We. Are. In!

Welp. We are finally in!

It has been a crazy, long, stressful, exciting, happy, week. We've had some ups and downs...

 Some of the downs looked a little like this:

- The Fridge that was supposed to be delivered on Friday between noon and 4:00 was rescheduled to later that day at 5:30, and then again to the next morning at 8:00. 8:00 AM rolls around with no call so I finally get a hold of the delivery people to find out one of the drivers had fallen on the ice and called in that day so our fridge was then rescheduled again for the afternoon. Finally it arrives Saturday around 1:00... with a dent... La sigh. (I did have the delivery man call in and we got a 100 dollars off the price for the small dent - so that was nice at least). Then later on the ice-maker started to act wonkey and I have yet had the time to call back about that...

- The Internet that was also supposed to go in on Friday got rescheduled to the next week due to the technician calling in sick. Once they got there (again between Noon and 6 - what is with companies giving HUGE windows for appointments!?) we soon found out that our line wasn't working. So after more calls and Emails we got a hold of the right people to send the electricians over who found a couple of cuts in the line, having already traded one of my days of work and not wanting to do another they were nice enough to put in a temporary line for us until the new line can be rerun. So after all the stress and chaos we now finally have our Internet up and running... here is hoping the real line gets fixed soon!

But the up's out weighed those downs and looked like this:

- The fact that we have a brand new beautiful home with more then enough space for us to grow in is amazing in of itself. We love our home. We love the tall ceilings, the tall windows, the storage space, the two car garage, the neighborhood, and of course all the colors and such that we got to hand pick out, etc etc. Seriously it's a wonderful home and I know it's the right place for us to be right now. :)

- Putting up our Christmas tree and other Christmas decoration. I love having a big tree (Thanks again Nat!) Before we never had room for anything big and I'm so happy to come down stairs to this beauty each morning. :) Plus having my mama there decorating with me while the men folk moved heavy stuff was so much fun and brought back a lot of good memories of decorating with her the day after Thanksgiving. :)

Rose loves the tree too.
Love at that tree! And those windows! Yay!

- Finding Rose walking around with this picture like it was the greatest toy since ever. Not sure where she got the picture but it is now hanging on the fridge cause she loves it so much. :)
We look so little! Love him so much!

- Being able to let Rose climb up and down stairs to her little climbers heart desire. She seriously loves stairs and I'm pretty sure started to climb stairs before she was really any good at crawling... in the home we were staying at they had hardwood floors and stairs so I didn't feel comfortable letting her experiment on those, but having carpet again is heaven.

- Doing laundry in a laundry ROOM. Rather then a bathroom that happens to have our washer and dryer in it. So. Nice.

- Sleeping on our own bed that we haven't looked at for the past three months.

- Unpacking and organizing our stuff into the new space. While it's a bit exhausting and daunting sometimes, I really do like to organize and unpack, it's nice to see everything come together!

- Getting rid of our GIANT desk that takes up half the room it's in and buying a new smaller desk for our cute little loftish space upstairs. There is something so refreshing about getting rid of stuff...
Love our little desk and reading nook. :)

- Seeing Rose play in our new home. I don't know why but it really does melt my heart. She has taken to this home so well it makes me so happy.
For some reason this upside piece of carpet we were using as a rug while moving stuff in is her
favorite place to sit... 

Crawling around being silly with Spook!

She loves peeking around this little wall and saying "HI!" 

Bath Time!

Silly faces (even Spook got his little snout in! Ha!)
Basically, we are happy. We still aren't quite finished and still have some kinks to figure out but we are here and happy and so excited to spend Christmas in our new home. :)

And never fear - once pictures and decorations are up we will take some photos and hopefully have a house warming party as well! :)

Thanks for all the help and congratulations - we love you all!


Counting Down

I feel like these days I'm doing a lot of counting down. Mainly counting down to when our house is finished so we can move in! But also counting down to other things like Christmas and even New Years (or really the week after when my shift changes and I no longer have to work graves... turns out I rather like a normal sleeping schedule).

While I may be counting down for certain events I also am making sure to enjoy the moments I'm in right now. For example. Rosealynn is about the silliest, cutest, funniest, weirdest, craziest, most adorable thing since ever. I just can't seem to get enough of that girl lately. Her personality is coming out in spades and she constantly has Braedon and I laughing. From her dance moves to her weird noises as she tries to copy what we say - she just keeps us cracking up.

I feel like she is changing so much and so quickly all of the sudden that I don't want to forget some of these new things she says or does. So I am going to be that mom today and blog excessively about my adorable daughter (even though I'm sure half this stuff all other children do too and probably doesn't seem like such a big deal to others... just deal, okay?)

- Dancing. Rose loves to move and dance. Whether that is in the car shaking crazily back and forth while waving her arms around like a Muppet. Or doing the pony trot in the middle of the hall followed by spinning so much she falls down from dizziness. I love seeing my little girl move and explore how her body works!

