Fall and Photo Dumps!



I feel like I could end the blog there and it would be sufficient.

Or maybe just link back to the many other blogs I've written about the amazing and wonderfulness that IS Fall (like this one, this one, this one, this one orrrr even this one.)

But I wont.

Because it's Fall. And every Fall deserves it's own special spot in my blog.

While I realize that Fall doesn't officially begin till later this month, for me the first Utah football game always makes me feel like it is officially Fall.  Add to the fact that our Goudie camping trip is already under our belts and it couldn't be more official to me. I can't wait for jackets, pumpkins, pumpkin spice, Halloween, more Football, changing leaves, cooler temperatures, hot chocolate, crunching leaves on the ground, and more.

Just... FALL!

Fall is so good.

That being said we did have quite a good and eventful August which ended our Summer on a good note! Thus ensues a good phone photo dump:

The Day I got my boot off! I just got the official ALL CLEAR from the doctor this week and celebrated with a bit of running and box jumps. It's going to be a while before I have full mobility, but I'm excited to get working on it - and even have a competition coming up on Saturday. Woot!

Once upon a time Braedon's sister Chantelle got married so we got all dressed up for the occasion.

Haevin girl!

The happy couple. :)

Love my little family.

Rose and her Batgirl shirt. Lately it's either this or dresses. That's all she will wear.

Snuggles with my girls do not happen often. Both of them have never been big snugglers and would rather just sleep on their own - which yes is good... but it makes me have to document each time I get a good snuggle in. :)

Rose "taking Goofy on a hike!"

Many trips to Thanksgiving point. We love the Farm!

My left leg is still far behind my right... but hopefully now with being able to jump, run, and power lift again it will catch up. 

Boating! And Rose being so super brave and going on the knee board all by herself. She loved it!

And didn't want to stop.

And then this happened... But seriously. We all weren't paying much attention and then when we looked back these two were on the same board. 

I'm pretty sure this life jacket would strangle Haevin way before she had a chance to drown...

Had to knee board one more time - this time with Savanna!

Took a walk around Silver Lake. 

(Haevin loves Rose)

We make a pretty good looking couple - if I do say so myself. ;)

Me and my girls!

That time Rose decided that Spook wanted to wear her underwear.

Rose in her birthday outfit and on her birthday tramp. :)

Anytime someone asked her what she got for her birthday - out of ALL the things she got she would tell them in a hushed excited tone "ballooooooons". That star balloon somehow made it into our garage and flew away the other day when the garage door opened. 30 minutes of crying ensued. The others are still creepily hanging around the house. Girl loves her balloons.

We planted these beautiful things in our back yard and they have started to blossom. Rose made me run out and take a picture to send to Braedon who was at work.

While shopping for our camping trip I put Rose in one of these for the first time. She may never let me shop any other way again. 

Made it up camping to Goudie Pond! This girl did pretty dang good for her first camping trip! We took many more photos on our actual real camera (because we all know that phone cameras are fake cameras... right?) so hopefully one of these days I'll do an actual update and add those in.

These two! 

Rose loves her Aunt Savanna.

Have I mentioned how much I love my little family. 

Rose loves her boots. 

Haevin is getting so big! Braedon and I both keep commenting about how "chunky" she is getting... but we still get comments from others on how little and petite she is. Girl obviously isn't chunky... but she is gaining healthy weight pretty quickly these last few weeks. Either way she is perfect and adorable.

Introducing Rose's attitude.

Luckily she is also full of smiles.

Seriously. This girl and paper of any kind. She will ALWAYS find it and will ALWAYS find a way to get her little hands on it. 

Rose wanted me to put Haevin next to her so she could "hold Haevin's hand and rock her" - she is such a great sister.

First batch of homemade Salsa from peppers and tomatoes from the garden!

I love that Rose is constantly telling us how big and strong she is. I also love that she wants to try out new things and seems to love Crossfit. :)

That one time we went to Lagoon and my girl was being so stylish.

And my other girl was AMAZING the whole day without complaint while she was strolled around from ride to ride. 

And these two held hands and had so much fun together.

And these two shared toys. Again I have more pictures of this event on the camera as well... so hopefully more to come.

Just some peppers from our pepper plant. :)

Bath times!

I love a clean baby!

These two are playing with each other more and more and I love it. 

Love them. :)

Photo bomb by Rosie. :)

Once upon a time I was in the middle of something when Haevin woke up - I let Rose know she could go in and say good morning to her (she loves to each morning). When I got in there I found this and was told "I'm sleeping like camping". 

My evidence of FALL! Utah football! What is it about being a parent and wanting to dress your children up in gear of your favorites sports/bands/etc?

You might think this is staged, but it totally wasn't. Rose just loves Haevin so much.

These two seriously just melt my heart.

Haevin is also finally getting to that stage where she reaches out to you and I love it. Nothing makes you feel more loved then a little one holding out her arms to you for a hug. 

"pick me up!"

Haevin's face watching my dad watch Football. She just kept staring and staring. Hilarious.

Just playing together some more.

More pony rides.

Yesterday we decided to go to Seven Peaks for the evening and Rose was having so much fun... then all of the sudden she started to cry... and then proceeded to throw up all over herself and Braedon (luckily Braedon took the brunt of it so nothing got in the pools). Rose has been fortunate enough to have never thrown up before so she was pretty freaked out by it all. She then threw up on the car ride home. We pulled over and cleaned up as much as possible and since we were in two cars (Braedon had just met us at Seven Peaks after work) we switched her to Braedons car and gave her a thermus he had hanging out in his car to throw up in. Which she did. The rest of the night was a bit rough but she was pretty excited to have a red bowl to throw up in. Because you know, red is her favorite color. Way to look at the silver linings sweetie.

She was holding in liquids better this morning and then fell asleep while snuggling to some Scooby Doo. Again I never get snuggles so this had to be documented as well.

Annnnd I might have fallen asleep also.

She is still keeping good spirits up and seems to be doing better and better... but still isn't over it as she threw up all over outside later in the day. Sick kids are no fun... luckily Rose doesn't get sick very often. Hopefully she is fully over this soon... 

Our back patio all finished with the new brick work/pavers.

Tiny good-for-nothing deck is gone, pavers done. More space and no more ugly rocks. Woot.

Our giant tomato bushes. 

These two working on their tummy time. 

Haevin has one tooth cut and another close behind. Still does not seem interested in being all that mobile, but at least has sitting down well. Is still our little smiley happy girl who loves talking to people. 

All in all life is good.

And how could it not be with these adorable/beautiful/wonderful people in my life?

And ya know... FALL! :)

Love and hugs and all things Fall to you and yours. :)