Let's do a little update, shall we?

- I registered for the GRE. I'm taking it in December. I'm Kinda nervous. Kinda excited. Kinda annoyed that it cost $160 dollars. Kinda more annoyed that I will have to also sign up for the Math Subject Test. Kinda even more annoyed that said Math Subject Test will cost another $140. Boo. But my nerves are much more relaxed now that the first step has been made.

- Our Halloween decorations are up. They've actually been up for some time now. I love them. Braedon loves me. We love decorating for holidays. :) Observe:

I love this candle.

- Me and Braedon have also started a new goal of ours, which is to try new things - especially for our date nights (and no I'm not talking about those types of new things). So we bought a couple of jars and some popcicle sticks and spent an evening coming up with random ideas of things we wanted to do for dates. Whatever you draw out of the jar, you have to do. Our first pick was: "Go to a craft store, buy some materials and make picture frames. Ten Dollar Limit per person." First, let it be know that me and Braedon should never go to a craft store together - especially when things are on super sale (I am not even going to divulge to you how much we ended up spending on things not even related to the picture frames. Oops.). Second, check out our super awesome frames we made!

I'm excited to see what our future dates will hold.

- I've been reading a lot more again now that I'm settled in the new job and marriage and such. And I just wanted to express on this blog, once again, how much I love reading. Sigh. So good. And, if anyone wants a good fantasy, check out Brandon Sanderson's first book of his epic series - The Way Of Kings I'm on page 903 (of 1001) right now and I am still loving every letter of it. Read it. You wont be disappointed.

And with that wonderful topic I think I'll take my leave.

Love and Hugs Internet.


* - For those wondering about my title - it's the word 'Update' in Binary code. Oh yes. I'm that nerdy. :)


Graduate School.

Just thinking about the words stresses me out. Maybe typing it down will help calm my nerves.

I've been secretly/subconsciously ignoring this subject for the past 5 months - just trying to enjoy my summer and my first moments of marriage. But I don't think I can ignore it any more.


The thing is - it's not the going back to school that stresses me out. I actually rather enjoy school, and I really enjoy learning about math. I've actually missed my long study sessions trying to figure out a proof, or sitting in class and watching some crazy equation unfold. I really do love math.

So why am I so stressed?

I think it's the waiting. The calm before the storm.

I also know that a huge part of it is the prep work involved in going into Graduate School. What tests do I need to take? Will I do good on these tests? What if I don't get accepted anywhere? What if I've already forgotten everything that I've learned?

I'm the type of person that I'm more stressed out and anxious before a decision or big event. Things can still change, they can still go wrong. But once you get to that point of no return, once you are already in it or once the decision is made and there isn't anything I can change about it - I don't worry anymore. Stress goes away. There's no going back. I've decided (whether for good or for bad) and it's happening.

I really just want to be at that point with Graduate school. Tests done, acceptance letter received, classes signed up, etc. Once I'm there I know I'll handle it - cause I'll have to handle it, no matter how hard it is.

Breath. I just need to breath.

And jump in.

Wish me luck.


It's Tradition.

I feel like I'm always talking/writing about this topic - and that now I'm obligated to write a post again about my most favoritest of seasons:


Oh how I've missed you.

I've missed your clean crisp air.
I've missed your cool jacket weather.
I've missed your rolling thunder storms.
I've missed your always changing colors.
I've missed the crash and smash of sweaty men playing football.
I've missed the wonderful decorations your holidays have to offer.
I've missed the scary ghouls, and creepy witches walking through the streets.
I've missed the warmth on my fingers of a good cup of hot chocolate.
I've missed the excuse to wear hats and scarfs.
I've missed the added family get togethers and parties.

You're wonderful Fall - and it's good to have you around again.

Let's hope your cousin Winter doesn't try to take our precious time together too soon.

Love, Me.