More Than a Workout

I've been wanting to write a blog about Crossfit for some time now. Every time I've thought about it though I get stuck on how to actually approach the subject. I know us Crossfitters talk about Crossfit alot. I know some of you are probably sick of hearing about it... but there is a reason that I talk about it so much and I feel that reason isn't always understood. Hence this blog.

Most of the time when people think "Crossfit" they think that it's all about an insanely hard workout, which don't get me wrong that's a very large part of it all, but is doesn't do justice to what Crossfit really is. I feel like that would be saying that Gymnastics is just trying to do more/better flips then everyone else. On one hand it captures a small portion of what the sport is but on the other hand it completely misses the real essence of it all.

Crossfit is way more then just a workout to me. Crossfit is my hobby, my sport, a community and a life style.

Let me try and break this down a bit.

Crossfit is my hobby -  one that luckily both Braedon and I enjoy doing together. Just like going hiking, snowshoeing, taking photos, painting, playing video games, or whatever it is that tickles your fancy, Crossfit is something we enjoy doing. It's something that I want to do and look forward to doing. It's something I take time out of my to do, even if we are busy, because I really do love it.

Crossfit is my sport. Just like being a part of a team like baseball or football, or participating in gymnastics or swimming - Crossfit is more then a means to exercise. It's something I'm proud to be a part of and something I practice and work hard at to improve every week. This is a sport. A hard one. One that takes some talent and skill. And each time I enter that Box and start the WOD I am practicing my sport. I'm working to improve and be a better athlete. Those around me that are doing the same WOD are not only my competitors by my teammates. We push each other and support each other. While you may be secretly hoping you'll beat the person doing handstand push-ups right next to you, you are also wanting them to push stronger and go faster because their strength and speed pushes your own strength and speed.

There is a sense of pride when you finish a WOD and I know for me personally being able to put that little RX next to my name makes me feel like I can take on the world - even if my score isn't as good as others on the board. Luckily if my score isn't as good as others it only pushes me more to improve this talent and these skills that I am working so hard at. This year both Braedon and I will be participating in the Crossfit Open and while I'm slightly terrified and don't know if I am at the level to be part of such a hard competition, I'm excited as well and know that no matter the outcome it will push me to the next level.

Crossfit is a community. This is a huge one to me. Not only are those around me my competitors and teammates, they are my friends. I love going to the Box and catching up with everyone. Discussing not only what we are working on, personal records, low scores, high scores, quick times, and movements/WODs we dread, but each others lives. It's so wonderful to be able to step into a gym and not feel judged or beaten down but to feel a part of something bigger and to feel accepted by those around you no matter your skill level.

Lastly Crossfit is a lifestyle. This is probably one of the biggest reasons of why you'll end up hearing someone that does Crossfit talk about it so much - it becomes a part of you. It's something that you think about often. Even picking up a dropped binki or moving that piece of furniture will remind you of core movements you do in the gym. The effort you put into the WOD today makes you think twice about putting that donut into your mouth. The achievements you got in the gym give you a sense of pride and makes you want to go back to see what else you can accomplish.

Being apart of the Crossfit world has changed my life. I'm happier, healthier, fitter, and I don't ever want to go back. I love those trainers and fellow athletes I've be honored to meet (and sweat with) at Crossfit Draper.

So if I talk to you (excessively) about Crossfit know that it's not just because I went and got an awesome work out. I'm talking about some personal, something I care about and something I'm really proud to be a part of and something I hope those around me can be proud of too.

Plus - in 4.5 months it's taken my post pregnancy blob body and has turned it into a stronger, healthier, and in my opinion a hotter self.

Before: October 2012 and After: February 2013
Before: October 2012 and After: February 2013
Before: October 2012 and After: February 2013
6 Pounds under Pre-Pregnancy Weight, and way stronger then I've ever been.
Anything that can make me feel the way I feel just has to be talked about excessively.

Moral of this story? I love Crossfit. And I'm never going back and if you ever feel interested to see what all the fuss is about, let me know and you can come join me for a free WOD. 


Singleton said...

Damn girl, you look amazing!

David and Kendree said...

Love it all Katie! I totally agree with you...except for maybe thinking twice about eating a donut. I can still do that without thinking twice :)! But you look amazing!!! Good work!

Marilyn Broadbent Oveson said...

Loved this Katie! It was so fun doing the "deck of cards" with you on my team this week. You are amazing! And I agree with you: I love talking about Crossfit!