Wrap up

March is over, April is here... and almost over. Oops.

Let's do a little wrap up of the last little while, ya? Ya.

The Crossfit Open is now over of course and I felt a bit empty on the first Thursday without an Open WOD announcement.  I had pretty mixed feelings once it ended. A part of me was relieved that the stress and pressure was done (when I say I get like a kid on Christmas I mean it... seriously too anxious ha!)... and the other part is just sad. It's so much fun to be a part of the Open... the energy, the challenge, the community, the unknown each week. I love it! I obviously didn't make it to regionals (or else I would have mentioned it way before now), but if I'm being really honest with myself - I didn't really train to make it to regionals (or at all) so I didn't really expect to make it this year. But this year did make me realize it's something I'd love to do some day, so who knows... one of these years, when I'm done having kids (not an announcement) I might just have to actually make a real go at it and see how things go.  I am proud of how I did this year though and think if I really do push myself I might just be able to make that dream come true! And if not - I'll have fun trying! My placement in our region this year was 170 out of 2869... Top 6%? I can be proud of that.... and just push harder to hopefully one day be in the top 2%. ;)

Not from the Open - but still a good picture of two ladies I really look up to! Plus
Ellen's team is going to Regionals! Yay! :)

Of course my blog wouldn't be a blog without me talking about my beautiful Rose. I feel like she is learning and growing faster each day. I can't keep up with her! She is so smart, fun, bubbly, determined, feisty, and of course has some major attitude.

She does so many things that I just don't want to forget, but know I will. Like when she finds my phone and put's it up to her ear walking around like the most important person saying "Daddy" over and over. Or when as soon as we get downstairs after she's woken up she yells "Show watch!" followed by either "Frozee", "Bwave", or "Pooh" which just happen to be her three favorite shows right now.  Or how when she is trying to pretend to be mad she will stick her lower lip our so far she looks like a grumpy old man... and if I keep staring at her with the same lip she bursts into a fit of giggles. Or how she randomly will switch words around for example rather then saying 'Meatball' she'll say "Ball meat!" Or her love of crossfit and all the people there, even when she is pretending to be bashful. Or how she says words wrong... water is "wawee", milk is "mooya" and Spook dog is "Spoodah". She is already starting to say water correctly and it makes me proud and breaks my heart all at the same time. So many things that I never want to change, but know they will... and I'll probably think those are the most adorable unforgettable things too.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of her lately. There are quite a few since it's been awhile... and somehow they got kinda out of order. But oh well:

Playing Horsey with Grandpa and Cousin Ari
Braedon's Great Grandpa passes away recently and Rose inherited some pretty necklaces and
this Teddy Bear that she absolutely adores.
She also got that little car. She was having fun cracking jokes with Teddy.
So cute.
Rose's hair finally has decided to grow in the last month and we love putting it in piggies.
Eating Circle Crackers with her cousins!
Matching Outfits with Grandpa
She loves being outside more then anything...
Reading her book!
Her eyes and smile! Love!

Being silly.
I can't get enough of this picture. She got SO excited to for the bubbles on Easter morning.
I love the pure joy on her face. :)
Our little family on Easter Sunday. :)
Snuggling with her Brave doll (Merida is hard to say so we say Brave instead).
Looking at the fishies at Thanksgiving point. 
Enjoying being outside at The Tulip Festival. 
Tulip Festival. :)
Holding hands with Cousin Noah! Love the cheeser smile.
Her bed head is one of my favorites. :)
More Bubbles on Easter.
She took to finding Easter eggs real quick! Loved it!
Found another one!
More Easter Egg huting! :)
I love these two so much. :)

Rose loves pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.
Digging and making a mess at Grandma's.
Our little gardener.
Throwing rocks in the waterfall!
I can't wait until our grass is put in... but she still finds ways to entertain herself outside on our
tiny little patio. :)

We have a trip coming up in May that I couldn't be more excited for. We are going to be driving down the Oregon coast (squeeee). Relaxing, reading, tree's, ocean, yummy food.... sigh. It's gonna be here before I know it and I can't wait! :)

Anywho. Easter was great. My family is great. Life is great. Lovin' it all!

Till next time.

Loves and hugs.