Reading--It's an addiction.

I would like to state that I Katie McLelland had a problem. I am a readaholic.

It's true. But let's face it, I've had this problem for a while (though I swear it's gotten worse over the years). Take for example this week. I was on the second book of a trilogy at the beginning of the week and finished up the third one on Tuesday. I then, wanting another book, didn't have time (or maybe the will to drive down the mountain) to go to the library. So I decided to just pick of book from my slightly limited collection (I'm a poor college student so buying books is a rarity for me.) and reread something. What to pick though? Pride and Prejudice? No. I just reread that a couple of months ago for the who knows what number of times. Mistborn? No. If I started rereading that I know I'd get sucked in and be even more antisocial then I already am, and I wanted something a little more light hearted. So what do I choose...? Twilight. Yup. You heard me. Twilight. I've already read this book I think 2, maybe 3, times in the past year or so. Ridiculous. Seriously. But I thought in my head "It's an easy read--perfect for in between library stops". And I've read it a few times already so I shouldn't get sucked in. I finished it in a day. Again. Even with school, work, homework, and So You Think You Can Dance to deal with. Seriously folks. Ridiculous. But I love it, as ridiculously 'teeny' and cheesy as it may be, I still love it. Though it does make my current situation, of waiting for my boyfriend, not one bit easier. La sigh. But I supposed I brought it on myself.

So since I finished Twilight so quickly I was still out of a book until I could get to the Library. Now most of you might be thinking, well just go a day or two with out a book. Sadly, I can't do that, cause as I stated at the beginning of this pointless rant, I am a readaholic (or a bookaholic if you will). So I, again, go to my collection in my closet--nothing really jumps out to me. So I go to my brothers collection in his closet. And try to think of something I haven't read too recently, when I spy it. At first I quickly looked away, but my eyes are drawn back to a certain book. I shudder on the inside that I am even considering the idea, but it was too late. I could already tell my mind had made itself up before I even knew what was happening. The Wheel of Time. 11 books long and 3 more to come, not even finished and so convoluted that no one knows where it's going. And on top of all that, the Author is now dead, so the remaining books are being finished by a different (though to be honest, in my opinion better) author. Really? This was the book my subconscious wanted to read? These books that have already taken so much of my reading time (I've read book 1 through 9 around 3 times already--don't ask me why)? Now don't get me wrong, I do like this series (Minus book 10. Death to book 10), or else I wouldn't be reading it again. This was actually the series (apart from Lord of the Rings) that got me into my fantasy reading. But still, I think I'm crazy. Sigh. I keep telling myself that I'm just going to reread the first one, but I'm not sure how that really will go...

So I am here today, to admit to myself and to the blogging world, that I Katie Lynn McLelland, am a ridiculous person and a horribly addicted reader. But--I love every minute of insanity, so what'cha gonna do? ;)

Till next time. :)


So. Freaking. Delicious.

So lately in life I've be even more obsessed with the Food Network Channel then normal. And for some reason I've seen a lot of talk shows with Bobby Flay on them, and he is always making the most amazing looking burgers. That man can grill! So after seeing all these amazing burgers on TV, I decided that for this memorial day I wanted to have a good BBQ. So I started to confer with my brother in law Tom and we made up some plans.

So when memorial day came along and it was time to start the cooking this is what we did. First we of course got all the good stuff to put on the burger. Tomatoe, lettuce, bacon, guacamole, pepper jack cheese, etc... Mmmmm, burgers. Then Tom, with the help of Ryan and his awesome fryer, made homemade onion rings.

So freaking delicious. Seriously they were some of the best onion rings I've ever had, they were especially good on top of the burger. Mmmmm. Way to go Tom. :)

Then we also had the grilled fruit. I have done grilled pineapple before, but decided this time to also try peaches. And oh boy were they divine. So. Freaking. Delicious. We put a little lemon juice on them and then sprinkled some brown sugar on top and plopped them on the grill.

I think they turned out really well. :) And then to top off everything we had some roasted marshmallows and cookies for dessert. Perfect.

All in all it was a great day spent with the family! I have the best family in the world and I'm so lucky to have them in my life!

Anywho. Hopefully you all had a great break as well!

Until next time! :)