Dear So-and-So.

Dear Universe,
I want to become a part of this weird sensation, of writing letters to oneself or other random objects, like everyone else seems to be in. Will you help me out with that? Thanks.
Love, Me.

Dear Advance Calculus,
You are a very difficult class. Could you maybe dumb it down? Just a little? For me?
Love, Me.

Dear Pajamas,
Thank you for being so warm and comfey, you make the 13 hour school days a lot more bearable.
Love, Me.

Dear December 7th-16th 2009,
Please don't suck the soul from my body? And maybe you can try and not be so crazy stressful and brain-draining? Thanks.
Love, Me.

Dear Braedon,
I love you. Why on earth do you put up with my craziness? Let's get married, okay? Perfect. :)
Love, Me.

Dear Books,
Why do you have to be so tempting and wonderful? Don't you know I need to focus on school? Why do you have to trap me in your pages of mystery and plots, especially when I should be listening in class? Don't worry though, I'm not mad. I still love you. :)
Love, Me.

Dear Family,
Seriously, could you be any cooler, awesomer, wonderful, or loving? Nope. I think not. Thanks for all you do. :)
Love, Me.

Dear Life,
I know I complain at times. Probably too often. But I do love you and appreciate you more then I could ever say. Thanks for all the wonderful experiences and joys you bring me.
Love, Me.

Dear Running Shoes,
I miss you. Do you miss me? Lets hope next semester we will be spending more time together.
Love, Me.

Dear Me,
You are smart. You can do it. Give yourself some credit. Be still.
Love, Me.

Dear Dry Erase Markers and White Board,
You make homework and studying so much more enjoyable. How did I live with out you guys for so long?
Love, Me.

Dear School,
You will not get the better of me. I will defeat you in the end. You have been a worthy adversary and a constant companion these past years, but I will triumph. I will win. You're just gonna have to deal.
Love, Me.

Dear May 2010,
Please come quick? Thanks.
Love, Me.

Dear Social Life,
I know it's been a while, but don't worry, I'm still here. Please don't hate me for not visiting much lately... hopefully one day you'll understand.
Love, Me.

Dear Blog Readers,
Seriously? You really read this nonsense?
Love, Me.


To that Fat Goose

I'm not sure if any of you have heard this song before, but it always gets stuck in my head around this time of year. It goes like this:

"Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat. Please put a penny in the old man's hat. If you haven't got a penny, a haypenny will do. If you haven't got a haypenny, then God bless you!"

Go youtube it. It's pretty awesome. ;)

The reason I bring this up is cause today I came to the realization that it is almost December.

When did that happen?

I am so looking forward to the break this week (even thoudh sadly it will be Braedon-less since he is in California with his family). It will be so nice to spend time with my wonderful family, catch up on school work slash house work and so forth. And then after that we are on to December. Woot! Why am I so looking forward to December 1st? Well I'll tell you!

1) I can officially call in and schedule our Temple date. :) May 13th. Put it in your calendars.
2) I am that much closer to being done with the semester.
3) Family Christmas parties.
4) Going to see the lights downtown.
5) More hot chocolate. (Yes I realize that it doesn't need to be December to get hot chocolate, but I didn't want it to feel left out)
6) Christmas Break.
And finally,
7) Christmas. Obviously. :)

So here's to that fat goose! May he get fat fast and may December come quickly and stay long. And of course, here's to remembering the season. To putting a penny in someone's hat - so to speak. I am so grateful for my life and those in it, hopefully I show that gratitude and can show it even more in the coming months. I love you all! And I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)



And... Yes!

So. In case you haven't heard...

I'm engaged. Officially! :)

Finally, right?

So I've been asked by many people to post how Braedon proposed so here it is.

First off there are a couple of things you need to know.

Think To Know Number The First: I designed my ring. I hadn't planned on designing my ring until about 2.5 months ago when, while sitting in Sunday School, I started to doodle and a design was formed. I love how it turned out and I'm glad that I have something that is my own and fits me. :) Observe:

Thing To Know The Second: Because we were having the ring designed it meant that we had to wait out a certain time period for it to be finished. So in other words, the ring wasn't supposed to be done till Saturday the 21st. Well, Wednesday the 18th I got a call from the Jewelers with the news that my ring was ready. Why did I get the call you ask, and not Braedon? We still have no idea... so I text Braedon, told him it was done and that was that.

Thing To Know The Third: For those of you who may not know... I emcee for a local Improv Group called And... Go! (insert plug here: check it out - especially if you have no idea what improv is... trust me, it helps make more sense of the story to come). On Wednesday's nights we have practice. Braedon likes to come and watch.

Thing To Know The Forth: There is a certain game we play in improv that is called "Day in a Life", where I go and ask one of the audience members to tell me about there day from start to finish - with every little stupid detail. After we finish hearing about there day, the actors then act it out from start to finish. It ends up being extremely funny.

Thing To Know The Fifth: Braedon has only been able to surprise me once in my life. No joke.

