In the Know

I can't think of anything witty to write to open this blog up - so let's just get to it.

- We purchased a new wall piece for our bathroom a while back. I finally took a picture of it. I love how it looks against the yellow. :) Yay for 10 dollar Ross decorations!

- It just so happened the exact day I posted about my Ninja Neighbors we happened to meet the girl that  lives there (or so she says). She wasn't any of the other people we saw previously... and she just so happens to greet us the day I write my thoughts about the secret Ninja's next door? Suspicious much? Don't worry that we haven't seen or heard her since. I think it was all a cover up.

- Once upon a time we had a zucchini. So we made fried zucchini. It was so wonderfully delicious.

- I happen to love the game Left 4 Dead (and Left 4 Dead 2). There is nothing like cutting off a horde of zombie heads with an ax to make you feel better.

- I have a Google + account. I personally like Google + better then Facebook. Unfortunately I know it will be awhile until Google + is used more then Facebook... but remember Myspace? Ya. Goodbye Facebook - Google is taking over.

- Currently one of the main reasons I update my Google+ along with my Facebook (despite the fact that it's not used as much) is for my mom - who actually looks at her Google+ at least once a week. Hi mom! :)

- I find driving alone in the dark to be one of the best things in life.

- I miss math. Anyone want me to do their math homework for them? I'm highly considering taking out my calculus book and starting from page 1.

- Speaking of math... I miss school too.

- I might have a slight obsession with cooking shows lately. I think it might be driving Braedon crazy (though he would never say so). Chopped, Master Chef, Iron Chef, Hells Kitchen - you name it.

- We are going camping this weekend. I'm so excited. It's a yearly tradition for Braedon's family and always so much fun and so relaxing. It also happens to be the place Braedon and I had our first kiss. :) (this is where you all go 'awwwww')

Come on weekend!!


Battle Cry.

I was listening to a song by Regina Spektor - the song is actually from the Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack (not sure which one). The song is called 'The Call' and I've heard it many times before, but for some reason the beginning of the song caught my attention more then normal this time. Here are the words:

"It started out as a feeling, which then grew into a hope, which then turned into a quiet thought which then turned into a quiet word. Then that word grew louder and louder - 'til it was battle cry."

I really love all of the lyrics to this song and recommend you go take a listen to it.

The beginning of this song really stuck into my head - what's something that I've always felt, hoped, thought, and spoken of. What would I consider my battle cry?

It came to me quite simply:

Hope. Joy. Happiness. Love. Laughter.

I am so happy. I am so loved. I also happen to love being happy (works out nicely doesn't it?).

If there is one thing I pass on to others I hope it's a love for themselves and a want/need to feel joy and be happy. If there is one thing I could be an example of it is to spread that love and laughter to be hopeful, joyful, happy, loving and to have laughter in all that they do.

I encourage you to Dance, hug, and jump whenever possible...

To make faces, dress how you want, and play outside...

To play dress up, laugh, run, and get muddy...

 To believe in yourself, own what you bring to the table, and to simply enjoy and love being you.

 Yes things get hard. Yes we all have sad moments/days/weeks/months. But to be able to cry out, to refuse to give in and to instead sing of hope, learn to laugh, support and love those around us and always try to be happy will always be my battle cry.


Seattle - June 2011

Once upon a time Braedon and I went to Seattle with Braedon's dad, Brad. It was sort of our birthday gifts from him, ourselves, as well as our anniversary celebration all wrapped up in one (what can I say, we just bought a house, gifts are a little low on the priorities right now so we have to combine them into one).

It was such a wonderful trip and I am so glad we decided to do it.

Now, I realize this was back in the first week of June - but it's been a little crazy so it took me a while to get photo's to the computer and so forth, and I really wanted to put photo's on this post. So with out further adu I give you:

The Seattle Trip 2011

We flew into Washington on Friday June 3rd around 6:00 PM. We got our bags, get the rental car, and drove to our first hotel to drop off said bags. Our first hotel happened to be in a little place called Mukilteo, Washington. AKA - where I want to live one day.

Seriously. This city had such a wonderful, chill, peaceful, relaxing, townsy vibe to it and I just couldn't get enough.

After we dropped off the bags we drove a few blocks down to some water front - where I promptly fell in love and deemed Mukilteo the place of my future living arrangements. Check it out:

Then on Saturday we packed up our bags (sadly we just had a short stay in Mukilteo) and went on the Scenic Loop - which is a loop... that is very Scenic. So Scenic in fact that when we kept seeing waterfalls in the distance we decided we need to hike to one of them. We found a trail head and thus began our Hike of Wallace Falls:

Oh how I love all the green!!

It really was such a beautiful hike! I love big green forests!

We then continued our Scenic Loop that so happens to go through a little town called Leavenworth! Brad had been talking about this town for a while, saying over and over (and we have to make sure to stop in Leavenworth) and I was so confused to why this city was so special that we had to make sure to stop there. Well that question was quickly answered as soon as we drove up.

Welcome to what I like to call 'Little Switzerland'.

Best Brats Ever. Mmmmm.

There was even a Polka Band (dressed to the 9's in there Lederhosen) playing all afternoon. I loved it.

Then the next Day we all took a trip to the Zoo! I love zoo's. So much. I'll try to not bore you with the many many photo's we took of all the cute, weird, ugly, cool animals.

She was so playful!

The Coolest Animal we saw there! ;)
It was a fun day - my poor feet were missing our drastically smaller Hogal Zoo.

Later that night we walked down to Pike's Place - man does that place have energy!

We also took a ferry to Bainbridge Island. Can I just say that I love being on boats, and I love the ocean. So much. :)

The crazy animal from the Zoo followed us! ;)
I found another place that I'd be highly okay with moving to.
I found Sea Shells! :)
On our way back.

Space Needle!

Then on Monday, Brad had to go to some work meetings so it was just Braedon and I for the morning/afternoon. We walked down to Pikes Place again, got some icecream, viewed the shops, and of course - went to the Aquarium!

Such a cute little fella. :)

Pop Rocks!

After the Aquarium we went on a Harbor Tour - it was really interesting to learn some history of Seattle.


We then met back up with Brad for some Dinner and a walk around the Harbor. On our walk we happened to find a little park full of Sculptures and such.

Not sure what this was supposed to be. 
Steel Tree


We made our way over to the one and only Space Needle!

View from up top.

Tuesday morning/aftnernoon was also just Braedon and I - we went to some museams and walked around Pikes Place and the harbor again.

This butterful would not leave Braedon alone and all the kids
thought it was the coolest thing ever.
It was such a wonderful trip - I've always wanted to go to Seattle and I'm so glad that I finally have. Hopefully one day we can go back. Or just up and move to cute little Mukilteo. La sigh. 

On our flight out of Washington - Mt. Rainier.

Oh and ps. It only rained once - on Tuesday, for 1/2 hour when we were in our hotel packing our bags.

Who goes to Seattle and doesn't get rained on!?

The girl who loves rain more then anything, apparently.

So odd.