Welp, I feel like it's time for another update.

- I know I'm not the only one who agrees with the statement of "Bring on Spring"! I feel that last year Braedon and I sort of got cheated out of our Spring and Summer (with all the renovating of our house) so I am just itching for the warm weather. I can't wait to take more walks with the pup, to go swimming, to go hiking, and just generally relaxing in the warm sun and cool breeze. Mmmmmmm. Sounds so delicious.

- Speaking of the pup - he sort of took a tumble yesterday chasing the extremely more nimble Rascal (my mother-in-law's dog) and had to get one of his claws removed. Poor pup! He's a champ though and didn't even whine when it happened - he just kept on wanting to play!

- I get to tend my cute niece on Saturday. My sister-in-law is so worried about us tending her too long, or it not being fun and I still just don't understand why she worries. Who wouldn't want to spend as much time as possible with this cute girl! GAH! My heart melts every time I see that wonderful smile.
- I went to the dentist the other day. No cavities and my loan tooth in the back of my mouth hasn't moved (aka I can keep putting off putting an implant in my big gap!). As I was going up to make my next 6 momnth appointment I had a realization that next time I go to the dentist I will have a baby! How awesome is that?!

- For those that might be curious - now being in the second trimester I can feel the sickness fading (woot!). It's nice to feel like I'm getting a bit more control over my body for a bit. On that same note - my brain seems to be deteriorating more and more as each day passes. I honestly couldn't remember my age the other day. Soon enough I wont be safe to drive!

- Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. I've always love St. Patty's day - it might be because of my Irish heritage... or just simply the fact that I love the color green. I remember back in elementary school that I used to have the funnest time tricking my friends into thinking magical Leprechauns really existed. I was pretty good at fooling people - sometimes I even made myself believe.

- Braedon and I started watching Walking Dead. Love it. I also slightly hate it while watching it. Apparently I'm super easy to make anxious lately because I am literally freaking out the whole episode, absolutely sure that everyone is going to get eaten in the next 10 seconds. Don't worry. Most of them don't.

- So every once in a while I'll suddenly realize how long my hair has gotten. I guess there is one good thing for  trying to get pregnant for such a long time - prenatal pills for almost 2 years have done wonders to my hair!

- Our house is a disaster right now. I don't even want to walk into my kitchen. This week for whatever reason has been super busy and by the time we get some free time we are too tired to do anything really productive. All the mess and the beautiful weather outside is making me start feeling like Spring Cleaning. Weird. I remember hating that term when I was little. I'd get so mad when my mom would have us Spring Clean - it was Spring, didn't she know that cleaning was for winter when it was cold and you didn't want to go out anyways? Apparently I've officially taken that step to "adulthood" that all of the sudden makes Spring Cleaning seem so appealing. Again - weird.

- Somehow it suddenly became the middle of March. I was so looking forward to the beginning of March that I think I forgot that the rest of March would naturally follow after....

Here's to the second half of March! :)


Kelci Stanfield said...

I must say... I can see a tiny baby bump!!! CUUUUUUTE! And you're right. Your sister in-law is crazy. I want to babysit your niece and I've never MET her! That's how unbelievably cute she is!

Tiffany McLelland said...

Poor Spook! Hope he's recovering well. So exciting that you will be a mommy at your next dental check up! Woot!

Kara and Chant said...

Cute picture! So sorry that happened to Spook. Sounds painful! I hear you about the spring cleaning. Totally weird but I am itching to do it too!

The Paytons said...

Hey Katie! I didn't know you were expecting! Congratulations! Glad to hear your starting to feel better, that "morning" sickness is the worst! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!

kell said...

Mmm, like. :)