Open WOD 14.1

We just finished the first week of the Open (which is basically the qualifiers to get to Regionals which is the qualifier to get you to the Crossfit Games).

While each week of the Open is just another work out... I can't help myself as I get clammy hands, butterflies, and nerves like none other. Don't get me started on the panicky feeling I get before the actually work out is even announced... I feel like a kid the day before Christmas wondering what gifts they are going to open the next day. Except these gifts usually bring burning lungs, complete exhaustion, and muscle soreness for days. Yes it's just another workout... but for some reason it's just... different.

Especially this year.

This year I have a goal... I'd even call it a dream if I'm being honest with myself. I would love more then anything to go to Regionals. For some reason I have a hard time saying that out loud... I guess I still feel very inadequate when I look at all my fellow athletes and see those I'm competing with. I suppose it's also insecurity that if I do say it out loud others will scoff or laugh under their breath because it's just not attainable for someone like me. But I've decided (like I do in most aspects of my life) that I don't care what others think. So I choose to say it out loud now: I want to go to Regionals.  And even if I don't come anywhere close to placing, what's wrong with setting my sights high and doing all I can to reach it? We will see how things go... but no matter what, as long as I give it my all, I'll be happy with myself (and ya know... maybe just train harder next year).

Regardless of scores or workouts or if I make Regionals - this first week of the Open was a pretty amazing experience for me. The reason being is I was honored to be able to do 14.1 side by side with one of my trainers Hillari Eaton. And honestly me calling Hillari "one of my trainers" feels like an extreme understatement  for what she really is to me. Not only has she welcomed both Braedon and I to Crossfit Draper like we always belonged there, she has changed our family in so many ways and I don't know if we can ever repay her. Beyond her kindness and amazing example as a person she is also an incredible trainer and athlete. This is a woman and an athlete that I have looked up to since day one of my Crossfit experience.

And here I was... working out with her during an Open WOD... side by side... rep for rep (ya know until she passed me up of course).

Talk about empowering.

The fact that this program allows you to be able to work out with people of all levels, people that push you and people that inspire you is just pretty dang incredible.

I am nervous and excited for the weeks to come, and especially for the announcement for 14.2 tonight... but no matter what happens - no one can take that moment away from me. I love what Crossfit has done for me and my family and I am so grateful to be part of the Crossfit Draper community. And want to publicly thank Hillari (even though I know it will embarrass her endlessly) for being such an inspiration to me (and to so many others).

2013 Regionals
Loved cheering her on!
So amazing. 

Nothing like someone like Hillari to push you to your limits. Thanks for the awesome workout Hill! Can't wait for 14.2!


Tiffany McLelland said...

Love you guys! And I love CrossFit! And I love Hillari! And I love this post! Yay!

David and Kendree said...

I agree with Tiff! Love it all and good luck Katie! Hope your dreams come true :).