Roseisum and Updates

I never know how to start off blogs.

- Rose is being so cute lately I just can't get enough of her personality. I swear ever day I have the thought "I need to write that down so I don't forget it" and then of course I don't write it down and have most likely forgotten in. I think I agree with my mom though that 2 year's old isn't the worst stage but is actually a really fun stage.

Here are a couple of Roseisums that I happen to remember:

  • She loves being crazy. She has this manic laugh right now that will come out of no where and really reminds me of the Joker. She also loves to tell you that she is being "cah-zee". 
  • The other day I walked into her room after her nap in my Sunday dress, she gasped and pointed at me and said "cute". Talk about the best feeling in the world. Made. My. Day. She seriously is the sweetest girl - always willing/wanting to give hugs and kisses. :)
  • She is so in the 'Why' stage right now which just seems insane to me and I'm pretty sure we have her cousin Aria to blame for it. She will ask "why" to anything including why are are getting in the car to why I am changing her diaper. And it's always this almost sad little "why" each and every time that you just can't help but answer. Luckily she does seem to take the "because mommy said so" answer pretty well. For now at least.
  • Her two other favorite words she loves to say all the time are "doing?" and "happened!?" She loves to know what we are doing at all times - even if it's just sitting eating dinner. Also any time something doesn't go who she thinks it should is when she will say "happened!?" Like when her movie ends.... apparently movies aren't supposed to have endings.
  • She loves scolding Spook. Poor dog doesn't get a break. We have a lot of construction going on by our house (other houses being built) so he will let out a random low growl or bark... usually he is pretty good though. But if he lets out even a peep (one time he even sneezed) Rose will point her little chubber finger at him and tell him "no no no boo-dah, no bawking". The day Rose stops calling Spook Boo-Dah (Spook Dog) will be a sad day for me.
  • She loves to sing and dance. Like. Loves it. If I recorded the amount of times she is dancing or singing my phone would be out of space in less then a day.  She is such a bouncy little girl so full of life and happiness. We get asked all the time "is she always that happy" and honestly she usually is. Unless she is hungry. Girl gets some hanger like none other. Love her smiling face and playful attitude. 
  • She is so independent. She has been from day one ("Hello! I want to be born 4 weeks early why you are out stranded in the woods! Don't mind if I do!"). She loves to play with others, but she does not like to be babied by other younger kids. She gets really irritated when kids think they can just pick her up or drag her around to do what they want. She is her own woman thank you very much.
  • She loves rocks. And sticks. And trucks. And tractors. She will here a roar of any engine (again with the construction that happens a lot around here right now) and she get's this look of wonder and has to go look outside and point (again with her chubber littler finger) and marvel at the amazing truck. I also can't tell you how many rocks I still find in my house. 
  • You would think that with the roar of the trucks and tractors and so forth that she loves so much that a hair dryer or vacuum would be no big thing. Wrong. She will literally run away crying/screaming when either of those things are turned on. So. Weird.
  • She still loves hats. Anytime she is wearing a hat it's not because I decided she should wear one for the day. She always decides.
I probably should stop. I just know how good I am at forgetting things like this and want to treasure each moment I have with my sweet girl. Here are some pictures to leave your heart swelling with love:

Hat and Chips and Salsa. What more do you need.

She found one of my winter beanies and of course had to wear it.
(also - That belly!)

Gah! I love her!

Sneaking a sip of my water.

She loves her stuffed animals and her owl is on top of the list right now.

Snuggles while I foam roll at CFD.

Fun afternoon at the Gardens in Thanksgiving Point.

She is so beautiful. And I still have no clue what color her hair is going to be.

Naked Bum!

Oh you know. Typical morning.

Love seeing her play with all the cousins.

Snuggles with Mama Mc

Snuggles with Daddy.


I showed her the number two with my fingers. This was her
trying to do it back. 

Always laughing.

Silly faces!

These two make my heart so happy.

- So I'm pretty sure all know this at this point but if not - I'm pregnant with kiddo number 2. Braedon and I are both very excited to start the next chapter of our life. But I think we are also slightly holding back our excitement until my first appointment, which is July 14th. With one miscarriage already in our past I think we both get a bit too nervous in these first weeks to get overly excited. Once I see that baby in there and it's heart beating though I'm sure it will finally feel real. Though the nausea/tiredness/dizziness I've been feeling for the past 2 weeks is making me feel like our chances are decent enough of keeping this kid around. :)

- Braedon is busy. Seriously. He is almost always working. He is such a hard worker too. The summer has basically looked like this for him: Leave the house at 6:00 or 6:30, go from work straight to Crossfit to coach, then get home around 8:00 or 8:30... sometimes 9:00. I am so proud of him and all he is doing though - he is a great worker at both his jobs. 

- Speaking of Crossfit, I've had quite a few people ask if I was going to continue while pregnant and the answer is a for sure "yes". I will obviously have to listen to my body, pull back and start to scale different options but I've seen it done by many and see how healthy their babies are and how quick their recovery is. I'll sign up for that any day. Luckily I have amazing people around me to support me and watch out for me if my ego ever gets too much (hi Mama Gina!). I love my CFD family so much. :)

Anywho. Life is so good. We are enjoying the weather by going outside lots, playing at seven peaks (Rose loves the wave pool and would stay all day long if I let her), and hopefully we will be getting in some boating this summer too! Also I have a new nephew that I can't wait to give so many snuggles too! :)

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Karissa said...

I love this! Rose is such a cutie. I love hearing about her little personality! I have a feeling Jane is going to be Miss Independent as well- she already shows signs of it! We are in trouble. In the best possible way.