Teeth and Cars

So. This week hasn't been my finest... but you know what makes it all a little better?

It's Friday!

Oh thank the heavens.

So let's do a little recap of recent going-ons.

Last week my tooth started to ache. Not just any ol' tooth, but an old Root Canal that I got done back in 2007. My brain in it's ever pursuit of things being okay thought, it's probably nothing or maybe just sinus pressure (even though I wasn't really sick). Finally this week the pain was getting to be too much, so I caved and text my lovely (seriously guys she's beautiful) Sister-In-Law, Tiffany (hi Tiffy!). Sadly she confirmed what I was afraid of - apparently Root Canals can fail, (Awesome.) and need to be retreated. Aka: I should get an appointment soon. I also got the pleasure of learning that most regular dentists don't/can't do retreats and they refer people out to a Specialist called an Endodontist (which is apparently a word that I have all manner of problems saying).

So I give a little call to my Dental Insurance and learn that for Specialists they only cover 20% of the cost. Having done some research online and seeing that most people are paying $1500-$2000 for a retreat, this isn't the best of news. So I got to my appointment with my regular dentist (with my brain still hoping I'm just being a wimp and there isn't anything wrong with my tooth). They snap (zap?) a X-Ray of my tooth and put it up on the little light thing. My Dentist comes in and the first words out of his mouth upon looking at my new shiney X-Ray are along the lines of "Woah! What on earth happened!?" - thus thoroughly crushing any tiny spark of hope that I might have had before hand. He then puts his glasses on and moves closer to the X-Ray muttering to himself. Sigh.

Later he explains to me that in rare cases a person can get a cyst where the old bacteria was - this cyst can prevent the body from actually fully healing the problem. He's fairly certain this is what happened in my case. He shows me my X-Ray from 2007 right after the Root Canal was put in - there is just the tiniest dark spot below one of the roots. He then shows me the current X-Ray where there is a nice pencil eraser sized black spot below the same root. (Again, awesome.) He then says the words I was really hoping he wouldn't "I'll have to send you to a specialist".

So that's where I stand with the Tooth matters. I will now be on a search for the cheapest Endodontist I can find that takes my insurance while I pop antibiotics like candy to get rid of the nasty bacteria currently having a party below my tooth causing me enormous amounts of pain.

Let's now speed forward a few hours from this appointment to my drive home from work.

I just get off I-215 onto Redwood heading south to 6200. There is a huge accident at 6200 and Redwood Road. Traffic is backed up to the freeway exits/entrances. I'm chillin' in my lane at a dead stop. My window's open (due to my AC not working) and I'm just minding my own business...

... when all of the sudden a diesel truck is eating my car (this may be a slight exaggeration).

After a oh so manly short squeal I look up (through the little windows said diesel truck has in it's door) and see an old man with a look of pure amazement on his face. Then after proclaiming how awesome the situation was and how convenient it was to happen on this already glorious day - I poke my head out the door and look at my now mangled door.

We pull to the side of the road and call the police. This was all around 4:40 or so. Old man get's out of his big truck and ambles on over with out so much of a "sorry about that".

Side Note: This irritates me to no end. I understand accidents happen (though I'm not sure I understand how this accident happened), but the least a person can do is feel sorry and say so to the person whose car they just tried to drive on top of! End Side Note.

So begins the waiting game (sorry to my two fellow co-workers for making you sit on the side of the road for 2 hours - I understand if you don't ever want to get a ride from me again...). Apparently the accident at 6200 S that I spoke of before wasn't the only other major car accident that was happening in Taylorsville, thus my little fendor (and door) bender wasn't top priority.

Side Note: I was more then grateful to wait two hours for a cop due to the fact that my accident wasn't serious and no one was hurt. Waiting = Better then Mangled/Hurt/Dead. End Side Note.

During that two hour wait, Old man and Old mans wife kept saying things like "If you'd like we can just exchange insurance and information and leave now" or "I talked to my Son, who is a cop, and he says it would be okay if we just want to exchange information and leave rather then wait, cause it might be a long wait" or "my husband really needs to take this truck back, so if it's okay with you we could just exchange insurance and information now instead of wait for the cops". To which I replied (multiple times) "Sorry, I'm not comfortable with that, I would feel better just waiting for the cops to get here and take care of everything" or even when I was a little irritated that they brought it up again "Sorry, we have something to get to as well, but we are going to wait until the cops get here".

Side Note: That 'something' was a Premier of Three Mustekteer's that I had just picked up tickets for. End Side Note.

What I was really saying in my head though was something along these lines: "Oh, I'm so sorry you have to get your big truck (that you clearly can't drive) somewhere...I'm sorry this is just a big inconvenience for you." or "I'm so sorry my little car got in your way and inconvenienced you when you decided you had to be in my lane sharing the exact spot of my car - which you know... isn't physically possibly."

Yes, yes - these thoughts might be a little harsh, but remember - this man hadn't once said sorry or showed any type of remorse. If he had said sorry from the beginning - I probably wouldn't have been quite so bugged. Just sayin'.

Anywho. A Cop finally shows up around 6:45 (a Mr. Durr - which name I find all sorts of funny). He gets our information hands me my document that I've been waiting for (saying it was not my fault and that I wouldn't be the one paying for the repairs) and hands Old Man several pieces of paper. Dang straight.

Now for a couple of photo's:

Poor Subaru...

Old man and Subaru eating truck.

Luckily we finish everything up at 7:00 leaving us with just enough time to make it to our movie that we have premier passes for at 7:30. Yay! Silver lining folks, silver lining.

My Brother's girlfriend later that night commented that it wasn't the Old Mans fault - Optimus Prime obviously just thought my cute little Subaru was a Decepticon.

I like this explanation, so I'm going with it.

Happy Weekend Internets!


Into the Wild!

It's Friday again!! Oh how I love Friday's. I almost feel like I have to blog on Friday's now - at least it's making me keep a good account of events, eh?

So. I'm going camping this weekend.

Yes you heard me right.

Yes I know it will be cold (more probably freezing).

No I we are not rescheduling - we've already rescheduled once.

Yes I know you think I'm crazy.

But by golly - yes I will have fun!

I am the type of person that if I choose to enjoy something or to be happy - I will enjoy it and I will be happy.  Sometimes it's easier then other times... but if I really want to have a good time, I will. My major philosophy is if things go wrong, why not call it an adventure rather then a mistake or a ruined time? Bumps in the road usually lead to funny stories or experiences learned - can't beat that, eh?

So thus right after work today we are packing up the car and myself, Braedon, and his dad are going to Bryce Canyon and Fish Lake for the weekend (slash Monday and Tuesday - yay for next week being a short week!). I'm excited. I think I went to Bryce once upon a time when I was a wee little lass - but I don't remember anything of it. I've also never been to Fish Lake - nor have I ever been finishing! Yay new experiences! :)

I do have a slight feeling that me and my long-johns will be the best of friends this weekend.

Have a great weekend Internets!



It's officially October which means it's officially legal to decorate for Halloween. Braedon and I did just that in between conference sessions yesterday. Observe:

Outside our door

I made these - thanks to Pinterest for the idea. :)

Our porch. 

Witchy by the Fishies.

On top of the TV.

Candles on the Counter

Table Center Peice.

Braedon's 'spooky' spider.

Lights out.

Lights on!

I love Halloween Decorations. I love October. I love Fall.

Life is good. :)