Be Still.


Oh hello there. Fancy meeting you here. :)

Man life has been crazy. Good. Really good. But crazy. How about a blog quicky. ;)

-I've officially started my new job - so far I love it, even though all I've really done is watch tutorials and take tests. I love the atmosphere and the people. Hopefully once I really get into the work I'll love that too. :)

-Braedon got a job! This one is for reals. Someone he worked with in his last job found an available position where she now works - once we got back from California they called him in for an interview and blamo! He's got the gig!

-Speaking of California. It was fantastic. Oh. My. Lanta. So awesome. I love the beach so much! Here are a few pictures from our escapades:
Walking on the beach - almost attacked by birds. ;)
I love feet pictures!
Picture complements of Braedon - so pretty!
I love him - and I love this picture!

Maybe later I'll actually do a full post dedicated to the trip, but hopefully those will do for now. :)

-I'm so excited for Fall. For some reason I keep telling myself things will calm down in Fall - let's hope. Plus how could anyone not be excited for at least one of the following: Cooler temperatures, wearing hoodies, the changing leaves,  Halloween, and of course football season! Woot. :)

-This past Sunday as me and Braedon were driving up to my parents house, we happened to be listening to one of my favorite "Sunday Friendly" CD's. It's by the group Eclipse and called Grateful Praise. These men all sing with such passion and joy that you can literally feel there testimony and love of life come through the songs. If you don't have it, or have never heard it - go, right now and take a listen. One song in particular that I love is their version of 'Be Still My Soul'. It's so powerful. With all the craziness that has been going on it's always a good reminder to me to just be still. Listen. Enjoy life.


Anywho, it's back to work for me fellow blog-peeps. 

Till next time!

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Kelcie said...

Hey! I'm so excited you two both found jobs! That's great news! Cali looked like so much fun, I was so sad I couldn't go. Maybe we'll do it again sometime? Fall freakin rocks and i'm totally stoked, and as for Eclipse, LOVE them, however I haven't heard that cd so i must check it out! You're awesome girl!