- Talking. Last time I blogged I think I mentioned a handful of words that Rose was saying. About a week after that she all of the sudden double and tripled that list. From countless animal noises to now finally saying buh-bye to accompany her hi's her vocabulary has shot through the roof! Another favorite of mine is when she says "Spook!" She always will point to him while saying it and it comes out "pook!" which I just find all sorts of heart melting. Some other new words are: Ball, Thank you (tink ooo), get me (followed by her running while looking over her shoulder to make sure you are chasing her), eye, papa, and hat. Speaking of...

- Hats. Rose seriously love hats. Hats and hoods and even headbands for that matter. We purchased a cute little white beanie from Walmart the other day and she now goes almost nowhere with out it. If the hat calls off she will promptly grab it and walk over to the nearest person holding it as high as she can for them to put it back on. Once you put it back on she will triumphantly pat her head and say "hat" with an adorable little smile, then walk away and continue on with her business. "Hat" is also almost always the first thing she says upon waking from a nap (we will take it off while she naps) because apparently she just can't go any longer with out it on.

She loves to slide!

- Books. I seriously can't believe how much this girl loves books. I honestly some days will hide them because if I don't I will never get anything done as she will just continue to bring me book after book after book. And how can you say no to a child wanting to READ!? I don't know how. So I usually don't. Or ya know... like I said... will hide all the books. I really do love that she loves her books so much. I love watching her carry a book that is almost as big as her and run down the hall to me with a manic grin on her face.
I love watching these two together. :)

One of her favorite books. :)

- People. Rose loves. I feel so blessed and honored to have a daughter who really seems to spread happiness around her. The wonderful family we have been living with the past few months has become a big part of our lives - especially Rosealynn's. She loves them. Like. Cries when they walk away or put her down after holding her. Giggles when she see's them come home and wont stop saying hi until she has their full attention. This makes my heart swell as well and break a little as I know we wont see this amazing family all too much once we move. While I may be counting down to having all my own stuff again and not having 75% of my junk packed away in a storage unit... I'm not counting down to saying goodbye nor seeing Rose and Spook have to say goodbye to all their new friends. We really have been blessed living here and I've loved seeing Rose build relationships with those around her.
She also loves to give giant open mouthed kisses. :)

Basically what it comes down to is I love my daughter. I feel so blessed and just simply happy. Who knew it was so simple to be happy, but when you see your daughter laugh, dance, run, learn, and giggle... it really is simple to be happy. She is a miracle and a blessing to our lives and I am so glad she picked me to be her mama.


It's That Time Again...

So life has been crazy. It's gotten to that point that I want to blog and feel like I should blog but then when I really think about blogging I'm so overwhelmed, feeling that I'm so behind and then just end up giving up blogging all together. Seriously folks. I started this blog a week ago. Oops.

So here is my attempt to sum things up as best I can (which we all know that means a super long bullet list is headed our way):

- Braedon got a promotion. I know, I know - that kid is always getting promotions. He really is stellar (yes I'm using the word stellar) at everything he does. All in all he's been working hard getting people trained to pick up his duties and then training himself for his new responsibilities and he has finally moved into the new position. He seems to really be liking it. He is now a training manager... whatever that really means - all I know is he is happy and he got a pretty dang good raise so I'm happy. ;)

- I got a promotion too! Woot. I am now in a different support department with JetBlue  - the TrueBlue Department! I had a week of full time training that reaffirmed to me that I do not want to be working full-time ever again if I can avoid it. I am now working my new scheduled shift in the center for the next few weeks until they feel all us newbies know our stuff. Having to work back at the center rather than at home sorta blows... (talk about spoiled much?).

- This brings us to my new schedule (luckily only for the rest of the year). I am now working Graves 8:30PM - 5:00 AM three days a week. It actually hasn't been too bad. I really enjoy working the late hours - the calls are more relaxed and further between. The day after said grave shift is a bit hard, but that is what naps are for. ;)

- We are of course all moved and settled into our temporary home and have been for some time. We also thought we would be for some time more but just learned from our builder that our date has most likely moved up and we might actually get in before Christmas! Eeeeeee! :) Best. Christmas gift. Ever. Here's hoping they aren't lying to us or that something takes a turn for the worst and makes us fall back behind schedule!
The backside. :)
The front! :)

- We visited a pumpkin patch. I didn't think Rose would really be all that interested - but I enjoy walking through them so we went anyways. Turns out Rose has a extremely random love for pumpkins. Who knew. She loved looking and pointing at them all and when we finally found some a little more her size she immediately started to pick them up and carry them around. When we took her little pumpkin away to put it in the wheelbarrow she was not happy with us. It was a lot of fun to go out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. :)

These two. Gah. :)

She sooorta hates the sun in her eyes.

- We went to Cornbelly's with my family and had a ton of fun. So funny to watch all the little ones run around and play. I wasn't sure if Rose would really care or like it but she really enjoyed it - especially the slides and cow train. She just kept going "wee wee wee wee" the whole time. I'm excited to live so close to Thanksgiving Point next year and think we might have to get a season pass so we can come to all the fun stuff they do!

