No this is not a blog with pictures of the house on it - this is the case for two main reason:

- We have only actually lived in our house 3 days now. Shortly after moving in we packed up some bags and went over to my Mother In-Law's house to watch her cute little dog and house sit. We had promised to be available to do this while the family was in Florida long before we even put an offer on any house.

- No internet. Not having been at our house we felt it a waste to buy internet. We are looking into doing that this week.

We finished house/dog sitting yesterday and were actually able to sleep in our own home! It was lovely to watch the beautiful sunset from my own bedroom window and eat a bowl of cereal while watching the sunrise in our beautiful back yard.

Over the past week we have been running over to the house for a few hours each night to continue getting things taken care of. We are so close to be officially done! In the past week we have:

- Unpacked all bags/boxes
- Sealed the downstairs tile
- Hung up pictures
- Hung up doors
- Built a bed frame
- Sanded our bed
- Put a coat of primer on said bed
- A bunch of other little misc. items (that I might be too lazy to think of and type on this list)

All that's left is to hang a couple more pictures (I somehow skipped over 3 pictures... Not sure how I missed them). Caulk the downstairs bathroom. And paint out bed! (It used to be a very out-dated brown thing that we are now attempting to make a more up-dated black thing.)

Things are going good and I'm hoping now that we are actually going to be home we'll be able to get everything done (including a blog post) and have everyone over to come see it and play some Volley Ball!

Until then.

Loves and hugs Internets!


Karissa said...

yay! I've been dying to see pictures. don't feel bad though, I haven't posted any updated pictures in forever either, mostly because nothing is really done. it seems like pretty much all projects are started, but none of them are done. I don't really know how that happened, but anyway, we're getting carpet tomorrow, huzzah!

Kara and Chant said...

You've been busy! So excited for you guys! I cannot wait to come see it!