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It's been a while!

I can't believe we are already half way through June. Also I can't believe how hot it is already... makes me nervous for July and August. Hopefully we keep getting lots of rain. I just love rain. :)

This post is so going to be one of "those" posts. You know. The total mom post. Most of you probably wont care about this (nor think it's as amazing as I do), but I have loved being able to look back at old posts from when Rose was a baby to refresh my memory on her stats and habits (and to see how they differ from Haevin) that I know I will want to do the same with Haevin. So feel free to scan or skip any or all of the below information. ;)

- Haevin. At this point she is closer to 5 months then 4. We had her 4 month check up a little later then we should have (basically at 4.5 months) but she weighed in at 12 lbs 4 ounces (10%), 25.5 inches long (75%), and her head was in the 70th percentile.

When she turned 4 months. :)

So facey.

She is still so full of smiles - in fact it can be a bit frustrating because she will be full on crying and you look at her in frustration to see why she is crying and she stops immediately and gives you the biggest smile that you immediately feel guilty for being frustrated. She still sleeps like a champ (for bed and for naps).

She is just like her sister in the drool department - thus resulting in going through a lot of clothes or being naked.

That smile and that belly!

Nursing has been a bit of a battle the past little bit, she all of the sudden decided to randomly refuse to nurse. After a few days of frustration I finally stopped fighting it and could just pump or feed her a bottle of formula. We are finally back to a better routine where she nurses 90% of the time... and if she decides not to I just do expressed milk or formula. I think I've decided she is sort of a lazy eater so if she is too tired she just refuses and wants a bottle. We've got a system that is working for us now though!
Go Utes!

Haevin actually enjoys tummy time. She has always liked being on her tummy and when she was younger would actually fall asleep if I ever put her on her tummy. Well for a while there I sorta sucked at putting her on her tummy (oops) and after a couple of weeks realized we hadn't done it for some time. So I decided to be better and put her on her tummy. The firs time I did she rolled over immediately it shocked me! So now with tummy time she doesn't fall asleep but she immediately goes into a full on superman (I can't believe how high she gets her legs) or just rolls over. So weird but so fun. Anytime I put Rose on her tummy she would dig her face into the ground and scream, never moving. Once she rolled a couple of times I called it good and gave up on tummy time because she hated it so much - she preferred scooting and crawling. So it's a bit weird having a baby who loves her tummy and who rolls over so easily.


Just chillin'

I just love how Rose and Haevin are already so different. They are so unique and perfect in their own ways.

- Rosealynn. I just can't handle this girl lately. She seriously is so full of personality recently. She still has some sass and attitude, but it seems to be calming down a bit (or at least a little more under control) as she is getting older and understands things better. Don't get me wrong - I'm sure she will always be giving me her 'tude, but it seems a bit easier to manage lately as long as we can get her to listen to what we are actually saying.

Those eyelashes though!
She LOVES books and will beg for more. 
Loves to jump! 
She still loves Brave. :) 
Getting so big!
We found that sword on our trip to St. George and she loves it. She tells us she is a pirate.
Daddy holding her "the special way" after a bath.
She also is becoming more sweet if that is even possible. She is constantly giving hugs and kisses or telling me she misses daddy (or papa, or mama, or Parker, or Ari, or Gina, or crossfit, or etc). She loves people and friends. Rose also is into giving compliments lately. She has told me that I am beautiful, pretty, the best mommy ever, strong, funny, and she has also told me she is proud of me. She also wants to make sure I am happy. If I ever scrunch my brow (whether I'm upset or just looking at something closely) she get's worried and asks me if I am sad and says "Mommy, you be happy?" and then she will give me a silly smile face to help.

The day she told me she was proud of me - after I told her we could go to the farm and ride the pony. Ha!
She is always telling me that she is "Big and strong" and I feel like there are worse things for a girl to think about herself. :)
She is always giving the thumbs up. 
Her solution to if it's cold or raining is ALWAYS a hat.
She also loves helping. From helping changing Haevin, helping cook, helping clean (she LOVES to clean the little weirdo), to helping give Haevin her binki or my favorite - singing to Haevin if she gets even a little bit sad (which will almost always make Haevin smile and stop fussing).

She loves to hold Haevin. :)
"Helping" dad get his bike ready for one of our trips. She made him wear those sunglasses. Also notice her sunglasses are upside down... every time.
This little girl is learning and growing so much so quickly lately I just have a hard time keeping up. I love her and am so glad she is part of our family - she is such a great daughter and sister.

She really does love Crossfit. She asks to go each day. She learns so much and is always trying to run, row, do handstands, sit-ups, push-ups, muscle-ups, and more. In fact after almost every workout when she gets downstairs she will ask me to go run with her. Love that she is growing up with great examples and loving people.

She seriously looks so grown up and old to me it breaks my heart and swells it with pride all at once. Love her.
- Other Non-Kid Related Items. Life is good. We just recently went to Moab with Braedons family. I forget how much I absolutely love Moab until I go again. For some reason is just makes my heart happy. I love the red rocks. I love the little town. I love driving through and hiking around Arches National Park. I just love it. Luckily so do Braedon and the girls. We had a great time hiking and playing with rocks and sand during the day, and swimming in the evening. And I found some jeans that actually fit! Braedon, his dad, Parker and Savanna went on a mountain bike ride one day while Lori, Chantelle, me and the girls stayed back and shopped and had fun at the Park. While shopping I found them. My first pair of skinny jeans. Weird. But they fit my quadzilla legs and smaller waist and are so comfortable... in fact I loved them so much I got two of the exact same pairs. Don't you judge me. All in all it was a great trip and both the girls slept great and acted great the whole time.

We had to stop at the giant sand hill as soon as we got in!

My favorite swimsuit! - This little girl could swim all day long

Love my girls!

Rose loved hiking in the back pack and crawling around the rocks.

Rose loves this cowboy store and had to try on these boots. She was sad I didn't buy them for her.

Such a cool park with tons of musical instruments. 

Making music with Aunt Channy!

And of course swings!

Pool time!

On the car ride home. :)

Beyond that we are just enjoying life! Playing outside on summer nights, going to Crossfit, working, eating, ya know... regular life stuff. We can't complain! :)

Annnnd that's where I'm gonna leave this post, probably more information then most wanted to know. But this is the best journaling I do so it is what it is. :)

Loves and hugs!

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