Be Still.


Oh hello there. Fancy meeting you here. :)

Man life has been crazy. Good. Really good. But crazy. How about a blog quicky. ;)

-I've officially started my new job - so far I love it, even though all I've really done is watch tutorials and take tests. I love the atmosphere and the people. Hopefully once I really get into the work I'll love that too. :)

-Braedon got a job! This one is for reals. Someone he worked with in his last job found an available position where she now works - once we got back from California they called him in for an interview and blamo! He's got the gig!

-Speaking of California. It was fantastic. Oh. My. Lanta. So awesome. I love the beach so much! Here are a few pictures from our escapades:
Walking on the beach - almost attacked by birds. ;)
I love feet pictures!
Picture complements of Braedon - so pretty!
I love him - and I love this picture!

Maybe later I'll actually do a full post dedicated to the trip, but hopefully those will do for now. :)

-I'm so excited for Fall. For some reason I keep telling myself things will calm down in Fall - let's hope. Plus how could anyone not be excited for at least one of the following: Cooler temperatures, wearing hoodies, the changing leaves,  Halloween, and of course football season! Woot. :)

-This past Sunday as me and Braedon were driving up to my parents house, we happened to be listening to one of my favorite "Sunday Friendly" CD's. It's by the group Eclipse and called Grateful Praise. These men all sing with such passion and joy that you can literally feel there testimony and love of life come through the songs. If you don't have it, or have never heard it - go, right now and take a listen. One song in particular that I love is their version of 'Be Still My Soul'. It's so powerful. With all the craziness that has been going on it's always a good reminder to me to just be still. Listen. Enjoy life.


Anywho, it's back to work for me fellow blog-peeps. 

Till next time!



Do you ever get that feeling right before a storm, where you know it's going to rain?

Or right before you take the last step on a stair only to find it's not there.

Or right before something big is going to happen - graduation, marriage, a big test, etc.

That's kind of how I feel right now. I don't really have any particular reason for this feeling - I just feel change on the horizon. And I am choosing to believe it's good change. :)

Anywho. I'm feeling a little too deep in here...

Bullet list anyone?

-Me and Braedon just ate a delicious meal. Teriyaki chicken in rice with a side of grilled pineapple. Mmmmm. It was delicious. I'm so glad Braedon loves to cook with me and try new things. :)

-This last weekend we went up to Snowbird with some friends, complements of Lisa and Clint (thanks again!). It was a lot of fun to just play around and relax. I love these guys. :)
Apparently one can have too much fun with an underwater camera. :)

You love it. Admit it. ;)
Water Ninja's

- Also last week, we helped out with taking some pictures at my cousin's wedding. They had a hired photographer there, but we had fun going around taking a bunch of shots. It was so awesome to be there for Jordan and Kelli and share in their special day. Which brings us to...

- Me and Braedon are starting a blog for our photography. We love taking pictures so much and would love to get into it more. So we figure we will start posting our stuff online and maybe start to do some more free shoots. Hopefully as we start to build our portfolio we can eventually get to the making some money aspect of photography. :) Check out the blog:  I haven't spent too much time on the it yet, but hopefully as time goes on it will become more eye-appealing. :)

-I got my hair cut today. It feels so nice. It was basically just a trim - but it was well needed. Especially my bangs, they were driving me absolutely nuts. Yay for small changes!

-So me and Braedon have started this thing called the Daily Dance. Where at least once a day we must turn on a song and dance to it the entire time. It's pretty fantastic. :) I dare you to try it - go on. Do it.

 - Remember that job that I mentioned Braedon getting at the end of my last blog? Lies. Apparently the company decided that the funds were better needed in a different appartment. La sigh. The search continues.

-This week Braedon and I are going to California with his family - cousins and all. Braedon's grandma was somehow able to swing getting a beach front Condo in  Newport Beach. Sigh. The beach. I've missed thee.

I'm so looking forward to getting sand in my swimsuit, feeling the sun on my nose, listening to the crashing waves, smelling the salt air and enjoying time with family and friends. :)

-In preperation for this wonderful event - I am getting a bikini wax tomorrow. To much information? Maybe. That surprising that I gave too much information? Probably not.

- So some exciting news on the job front... after we recived the sad call about Braedons supposed new job, a few days later we got a happy call for me! I got a job! About. Freaking. Time. It is actually to a place I applied for way back in May before me and Braedon were even married. Braedon's cousin works there and I hear it's a great place to work. I'm starting on the nineteenth as soon as we get back from Cali. I am excited and ready for a change of pace.

-Me and Braedon have recently set up our old school Nintendo systems - the Super Nintendo and the Nintendo 64. Man do these games bring back loads of memories - like eating sprees and drinking sprite while wasting the day away with Richard while playing Donkey Kong Country. Or watching my brothers play Final Fantasy and me cover my eyes when I was afraid they would die. Oh man. I love it. X-Box can eat it. I'll take my super and 64 any day. :)

Till next time blogsphere....

Loves and Hugs. :)