I just recieved the E-Mail saying my graduation application has been accepted.

One step closer.



Counting Down

So when Braedon was gone on his mission I came up with a few things to help wrap my mind around the long amounts of time I had till he came home. The one that I think worked best for me was to count down to other things - little milestones if you will.

For example, I would say: "Only 2 days till my Birthday...then only 50 days till Braedon's birthday...then only 25 days till school starts..." and so forth until I got to "and then he come's home!!"

Well as May 13th slowly approaches, I've noticed myself doing the same thing. So I thought I'd share with you all the events on my 'Count Down List' thus far:

Only 29 days until my Dress fitting...
Then only 7 days till I go through the Temple...
Then only 4 days till I go to Jeep Safari Moab trip...
Then 10 days till my Bridals
Then 4 days still Ben comes home...
Then 11 days till school is over and I am graduated...
Then 2 days till all night Laser Tag day...
Then 12 days till the Wedding Dinner...
Then only a few hours till the Wedding Day!

Doesn't seem so bad when you put it like that... :)


Mashed Potatoes and Jell-O

So I'm sitting here doing teacher observations, and while it's helpful and interesting, sometimes it can be pretty boring, so why not a bullet list?

Okay. :)
  • On the note of teachers, I don't think 90% of people realize how much work they put in. Doing these observations and being a little behind the scenes for this past semester has made me see this even more. I don't think I was ever really rude or super disrespectful of my teachers when I was in high school, but I know I didn't give them the credit and appreciation they deserved. So if there are any high schoolers out there reading this (which I highly doubt, but you never know) give your teacher a break. Smile. Be quite. Or at least say thank you everyone in awhile.
  • Next week I will be teaching two lessons - one of which I will be making my own lesson plan. I'm really excited. :) I know it may be odd, especially coming after my last bullet, but I really do love teaching and helping people get to that 'Ah-ha!' moment. And if I have to get walked on a little by bratty teenagers to do it, so be it.
  • Staying on the teaching note - I hope when I am a teacher that my students like me - doing these observations I've noticed that some teachers teach in a almost condescending way, they almost talk down to their students. While others try to more relaxed and easy going and end up getting walked over... I hope I can find that middle ground of being a role model, mentor, friend, while still being respected as their teacher.
  • I feel like I was way too serious for way too long with those last 3 bullet points.
  • Me and Breadon went to the dollar store on Valentines day (well, Valentines day eve) and bought glow wands. We then proceeded to take random pictures with our camera and a long exposure. Best 2 dollars ever spent. Observe:

  • After dinner, playing some Mario Wii, the dollar store adventure, and picture fun we watched a Jet Li movie that I had gotten for Braedon. Yup, that's right. Kung Fu movie on Valentines day. So awesome. You're jealous. Admit it.
  • Sunday I had to speak. Yipee. While I don't really get nervous for speaking, I still don't like it very much... But had I decided to speak on Hope and I think it went pretty well. My parents and Braedon at least said it was good, but I'm not sure how much they can be trusted. ;) But in either case, I still love the subject of hope. Maybe I'll post a version of the talk on here sometime and spread the message of hope a little more. We'll see.
  • I just saw a boy that has cauliflower ear. So gross. *shudder*
  • I love not having school or work on Monday's. I did absolutely nothing yesterday besides Veg, take a bubble bath while reading Pride and Prejudice, and watching some TV with my daddy. Fantastic. :)
  • I'm not sure why, but lately I've been in this "I love and am always craving Funyuns" kick. This kick is especially strong right now.
  • I just heard this statement from a girl talking to another girl who just gasped at the fact that she ate two whole reese's cups: "But you didn't eat the peanut butter, which is where all the calories is". There are so many things wrong with this statement, beginning with the fact that she didn't eat the peanut butter! What's the point of eating a reese's with out the peanut butter? Second, she had two little reese's cups, is this really going to cause damage to your tiny little body? Thirdly, "where the calories is"? Not "where the calories are" Wow. Awesome.
  • We are less then three months away from the wedding now. :) Slowly but surely we are getting there, and as the time get's closer it seems little more real. I can't believe we've been engaged longer then we have left now! Woot.
  • I am now home, eating mashed potatoes and jello cause I'm just that awesome. :)
I think I'll end on that note. :)

Till next time.


The Fact...

This blog is dedicated to some of the things that I am happy about right now. :)

  • The fact that Braedon texted me today and told me he was skipping his class tonight. Me and Braedon don't get to see each other very often because of our busy work/school schedules and living 30 minutes away from each other. So now with him skipping his class we actually get to see each other for more then an hour tonight. :)
  • The fact that when I got into my car today my iPod played 'Pop' by Nsync and then Everybody by Backstreet Boys. 90's flashback anyone? Don't mind if I do. And don't you pretend like you don't have some horrible music hidden away somewhere just for nostalgic sakes. I loved every minute of it. :)
  • The fact that I turned on the AC in my car today. I sure showed that stupid groundhog who's boss. Bring on the warm!
  • The fact that I just applied for graduation. It is still so weird that I am finishing up with college, didn't I just start like... yesterday?
  • The fact that I survived my first high school teaching experience yesterday. Granted it was only a review for the UBSCT, but still I taught! It was fun. A little scary at first, but then I realized that teaching isn't a far cry from being an MC... though I think a crowd of 200 is easier to handle then a class of 25 teens.
  • The fact that we are now into the double digits on the countdown for the wedding. That's right, only 98 days. Eat it. :)
  • The fact that I've actually gotten a good chunk of homework done today. I've been struggling with homework lately (struggling for me that is...don't worry I'm still ahead) so it feels good to be done with what I had planned to get done today already, and it's only 4:30! :)
  • The fact that I am not wearing a coat today. Yes I realize that it's only 50 degree's but it feels like Spring and I'm going to keep on pretending like it is.
  • The fact that the Superbowl is this Sunday. I love watching football. Especially with my dad. I wasn't always a football fan, but when I was about 12 I started watching a game with my dad just cause I thought it was so entertaining to watch my dad yell and cheer at the TV. Once I actually started paying attention to the game I fell in love. I couldn't learn the rules fast enough. It's become a time I really cherish with my dad and would never trade for anything. Add to the fact that the Colts are playing and we are getting wings from the best wing place ever... Just fantastic. :)
  • The fact that I'm doing a photo shoot for my sister's new business this weekend. My sister is starting a new Dance and Wellness center and she is having me take the pictures for it this weekend. I love taking pictures and I am really looking forward to trying out the new camera. :)
  • The fact that I am marrying my best friend in 3 and a half months.
    Nuff said.