The Start of the Season

To start my Christmas season off I want to express my gratitude for:

-My alarm clock that not only reminds me that I am alive (sometimes startling so) but also helps me to be on time to my job.
-My wonderful family - they are so perfectly quarky. I love being with them, talking with them, spending time with them. And I look up to all of them for some many different reasons. They really are the best family and examples a girl could ask for.
-My awesome friends - I am always amazed by my friends, what a wonderful group of people they are. They support and love me for me and even when I get busy and don't see them or talk to them for a while, they still contact me and make me feel wanted and loved. Best group of friends ever.
-My more then amazing husband who not only loves me, laughs with me, protects me, guides me, comforts me, tells me I'm beautiful daily, works hard for me, and cries with me - he also laughs at my jokes. He really is the best husband, and best friend I could ever ask for. And I am so grateful to be able to spend the rest of eternity with him.

Loves and hugs all. :)


The Spirit of Things

So I have wonderful sisters.

One of these sisters decided for the whole month of November she would write something she was grateful for each day. My other sister saw this and has decided for the Christmas Season she would try and write aspects of Christ until Christmas. Since I love my sisters I've decided to follow in their footsteps. :)

So I have decided that for the month of December I am going to try and write something that I am thankful for or something I feel touches on the true meaning of Christmas - and I'm going to try to write daily.

I'm doing this in the hopes that I will feel more of the Christmas spirit and keep my perspective not so much on the commercialism of Christmas - but on Christ and his birth and what that means to me.

Hopefully those that read (if any) will enjoy my posts and feel a little more of the Christmas spirit too - and if not, blame my sisters. ;)


Not So Necessary.

This blog is dedicated to just some of those not so necessary things in life that I am grateful to have(in no particular order):

-My ice scraper.
-My water bottle.
-My red, fuzzy, and wonderfully warm gloves.
-Good books.
-My electric blanket.
-The ring Braedon's grandpa made for me.
-Adventitious situations that come up in life - Like yams/marshmallows catching fire in an oven.
-Spellcheck (I spell marshmallows wrong every time).
-Toilet paper. Seriously.
-Hot water.
-Traffic Lights.
-Gmail Chat.
-The silence and quite that comes with a soft snow fall.
-Hair elastics.
-My schooling/education.
-Slush puddles.
-The grid system.
-Pockets. Especially pockets in dresses/skirts.

It's Been Awhile.

You know, as I go back and read my journal, I notice that about every 5th entry or so starts with some variety of this phrase:

"Wow. It's been a long time since I wrote... my bad. But I promise this time I'll be better and try to write more often"

I'm trying really hard not to start this trend on my blog. :)