be easier to get... so let the fun begin! :) And even if you don't know where they are from... they still make me laugh, so hopefully you got a laugh from some of them too.


I Love. The End.

So I've noticed that say "I love __(fill in the blank)__. The end." quite often. I love many things. I'm also grateful for many things. There is a difference. For example, I am extremely grateful for toilet paper, but I don't necessarily LOVE it. Anywho, so this is a tribute to all those things that I love simply because I do. They don't necessarily need an explanation, I just love them. The end. Disclaimer: These are not in any specific order and not all of the things I love.

I love...

Rain. :)
Electric Violins.
Ben's Couch.
Clapping parts in songs.
Us. :)
Cafe Rio.
All food in general.
My Family.
My Friends.
Spell Check.
Walking bare foot.
Late night drives.
Big Bang Theory. (The TV show)
Christian Bale.
Taking pictures.
Book Stores. :)
Pause button.
Save button.
Air guitar.
Air drums.
Teddy Bears.
Holding Hands.
Final Fantasy.
Open fields of grass.
Smiley Faces. :) :)
Exclamation points!!!
Braedon hugs.
Thunder storms.
Bubble baths.
Hash browns.
Blanket forts.
Dressing up.
Little spoons.
Grey clouds.
My new and first ever Library Card. :)
Facebook. (sadly)
My electric blanket.
Subway Saturday's. :)
Rolly chairs.
Blakes bench swings.
Late night talks.
My geek-tastic book holder. :)
Pride and Prejudice.
Michael Buble.
Getting flowers.

The end...?

("Yes... NO!... Wait, I want to change my answer!...Oh, now we'll NEVER know." )


Drip Drop

I love rain.

The end.

Okay so I guess I have more. So I went my (okay it's not really MINE, it's my dad's parents.) cabin this weekend with some siblings and one cousin-in-law and his cute cute CUTE little baby, Kelly. (Mom was not able to come because of work...)

Exhibit A:

Anywho. There are many things I love about my Grandparents cabin. Just being away from everything. The smell. The beautiful scenery. The amazing gigantic swings they have there... seriously you guys, they are the best. swings. ever. :)

Exhibit B:

So as you can see there are man reason to love the cabin. It's fun to just go up and spend time with the family and enjoy relaxing. But something special about THIS cabin experience was that we had a nice big rain storm. It was amazing. I absolutely love the rain... and probably a lot more then most who say that. I really think I might have to move to Seattle or some such place in Washington someday sooner rather then later. :) It was so nice to hear the thunder echo through the mountains and see the amazing flashes of lightning. I couldn't just sit there and watch... so I went out and stood in it for about 15 mins. Just soaking in what I could. I felt so at peace sitting there in the rain, closing my eyes and listening to it all around me, mixing in with the sounds of the booming thunder. Perfect. It was absolutely perfect, and exactly what I needed. :)

So I guess that is the point of this blog.

I love rain.

The end. :)