The Summer Continues...

I figure it's probably time I do another post - one that's not calling people out on social norms and what not.

- I am 28 weeks - into the 3rd and final trimester. That feels all sorts of odd to me. This baby's due date is getting closer and closer and that knowledge sets all sorts of emotions off - like anxiousness, fear, love, and a lot of excitement. In the mean time this little girl is enjoying using my belly as her own personal bounce castle (I'm already getting the feeling she'll be accident prone like me) and kicking my ribs out of place (thank heavens for chiropractors). Annnd of course the latest photo:
28 weeks.
- This one time I was playing with Braedon's hair and might have gotten a bit carried away. I'm the best hair person ever.
Why stop at one pony tail when you can have SIX!
- I love summer mostly because of summer evenings/nights. Braedon and I will take Spook on a walk down a path by our house that leads to this huge open park. I then will enjoy watching Spook and Braedon play and chase each other. Nothing beats a beautiful summer evening watching my boys run around. :)
Spook playing keep away.
Taking a break.
 - My birthday was super relaxing. We had a picnic, got my favorite treat (SNOASIS!), and came home to snuggle to a movie. It was excellent. 
My addiction lately - seriously the best cure for a hot/long/bad/anything day.
- The day before Fathers day Braedon and I took his dad out for lunch at a Mexican place called Los Cucos (really good!) and then to see the Avengers for his Fathers Day gift. Then later that day we went up the canyon with the rest of the family for campfire dinner and games. It was a good day!
Camp fire
The best way to have a roasted marshmellow -
add a strawberry in the middle! Mmmmm.
Nan's Roasting a mallow.
Playing some Kadima - Nans, Parks, Braedon, Keegan, Brad, and Chanty
- Once upon a time I stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up some groceries. I was so proud of myself for how quickly I got everything and into the check out line (seriously I was so proud I even texted Braedon of my awesome success). Then, of course I get stuck being the worlds most dis-organized couponer that's ever graced this earth. I was so bored and annoyed waiting for her to sort through her 7 (I repeat - SEVEN!) different newspaper ad's while simultaneously taking off her glasses (and then having to re-put them back on after a two minute search, only to locate them hanging from her neck again), all while NOT finishing pulling out the rest of her items from her cart - that I took these lovely photos:
These types of people should get their own lane.
If you want to save money - great. But that 10 cents
you just saved on that can of beans just cost me 15
minutes of my life. 
One of the most lovely photos I've taken of myself,
 but I post it to express how seriously annoyed I was.
- Braedon had a pretty brutal workout yesterday that involved (but was not limited to) him setting/resting a heavy bar across his shoulders resulting in some nice bruising. 
Passed out once he got home.
Crossfit Battle Wounds!
- The heat is for sure starting to get to me - I've been coping with getting a Snoasis whenever possible and by having two fan's going at night. I never would have though I would be the one to sleep with no blankets while Braedon is all wrapped up. I'm hoping to be able to hit the pool this weekend... that sounds lovely.

Welp - I think that's all I've got for now. Till next time!

Love and hugs. :)


The What Not's

Today’s Blog Post is brought to you by the Letter ‘P’ and the number ‘6’, as this is apparently an educational blog (though you would have thought that most of this was just plain common sense).

I bring to you an abridgment of something I feel I should title: “What and What Not to Say/Do to A Women, Especially Those of the Pregnant Variety”.

Now, before I start I want to take a moment to make clear to the general population that I absolutely adore being pregnant. I really do. While yes there are some things I could do without (aches and pains), overall it’s an amazing and humbling experience that I feel so privileged to have. I love being the sole provider for my little girl, feeling her kick/move, seeing the changes in my body and attitude. It’s an incredible journey and very special to me.

Now with that being said…

I’m not exactly sure what it is about being pregnant that all of the sudden make’s it alright for people to break (crush/shatter/demolish) all social norms.

What do I mean by social norms? I’ll give you some examples:

Normal: Asking someone if they like watermelon.
Not Normal: Asking someone if they ate an entire watermelon whole (all the while staring at their belly).*


Normal: While standing in the ice cream section of the store commenting to a stranger that ice cream is delicious. Or simply remaining silent.
Not Normal: While standing in the ice cream section of the store commenting that no one loves ice cream more than a pregnant lady and continue to laugh hysterically while exclaiming ‘don’t eat the whole store!’. **

See? Social norms. Things that you would think most people would just know by instinct not to do/say. But like I said earlier, apparently there is something about being pregnant that just makes all common knowledge leave a person’s head.

Thus I feel I must take it upon myself to educate the populace (though I apparently am not the first to try – all you need to do is google ‘things not to say to a pregnant lady’ and you can have all the reading materials you need for a lifetime).

