- This warmer weather is amazing. The other day I took a blanket, some toys, the babe, the pup, and a ball outside. We relaxed, played, watched helicopters, and chased said ball over and over again (or at least Spook did). It was wonderful.
Loves her belly being rubbed.
Watching Helicopters fly by.
Too bright!
Attempt 1 of getting a photo of the two of us.
Attempt 2 isn't much better.
Such a happy pup.
Playing with the blocks.
Spook brought me his ball back and dropped it in one of the blocks. Fit perfectly.

- Rose is 7 months tomorrow. That boggles my mind. I swear she just turned 6 months. I can't believe how fast she is growing and changing. I love her so much. We finally have a handle on the pooing situation and I have my happy baby back!!  We are also working on some sleep training and the past two nights have been much more successful that I have some hope we can get her back to sleeping through the night again. All in all things are going good and I am just enjoying every minute that I can because these moments go by way too fast!

- I did WOD 13.2 on Friday for the Crossfit Open. I was so nervous. And excited. I got the last few hours off work so I could go at 6:00 when the majority of those competing at our box would be there. The atmosphere was awesome. My parents even came to watch and support.  I got 8 full rounds and that's not too shabby for a girl who has been doing Crossfit for 5 months. Whatever the score though being there was such a fun experience and I loved the energy and support everyone gave. Such an amazing community! I love my Crossfit Draper family!

- I love having my windows open. I love spring. Mmmmmm.

- I got my hairs cut the other day. It's still long mind you. But rather then being belly-button long it's now just boob long. I got rid of about 4-5 inches and it felt great!

- In case you didn't know, I am officially on the Dr. Who bandwagon. It's true. I love it. I'm on season 5 and trying to not watch it TOO quickly because I don't want it to be over.

- Rose loves being outside. Seriously this little girl just lights up when that cool breeze touches her face (she even tries to grab at the wind with her cute little hands). I can't wait for our trip to Florida, while I'm slightly terrified (traveling with an infant isn't ever simple) I'm super excited.

- Rose also loves water. Seriously this girl loves bath time. So I can't wait to see how she reacts to the beaches. :)
Bath Time!

- We just filed our tax return. Money back is always nice. Go team!

That's all for now! Till next time.


6 Months Came Too Fast.

Man. After my last post I sorta feel I should just always blog about Crossfit, or at least always put Before and After pictures in my posts. I've never had so many hits on my blog before! Thank you all for the amazing comments and support!

So along with Crossfit - the Crossfit Games officially start this week. Workout 13.1 is posted and looks like a beast. I'll be doing it tomorrow so hopefully I'm on top of my game so that I at least don't get a laughable score!

In other unrelated Crossfit news - life in the Goudie household is going well! Our beautiful girl is now over 6 months old. I can't believe it! Usually a half of a year seems like forever - but I feel these past 6 months just flew by! Her 6 month check up went great. She is healthy and growing as she should. Of course the pediatrician asked if Rose was rolling, which of course she isn't. Don't get me wrong... she has rolled on occasion... she just doesn't really seem to have much interest in it. Of course when the pediatrician did find out that she's already sitting up on her own and even able to stand while holding onto things on her own she was pretty impressed. She was also impressed with the different sounds Rose makes... which are apparently more advanced then you see in most 6 month old? Basically it seems Rose is still being Rose and doing things on her terms and on her time line. She's still our little spit-fire weighing in at 13.8 pounds (11%), measuring at 24.8 inches (18%) and her head measuring in at a womping 17 in (72%). Apparently she's got a big head for her age? My girl has got brains!

We've also started Rose on solids, which is all sorts of fun. She loves them and will sit there with her mouth open waiting for the next spoonful. If you aren't fast enough with the food she get's a little bit pissed. We are having a bit of an issue trying to get her poo schedule a bit more regular... (yes I am one of those mom's who will talk about their babies poop on her blog)  I feel I could make a chart that shows a direct correlation between Rose's happiness compared to how many times she's actually pooped. Poor girl.

And for those that have made it this far - now you get to see all the lovely photos:

Sitting and sucking on her thumb like a champ.
She loves her daddy.
Always trying to reach out to people.
She loves hats. :)
I think she likes the way she sounds with her hands on her ears...
Tired baby.
Sitting with mama playing!
Love seeing this face after a nap!
So silly.

Standing like a pro.
Spook wanted in on the picture action.
Staring contest.
He always has to be near her. So cute.
Loves the jumper. And Dr. Who.
Another favorite place to put her hands.
Love this girl!
So tired. 
Love these three.
Eating the toes!
She's pretty happy to discover these amazing feet of hers. ;)
How you doin'!
Must. Eat. Blanket.
Snuggles with mama.
In other news, Braedon recently started a new position at his work! New position + better pay is always nice! Right now he's just training so it's pretty boring stuff, but I think in the long run he'll love the new position. I'm still working with JetBlue at home and loving it. Besides that not much else is going on in our life. I can't wait until Spring - I'm getting a bit house crazy and wanting to be outdoors! Swimming, hiking, walks, playing at the park, going to the zoo, reading on a blanket, etc, etc. Oh sounds so wonderful. Also with the warmer weather will come our trip to Florida! So excited. :)

Anywho. Until next time!