On to the story.

So like I said, I got a call from the jewelers informing me that my ring was done at about 2:00 in the afternoon Wednesday. I then text Braedon to let him know, thinking he probably wouldn't even be able to pick it up till maybe tomorrow, if then. So the day progresses and I finally finish up with school and head over to Braedon's to work on homework until he get's done with work. I get a call about 5:30 from Braedon who is stuck in traffic and will be home in about 20 minutes. He finally gets home, showers and we eat dinner. Then it's time for Improv practice! We get in his car and drive on over.

Improv practice was going just like normal. Until Clint (a member of And... Go!) says "Let's play 'Day in a Life', we haven't played that one for a while!" So I say okay. And then Clint picks Braedon to tell us his day. So Braedon tells us his day from start to finish and the game begins. Clint decided to be Braedon, and I was played by Kurtis (who is growing an awesome beard right now by the way. Sweet.) As the get towards the end of the day Braedon interupts them and says "Oh wait! I forgot to tell you something I did today" and proceeds to whisper into Clint's ear...

This is when I started getting wary.

Clint then declares "Oh yes! That's right! I forgot, I had gone to the flower store first!" And he walks over to the door that leads into the room where his wife has flowers that Braedon bought and were apparently hiding in his car. She hands the flowers to Clint, who then hands them to Braedon and says something to the effect "I'll let you take over from here". And then Braedon got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

I, of course, said yes. :)

It was perfect. And a complete surprise. I wasn't expecting him to do it that night since we didn't even know the ring was supposed to be done. But apparently when I told him it was done he started making calls and figuring out how he wanted to do it. He had his mom pick up the ring for him and when he had called me saying he was stuck in traffic he was just coming home from the flower shop. He knew if he did it that night it would be the only way it would be a surprise... and that it was.

So there you have it! We are finally engaged and I couldn't be happier. I love Braedon so much and I can't wait to be sealed to him for time and eternity. He loves me so much and treats me so well, I couldn't ask for anything more of him.

I love him with all my heart.


Moral of the Story.

So. It's Monday.

Bullet Point List anyone? Don't mind if I do.

Bullet Point Number 1: I totally came to school today in my pj's. Well. They are actually Braedon's pj's that I stole from him. They are wonderful. Why are they so wonderful you ask? Well let me tell you. They are always warm. Always. They are soft. They almost completely cover my shoes. They kinda make me feel like a bum. They are Braedon's. :)
Moral of the story? Monday's+Sweat Pants > Monday's-Sweat Pants.

Bullet Point Number 2: It's cold outside.
Moral of this story? Winter = Cold.

Bullet Point Number 3: Due to the fact that I got 'ready' in t-minus 10 minutes today I didn't have time to prepare food to bring to school with me. This is not such a good thing since I'm at school from 7:30 in the morning till 9:00 at night. So I went to the little cafe place by the math lab and I bought myself some microwavable mashed potatoes. They were delicious.

Moral of this story? Katie+Potatoes = Happier Katie

Bullet Point Number 4: I found out the other day that my Advance Calculus teacher knows how to count cards. The conversation went a little something like this (picture this being said in a chinese accent): "Everytime I go to Vegas it's free cause I always win so much money. I should take you all to Vegas so I can teach your how to gamble". He has actually been kicked out of casino's twice now cause of counting cards.
Moral of this story? Teacher + Ability to Count Cards = Awesome.

Bullet Point Number 5: I also found out today that I have another Advance Calculus test before the final. Lameness.
Moral of this story? Teacher+Adding Another Test to the Semester

Bullet Point Number 6: Sometimes I like to watch the show The Mentalist. I usually end up watching it when I'm at work at ELS and can watch stuff online. Anywho. For those who have not seen it, it's basically about this guy who used to be a con-artist and would trick people into thinking he could talk to there dead family members, when in reality he was just really good at reading people and understanding what they were thinking and what they wanted or needed to hear. He now helps out some law enforcement team in solving crimes using his mad people skills. This man's name is Patrick Jane. I love him. And I've decided that I want to try and work on my ability to read situations and be more in tune with the people around me.
Moral of this story? (Katie's Observation Skills > Jane's Observation Skills) = One Day.

Bullet Point Number 7: I went to the Chiropractor last week. I had gone to a chiropractor previously (right after my accident in December) but decided that I was annoyed with the whole thing and stopped going after 6 or 7 times, thinking I would be fine. Wrong.
My next hasn't really ever stopped hurting. So I went to a new Chiropractor and got a free consultation. And guess what? I'm still really screwed up. Go figure. He didn't actually do any cracking, just took a bunch of x-rays and junk. I go back on Wednesday for my first appointment. I am really looking forward to it. :)
Moral of this story? Getting T-Boned + Not Finishing Treatment = Stupid and Painful Idea.

