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I find it funny as I read old journal entries and old blog postings that I use some sort of phrase along the lines of “I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last wrote”. This is then usually followed by a statement similar to “I’ll do better next time”. So in order to avoid more empty promises and redundant rhetoric I’ll spare you of these sentiments and just get right into some updating:

Baby Updates: Rose is now 14 and a half week’s old (or for those so inclined – 3 months old).  Not positive about the weight – though we did do the whole ‘weight yourself while holding the baby and then weight yourself again while not holding the baby’ thing to get a semi idea about her weight and I believe we’ve hit the 10 pound mark. Finally! She’s still so tiny, but growing so much! We finally upgraded from newborn diapers just this past week – (even though the size 1 diapers are still a bit too big around her skinny little legs). She is showing more and more of her personality each day. She loves to talk and coo. She loves to not be held like a baby. Cradling her will usually ensue a scrunched face and a forced cry that immediately goes away when you hold her upright. That being said, if she is extremely tired and swaddled tight, she then changes her mind and loves to be held in the cradle position. More and more we are seeing that she is a ‘my way or the highway’ type of girl. She wants things done on her timeline – this includes being fed. She doesn’t work up to being fussy… she will be happy and smiling and then literally one second later will be quite upset at you for not reading her mind that she was hungry. Basically she has us wrapped around her finger and we couldn’t love her more.
Tummy time!
Always with the fists... and the tongue. :)
Workin' it.
Bright eyed in the morning. :)
She loves hoods/hats
Can't get enough of those smiles.
Smiling for the camera
She loves her swings!

Snow Updates: Once upon a snowy day in November we actually got a good snow. Not some little skiff. Not the super light stuff that doesn’t stick enough to make the smallest of snow balls. A honest to goodness good snow. So good in fact, that we couldn’t resist going out and playing in it. It started out with Braedon just making a giant pile of snow, as I thought that maybe I’d sculpt something out of it (in my family we don’t usually make a typical snowman… we make Rino’s, Toilets, Frogs, and Dragons instead). After a bit I realized I wasn’t quite up to sculpting anything on my own, so we decided to go with the good ol’fashion snow man – that ended up being a very tall good ol’fashion snow man (due to the pile of snow we started with).  After we finished we got Rose all dressed up to show off what we had made.
The whole family. :)
Rose in her marshmallow suit.
Looks just like Maggie from the Simpson's when she's
dressed up in her snow suit. Don't believe me? Look here.
Pile of snow

Spook Updates: Spook is the best pup ever. We love him so much. He loves us so much. He loves to run so much (we did some timed runs and he averages around 17 mph!) He also loves Rose so much. Each day as I come home and set her car seat on the ground he’ll run, up give her hand (or usually her face) a big lick, and then scoot on back as to show me that he was a good boy and wouldn’t hurt her.  I have a feeling these two will be best buds. That being said, I think there are times when he wishes he still had all of our attention. Like when we are lying in bed, settling down for the night or when we are gone for the day at work and happen to leave the garbage can open (and over flowing)…
Look carefully and you can see Braedon
There he is!
Ready to pounce
Katie Updates: I got a new job! I officially gave my two weeks’ notice at BGM this past Monday. It will be weird leaving BGM after working there for over 2 years – but I am excited for the change. Especially since the change includes me being able to work from home! WIN! I hate leaving my beautiful girl each day and am so excited that working for Jet Blue not only allows me to be with her more, but gives me some flight benefits as well (double win!). We will have to make some adjustments with the hour/pay decrease – but it is so worth it to spend more time with Rose.

Braedon Updates: I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again (cause honestly I don’t think I could say it enough) – I love Braedon. He is the best husband. I can’t believe how much this man takes care of me, Rose, and Spook. He’s always cooking me Breakfast (and when I say always… I mean always… every morning), he also cooks dinner most nights too as I get baby stuff together/feed Rose, he’s always making sure to make time to play with Spook outside (even if it’s freezing), and somehow manages to find time to snuggle and play with Rose too. The man makes me feel like a huge slacker.  Even when he’s waking up at the butt-crack of dawn to run a 5K on Thanksgiving day (seriously, who does that?) he somehow manages to have breakfast ready for me (and even  got my pills out for me as he knows I suck at remembering to take them on the weekends).  He supports me in everything – to silly things like dancing in the kitchen or to major decisions like taking on a new job so I can be with Rose more.  He is my rock and I can’t imagine life without him. He also recently fulfilled one of his dreams of getting a tattoo. Cause he’s cool like that. We both love how it turned out.
My favorite donut and my daily horse pills. 
Always willing to hold a sleepy Rose to give my arms a break.
Cooking Breakfast. :)
He makes the best over medium eggs ever. Ever.
Playing with Spook!
More Serious Update: Recently we had a friend that lost her bestfriend/husband, leaving her and her four kids behind. The news was heart breaking. I couldn’t stop crying all day (or the next day). The whole week I tried to think of a message I could send her to help/encourage/uplift her in some way but all my words sounded hollow and not worthy enough for such a drastic and horrible event. Nothing could convey my love and heartache for this wonderful family well enough. If you are reading this now – just know that Braedon and I love you so much and if there is anything we can do for you, we will in a heartbeat. These types of events always help put things in perspective – instantly making you feel silly for complaining about stubbing a toe or being late for work. This news has made me want to cling even more to every silly moment, bit of laughter, late night discussion, evening paying bills, etc that I have with Braedon. He is my best friend and I can’t imagine what it would be like to have him and those moments taken away from me. With that said - these types of events also make me grateful for the knowledge of eternal families. I know this dear friend will be with her love and best friend again – and in the meantime, I’ll keep praying for her and her kids in the hopes that somehow they will be able to bear this terrible burden until they can be reunited with him once again.

All in all – life is precious and wonderful. I am so looking forward to December and the Christmas season. There is something so magical and comforting about this month (even in the stress of all the parties and gifts). I’m grateful that I get to spend more time with Family and also grateful for the changes ahead.

Loves and hugs.

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