Almost Up

Well my 6 weeks are almost up... This is my last week at home with my baby girl before I have to go back to work.

Have I mentioned how horrible that idea sounds?

But I know everything will work out how it's supposed to - in the mean time I'm just enjoying every moment I have at home with cute Rosealynn.

So let's do some updating (since I've had some folks apparently upset that I haven't blogged enough lately).

- Rose is doing great. She went through a crazy growth spurt last week - so much so that some jammies that fit on Monday no longer fit on Thursday cause she's now too tall for them! I'm excited for her next appointment to see how much she's grown. We still are in newborn diapers and mostly newborn clothes... but she can finally wear a couple of her 0-3 month stuff! :)

- Anytime I think I start learning her routine she changes it up on me. First she hates the binki and then that's all that will calm her down. Then she has to have her arms un-swaddled and now she wont go to sleep if we don't swaddle them. She's constantly changing - but I love learning all about her.

- A few weeks back we went to the Zoo! I haven't been since they opened the new stuff. I love the zoo - and Rocky Shores was pretty awesome! Rose basically slept the whole time... but I know deep down she enjoyed it. ;)

I absolutely love this photo.

- Another first for Rose (and for Braedon and I) - a 5k! Braedon ran and did awesome! So proud of him and how much he's worked to be in shape! Rose and I just walked (or rather I walked, Rose slept in her stroller). The 5k was called Footsteps for Fertility and we went in the name of our awesome friends Shawn and Chelsea. Unfortunately they didn't win the raffle for the free IVF... but it was still for a good cause and nice to get out in the fresh air! :)

Team Milne!

- The same day of the race we also had my nephews first birthday party! My sister had it at a park and it was so fun to be there with all the nieces and nephew running around having fun. :)
Baby C and Daddy
The Birthday Boy and mama!
Ari with Uncle Braedon. :)
Cake = Good.

- This past Sunday we had a really enjoyable day! First we went over to Braedon's grandparents and had a family picnic with all the cousins and such. Then we went up to Silver Lake and walked around. It was beautiful! I love that it's turning to fall. The cooler temperatures - and the changing leaves. Love it.

All in all life is good and I've loved my time off. I'm a bit nervous to go back to work... so any good vibes you can send my way would be greatly appreciated. :)

Happy Fall everyone!!


2 Weeks

I can't decide how I feel these last two weeks have gone. On one hand I can't believe I've had this gorgeous little girl for two whole weeks (and a few days). Then on the other hand I feel like I've had her for more then just a measly two weeks.  Then on the other hand (I have three hands in this scenario) I'm still shocked that she's here at all seeing as I still have a week until my actual due date. 

Anyway you put it though I am so happy she's here and loving being this girls mom more and more each day.

So for some updates about us:

- We went for Rose's two week checkup on Tuesday - she's now weighing in at 6 lbs 12 oz and 19.7 inches long (gained about a pound from her last check up!) That puts her in the 8% for weight and the 23% height... our little peanut. :)

- I've already powered through way too much TV since being on Maternity Leave.

- I'm loving learning more about this little girl. Like her love of sucking on her hands/binki and the fact that she always sneezes in two's.

- For Labor Day weekend we went up for a day to our camping spot with Braedon's family. It was so nice to have a relaxing day up in the mountains - one that didn't end in water breaking and a mad dash back to the valley. :)
Playing Farkle
Newborn hat is too big for her.
I love this girl. :)
Daddy and Great Grandma
She basically slept the entire time.
Roasting some Marshmellows with Strawberries!! (Love Chanty's
face in this one)
All the girls singing together to Rose. :)
Both of us were MUCH more comfortable for this trip then
the last one. :)

- I've been healing up quite nicely... at this point I almost feel like myself again. I'm looking forward to my six weeks being up so I can get back to working out and getting my little flabby tummy back into shape!

- I've learned that when I'm not at work, I have NO idea what day of the week it is... but I love being at home and might be dreading going back to work come October... I suppose those 6 weeks being up will be very bitter sweet.

- I have a problem with taking way too many photos of Rose - I'm sure there are many people on facebook that have already hidden me for my crazy amount of posts... but I can't help myself. I mean... look at this girl!
These two are so cute... Spook is always watching out for Rose, making
sure she's okay. 
Tummy time!!
Sleepy smile
Always has her hangs by her face.
I laughed so hard when I found her like this.
Supporting And... Go!
Snuggle Time
Chillin with Daddy.

- I had my last Snow Cone for the season... while I'm sad that there are no more snow cones from my favorite snow cone place, this means to me that it's officially fall. Oh how I love fall. I'm so looking forward to crisp weather, hot chocolate, sweaters, changing leaves, FOOTBALL, Halloween, etc, etc. I'm getting giddy just thinking of it all.

Annnd I think I'll stop on that happy note - day dreaming of Fall. :)