Bullet Point Number 8:
This Friday I'm going to see New Moon with Braedon and friends. Ask me if I'm excited? Yes. Ask me if I'm more excited then I should be. Yes. I happened to see another preview for it the other day that I hadn't seen yet... it looks like they have done things a little better then the last movie. Let's hope, eh?
Moral of this story? Fictional Move about Vampires + Hot Jacob + Braedon + Friends = A Wonderful Sounding Friday Night = Excited Katie. :)

Welp. I think that's all I have for today my friends.

Moral of this story? No More Ideas = End of Blog.


Burnt Out. Shut Down. Out of Order. Vacant. Exploded.

Apparently it has become a Monday ritual to write a blog when I'm stuck in the Stats lab and not able to do any more homework due to the fact that my brain as shut down.

Speaking of shut down.

I think my brain has gone on vacation and forgot to tell me. Or maybe it just died. Or is on hibernation-mood. Or just simply imploded. In any case, it's not functioning at proper efficiency at the moment and my classes are getting so hard right now it's ridiculous. Normally I would find some way to deal with it and get through it. And I'm sure I will this time too... eventually. I just feel so worn down. Doesn't it seem like there aren't as many breaks during Fall semester as there are in Spring? Why is that?

Luckily I have a break that I can see right over the horizon. I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving break, not because I necessarily think I'll be able to have a break and do nothing, but to be able to get caught up on school and all other things of life. But then, on the same breath, me thinking of Thanksgiving makes me think of finals that are just around the corner, and then I just about have a panic attack. I hate finals. I hate tests period. I actually don't mind school, or even homework... but tests freak me out. I stress way too much about them, even when I tell myself not to. I have to get a blessing before almost every test I take just so I can calm down and study better.

In other words: I'm ridiculous.

Then on top of all things school I have other things I'm going to have to start thinking about. Like finishing school, and all that comes with that. Such as, figuring out how I'm going to start paying off my student loans, applying for graduation, getting a portfolio together, figuring out exactly what I need to do in order to start teaching in the Fall, doing all said things I find out that I need to do in order to start teaching in the fall, actually applying to high schools to teach at, plus all wedding plans, all things that are involved with said wedding plans, etc, etc...

*insert brain explosion here*

Sigh. This too shall pass. Hopefully I just don't pass right along with it. ;)

In other, non-murmuring, non-ungrateful, non-whiny, non-school related news. Me and Braedon went ring shopping on Saturday. And got a ring. :) It wont be done for another two weeks... but I'm really excited. I love Braedon so much. He helps keep me lifted and motivated through all my school crap and is such a support to me. With him around, life is never really that bad. :) Not to mention he still loves me despite my neurotic-ness, spasms, ticks, geekiness, breakdowns, and craziness.

What a weirdo.



One Step Closer

I find myself counting down time like an addict popping pills.

"It's Friday, that means you made it through another week"
"It's Wednesday, that means you only have half a week left and then you made it through another week"
"It's November! Only a month and a half and you are done with this semester and then only 4 more months and you are done with the next semester... and officially done!"
"These two packages of lead might actually last me the rest of my college career!!" (I seriously thought this while buying lead today at the bookstore)


I met with my adviser the other day to make sure I'm still on track for graduating this Spring and it looks like things are all set... I might have to take an extra class I wasn't planning on, but that's still to be determined (fingers crossed that I don't have to). I am so looking forward to being done with school, and moving on to the next chapter of my life. And I'm especially looking forward to not having any more homework, tests, stress induced coma's (though I'm sure these will still happen, just with different types of stress), and actually choosing not to have a social life--instead of it being forced on me. The light is there at the end of the tunnel and I can see it... I just hope I don't burn myself out before I get to it.

Anywho. On to other less lame topics.

1. I was able to play with my Kelci Dahling on Friday (Braedon was off Hunting with his dad). We went to the Temple (first time at the Provo Temple for me) and it was wonderful. And then we went to some Stake Dance of her's where I somehow got conned into being Dorthy (when originally I was going to be Punkie Brewster again) and wearing high heels. For those that don't know... I own one pair of high heels. They are boots. The only reason why I tolerate them is cause they make it so I don't have to shave on Sundays. :) But either way, heels or no heels, I had fun.

(Observe said high heels.)

(I think Kelci makes the cutest Tinwoman. :) )

2. We (as in Me, Braedon, Hilary, Alex, Garret and of course Ken) went to the Real Soccer Playoff Game on Saturday. We won. It rocked. Also on the same note, Utah won their game that day too. :)

(Don't ask why he puts up with me... I've been wondering that for years)

3. Halloween also happened to be Saturday. Me and the Bread Head went as Pirates. Observe:

(We make pretty hot pirates, just admit it.)

4. Ring shopping just might be happening in the not to distant future. :)

So there you have it. Just a couple of updates. Life is good. Busy, but good. More then good, really. Sadly I don't get to play as much as I would like, but when I do it just makes it that much better. And the thought that I am almost done completing such a huge goal makes things a little easier. And on the days that it doesn't... I think about moving to Ireland and being a professional Reader.

Sigh. If only. :)