Did You Know?

Did you know...

... that it's Christmas weekend? A four day weekend of pure family and holiday bliss.

... that my beautiful Rosealynn is 18 weeks this Sunday? She's getting so big (for her) and her personality is coming out more and more. She had her 4 month appointment today and her stats came to 11 lbs and 3 oz and 23 inches long. Putting my sweet girl in the 6th percentile for weight and the 10th percentile for height (and she was somewhere around the 25th percentile for head size). It's too bad they don't measure tummy size and feet size cause I'm thinking her stats would be a lot higher if they did. Time for another photo dump!

Go Utes. And Merry Christmas...?
Always with the hands up by the face. 
Loves sitting!
All smiles - even with a cold!
Nothing like sleeping baby faces.
Sitting with Great Grandma!
We call her our little Kiwi cause the hair on her head is just like the fuzz on a Kiwi. :)
Just reading a book. ;)
She LOVES this blanket. And I LOVE those eyes.
Again with the blanket.
Just sitting and eating her hands.
That face! (She's already got the "Mom enough photos already" look down).
Oh hi!
Oversized Owl Hat
She loves it I swear.
Next top model
She loves to eat cloth... especially her burp cloth.
Love her smiles!
Church day! 
Sometimes all she needs is to feel her blanket on her cheek and she's passed out. 
My little eskimo!
Oh how I love snuggles
... that I started my new job with Jet Blue?! I'm loving it so far - which I was a bit nervous about, but being on the phones is actually sort of fun! Helping people with their questions or concerns is almost like a puzzle. I like puzzles. I like puzzles even more once I know/have all the pieces .. so it can only keep going up as the training goes on!

... that I suck at double-unders? And when I try to do them when I'm not in a great mood I end up giving myself massive welts all up my arm.

... that my food sometimes try's to be fictional characters from books? I.E. Harry Potter.

... that my Spook dog apparently loves q-tips and dancing (okay so maybe more just the q-tips)?

... that one of my favorite suckers are those awesome carmel apple suckers? And I got one the other day and it was wonderful. Mmmmmmm.
Candy makes me way too happy...
... that I got to participate in the Secret Santa that 97.1 ZHT does this year and that it was completely nerve wracking up to the day and then totally easy once I got there? Also I am still not a fan of hearing my 'recorded' voice. I realize this is the voice everyone else hears... but it's not the one I hear so it sort of freaks me out.

... that my sweet girl loves to play ping pong with her dad. She apparently is Braedon's good luck charm.

... that Braedon and I went to an Ugly Sweater Christmas party with CrossFit Draper and won the 'couple with the ugliest sweaters' contest. Go team. (A special thank you to Braedons grandma for lending us the awesome sweaters).

Not sure what Rose's face is - but Braedon is looking mighty fine in his Christmas Sweater. ;)

... that Braedon and I went on our first "just us" date since Rose has been born? We went to Smash Burger (mmmm) and then to see the Hobbit! I loved it! I felt like I was back in Jr. High reading the book again. And who better to see it with then my Best Friend and Reading Buddy Braedon? So much fun.

... that Braedon is super awesome and will go out in the freezing weather to get me gas even when we are driving separate cars? If that's not true love, I don't know what is.

... that I got a totally awesome white elephant gift from our Team Awesome party? It's an isle that has a whiteboard on one side and a chalkboard on the other. I'm not sure who will use it more, me or Rose (you know... once Rose can actually draw), but I'm in love with it.

... that I sometimes over estimate my hands carrying capacity when I'm making a 'quick stop' at the grocery store? You'd think I'd learn that even though I'm only going in for 4 super easy to carry things that I will undoubtedly end up getting at least 7 now completely awkward to carry things instead...

... that all I want to do the rest of the night is curl up in my amazingly warm blankets, snuggle with the husband, and read my book. Mmmmm. Bliss.

Have a lovely evening and a most wonderfully Merry Christmas! :)