Sitting was not on this girls agenda. 

More pumpkins! She actually went up and hugged one of them.
I promise she loved it. Haha.
I don't think the slide was fast enough for her... girl likes speed! ;)

- Halloween happened. With the change of job positions and change in my schedule I actually got to celebrate Halloween! Before I was actually scheduled to work and I was trying to pretend I wasn't bummed about not being able to take Rose trick or treating. So glad it worked out so I could take her! It was so much fun to go out with her! We only did about 10 houses, but she loved it! She was pro at walking around with her little pumpkin pale and she didn't want anyone to hold it for her. It took her a couple of turns to get that she got to TAKE the candy and put it in her own pale - she would pick a piece up and then put it back down. She finally took a liking to putting the candy into her own pale though and started to get a little too handsy. ;) All in all it was a very successful Halloween and I loved spending time with my cute little elephant. :)

But, seriously.
- Crossfit Update: Things are going good! My competition is coming up at the end of November and I'm sorta freaking out about it, but I just have to keep reminding myself I'm doing it for fun and to not get too worked up and stressed about it. That being said I have picked up my training in prep for the competition and I actually quite enjoy going to Crossfit twice a day at least once a week. Weird? Probably. But I don't care. In other Crossfit news I got my first real live muscle-up!! Whaaa!? I then proceeded to be dumb and drop from the top of the rings and landed pretty hard on my left foot... womp womp. It's finally feeling like it's healing after a week of babying it. Hopefully all is back to normal soon so I can pick back up in training for my competition. As for Braedon - he is still killin' it. And has some pretty awesome stuff coming his way as far as crossfit goes - but more on that later. :)

Face off.
Yay muslce-up's! And yes that is a box under me... this was technically before I
got the real deal. Promise I'm not always a cheater. ;)
Squat snatch.

- Rose is adorable.

...Okay I guess I'll give a bit more on her. ;) She really is in such a fun stage of life right now. Her personality is coming forth more and more and she is such a sweet heart (with a mini hulk inside her that likes to come out if someone invades her personal space when she doesn't want them to). She still loves to say hi but has started to say more words such as:

  • Ahhhh yeah!
  • Doggy
  • Kitty
  • Woof Woof (she makes this sound anytime she see's or hears a dog)
  • Daddy/dada
  • Mom/mommy
  • Berry (always said ba-ba-ba-barreeeee)
  • Stinky (sometimes we sniff her feet and then yell stinky and she likes to repeat it back)
There might be some others I'm forgetting, but it's pretty fun to see her learn new things! She loves animals and loves playing with other kids and has the best cheeser smiles with the cutest gap teeth. She also is so good at giving kisses and gives them on queue now. *heart melts* She really is such a sweet and silly girl. 

Baby Bum!
Animal lovin' with the Shelties.
Pointing at the horses!
At her favorite window.
Look at those boots! Ha!
Sometimes she looks like that kids from The Christmas Story.
And sometimes she brings me one hat, then comes back and brings me the other...
and then gets quite mad when I think she just wants to switch the hats... and finally is
happy as a clam when I put both on her. 
- We also went to the Zoo the other day. Braedon's mom had this wagon that we decided to bring and see how Rose would do in it. She loved it! And so did we because it's a lot easier to pull a kiddo out of an open wagon then a stroller she's strapped into. Rose really loves animals and this trip the otters/seals were her favorite. She got up and would give the glass kisses and say "ooooo" when they'd swim by - until they started to swim towards her then she'd get a little nervous and back away from the glass.

Wagon ride!
She really liked the elephants too!
Love those eyes.
Her friend the otter.
Giving it loves (she pat's things she loves).

Notice how far away her body is to the window... she really did not like
when they swam towards her. 
She calls the polar bear "Doggy"... I think she gets Spook and the Polar Bear confused...
Again with the sun in her eyes. She refuses. 

So happy to be running around!
This guy looked right at her and she got a bit nervous. Ha!
Her belly is out of control.

- And now... I leave you now with a few more random photos because apparently I just can't help myself. :)

This is what happens when you forget to bring an emergency outfit... your daughter
get's dressed up in build a bear outfits. #parentpoints
Seriously. Out. Of. Control.
Oh how I love these two.
Once upon a time we went on a family hike...
... and Rose got super sleepy and sorta looked like she was drunk.
But we made it to the top and it was beautiful. :)

This one time I got to watch this cutie while Robin and Tom did their
And this cutie kept laughing and smiling at me. :)
Snuggle and reading time is the best times. Rose loves having books
read to her over and over and over....
The night Chantelle was set apart for her mission.
That smile! Too good for the stroller! ;)
Anywho. Life is good and this post is long enough - and please excuse any typo's or unintelligible sentences, I happen to write this post during my grave shift.. so who knows how with it I really am. Have a lovely night (or rather morning) all!

Loves and hugs!