Before (in between) and After.

We finally have internet. We finally have all our pictures onto our hard drive. You finally get a blog of before and after pictures (a lot of before and after pictures and inbetween pictures too!). Just remember - you asked for it. ;)

First, we start with the before.

First we walk in to a tiny little patch of tile (which would later be cursed at, kicked at, and smashed with hammers, crowbars and anything else at hand).

Next we walk into the entry hallway.
Down the hall and on the right we have the down stairs
bathroom  - in all it's linoleum glory. 

Then we come to our main/family room - where we
get a lovely view of the old carpets condition

We then go up the stairs - where apparently
Hulks child picked a  fight with the walls.

At the top of the stairs you then get another 
lovely view of the awesome carpet in our 
upstairs  hall where apparently Hulks
 child then decided to vomit all over
 the floor after it's scuffle with the stair walls. 
To the left we have out Master Bedroom. 

And here is the Master Bathroom. You can see
the awesome linoleum again with accompanying
moldly mildewy gold shower doors. 

Back to the Hall we make our way to the upstairs
spare bathroom

Yes, this is the sink - out in the hall. It actually
is nice because it allows anyone to get ready
while the shower/toilet is in use. As you can
see here little forest critters used this place all the
time as is evident by the little footprint like stains. 

Here is the shower/toilet mentioned above.
Then to the right of the forest critters bathroom
we have the other two bedrooms. Here is the left bedroom.

And the right bedroom - both rooms had
some nice dings/holes in the walls that
needed patching (and some more forest critter stains).

And now comes the in between pictures! Let the demolition begin!

This would be cement dust in our hair from taking the tiny
 patch of  tile out.
But we finally got it out and the floor smooth! :)
Finally got the unholy linoleum out - I swear this
was worse then smoothing the cement down where
the old tile was.
This little guy gave us a scare - shortly after finishing getting the linoleum out we started to smell an interesting oder - gas. Awesome. After waiting for an hour for the gas guy to come see if our house was going to blow up we found out that the little valve that was on this pipe had been bumped to 'open'. He took the valve off and replaced it with a cap and that was that. 

Then I tore up the grossandstinkyandcoveredinforestcritterhairandwhoknowswhatelse carpet.

Then it was time for the paint! Luckily we had many helpers - thank you again for all of you that came and lent a hand or brought us food or cheered us on (my cute little 4 month old niece was particularly good at this)

This was the first wall we painted and this grey paint almost gave me a heart attack. When not completely dry - this paint looks so completely different in color that I thought I was a horrible painter and could only paint in splotchy messiness. Fortunately once it all dried it looked lovely and just how I wanted it to. :)

Braedon set up all the doors in the garage and
sprayed them giving him a lovely hair frosting
and nose pore cleansing. ;)

I think Braedon might have been losing his marbles at this point - or he just really likes to impersonate tape monsters. 

Next up was tiling! My wonderful parents worked so hard to help us get our tile in! They seriously are machines and I would have broken down and started crying with out them.

We treated them to good old Little Ceasers, Hot and Ready.
(Or as Braedon likes to call it "Little Squeezers, Hot and Sweaty")
Don't worry - we took them out to real food as well. :)

This is the amount of grout we had left after we finished
the tile - talk about cutting it close.
These are our happy faces to be done with tiling!!
Now, ladies and gentilemen, the pictures you've been waiting for!

The After!
My Front Door!! I painted it red. Cause I can.
And I had a dream about having a red door.
And I wanted one. So I painted it red.
The end. :)

Not sure why I don't have a better picture of this bathroom...
Stairs are now hulk proofed.

I love my dorky husband and I love my red wall. :)

Gross Gold thing is gone! (Don't mind the toilet in
 the tub - it has since found it's rightly home).

No more gross critter carpet by the sink!

The Left Bedroom: AKA the Office.
Dark blue accent wall - love it. :) (Braedon picked it out)

The Right Bedroom: AKA The Spare Bedroom
Don't mind the slightly skewed closet doors - we haven't put the runners down yet.
Then our house looked a little something like this - full of boxes...
And pictures....

But now our house is finally put together - boxes are unpacked, pictures are hung, bed is painted and put together and we feel like we can finally call this place our home. :)

See! I really do have a kitchen! Not sure why we didn't have
any pictures until now...

Me being humoring Braedon in his picture taking glory.
This was a pain to paint. Just sayin.

Spock's room.

So there you have it (and probably more then you really wanted).

All in all - we are very happy with our new home. :)