Let’s begin.
  1. “You’re going to explode!” – Again you would think it was common sense not to say something along these lines, but I have seen/heard this countless times. Tell a pregnant lady she looks like she is going to explode and she will – whether by yelling at you or breaking down, she will explode (it just may be in her bed later that night).
  2. “Well aren’t you tubby!” – This is never okay to say to anyone. Pregnant or otherwise. You may feel you are being funny and making a joke but trust me – it’s not a joke to the emotionally tired lady who may or may not already be thinking this thought to herself.
  3. “Holy cow! When are you due!?” If you got rid of the ‘Holy Cow!’ bit and the look of horror that always comes along with this comment then you would be just fine with this question. If you really are so concerned about the pregnant lady and when she is due, leave the horrified look at home or she may drop the kid right then and there just to spite you.
  4. “You look just like I did when I delivered my baby!” – Unless I am 40+ weeks along this is not an okay comparison. Yes logically I know we all carry babies differently (some stick out, some carry long) but I don’t know if you know that, thus your comment has either just made me feel large in general, or that I might have a 15 pound baby – both of which I’d rather not think about right now.
  5.  You’re so big!” – This is probably my least favorite of all because it is said the most often. On what planet is it alright to tell someone above the age of 8 that they are ‘big’? Would you like to be told you are ‘so big!’? I’m guessing not. If you must comment on how large a pregnant lady’s belly is, try instead to not generalize on her overall ‘biggness’ and instead say something along the lines of “your belly is growing!” or “your belly really has popped since last I saw you!”. Basically avoiding the term ‘big’ would be your safest bet. You don’t know how much that word can rock a person’s moral and make them feel like the largest, ugliest thing on the planet.

 All in all I feel I can laugh most people’s comments off, but some days are just harder than others.

While I could go on to discuss the many other comments you should avoid while talking to a pregnant women or a soon to be father and mother (yes, trust me, we know that newborns don’t sleep and will thus make me and my husband not sleep either), I’ll refrain  and instead say if pregnant women make you uncomfortable and you aren’t sure what to say – saying nothing is better than trying to say something clever that just comes out cruel.

And remember, pregnant people are still people – so keep in mind this one little rule, if you wouldn’t say it to any other person nor would you like it said about yourself, don’t say it to a pregnant lady.

*Yes this did happen to me.
**Yes this did happen to a friend of mine.


Tid Bits

Turns out when I’m bored I think “you should blog!” so I open up a new page and then I stare at that white space with glossy eyes as I try to sift through my brain to find anything of interest to write…

and come up blank almost every time...

So you get a bullet list. :) 

- First I’ll do a baby update. I’m 26 weeks. Just had another checkup appointment the other day and all is well and as it should be (so good to hear). My doctor also said that after my next appointment in 3 weeks (where I get to down a small bottle of sugar water to test for diabetes) we will be moving appointments to every 2 weeks. This makes me feel like I’m a lot further along then what my head tells me. So strange. Currently, Rosealynn’s favorite thing is to have little dance parties – I swear I don’t know how that girl moves so fast in such a confined space, but I love every minute of it. All in all – things are great and both baby and I are happy. Now for the baby item that I know is all you really care about – the most current bump picture:
Please ignore the dirty mirror...
- I feel the need to let you all know how much I love my puppy. I’m fairly sure I take more photos of him then of anything else and I just don’t care. He’s adorable and loves me and I love him. Nothing makes a bad day (or even a good day) at work better then coming home to this puppy who is all a quiver with excitement as soon as he realizes it’s me that just pulled into our driveway. 
Waiting at his window.
Getting a nice washing outside. :)
He doesn't like to let go of his toys...
Watching Braedon out the window.
Sleepy pups!
- We got our first bountiful basket of the season. Yay cheap fruit and veggies!
So colorful!
- My birthday is tomorrow (no gifts necessary). I’ll be 24. 24 used to sound so old to me and now I don’t feel like it’s old at all. Hopefully I feel the same way when I turn 84. I’m also fairly sure that when I am 84 I will still love THESE (which I got as an early birthday gift):
Frooties!! Mmmmmmmm.
- Snowasis (now called Cup O Sno) is officially open. For those that may not know – this is hands down the best snow cone place I have ever found. They are about 30 minutes from my home… but only 6 minutes away from my work. I had my first one during one of my lunch breaks this week and it was DEEEEVINE. Oh how I wish I had one in my driveway. Mmmmmm. Best. Treat. EVER. It also makes me feel like summer is really here.

Annnd now I'm pulling blanks even for random bullet items so I'm gonna call it quits. Have a lovely night internets. :)