Rosealynn Turns Three.

I still can't believe that is a true statement. My beautiful Rosealynn is turning three! I basically have a three year old.

I keep having Time Hop's come up from last year and it's incredible to me how much Rose has changed in a year. I mean - obviously I know she had changed... but there is so much learning and development from 2 to 3 it's amazing. I love seeing each new stage as it comes and love seeing her learn and grow and become more of her own person.

Looking back there are so many things I am glad I wrote down that Rose used to do (like calling Spook "Boo-dah" and water "wah-wee") that I decided I'd write a little post all about my wonderful Rosealynn so that my failing brain will remember the adorableness of this age.

And yes I realize these posts are probably all sorts of boring for the 99% of you reading... so feel free to skip or skim. I wont be offended (mainly because I wont even know).

So without further adu. Some 2 year old Rose-ims.

- Rose currently thinks EVERYONE is her friend. Whether we are at the park, the pool, the store, Crossfit, the Doctors, etc. If someone is already there or happens to come to said location while we are there I will promptly be told "My friends are here!". She is not shy. And I have no delusions about the fact that she sucks at the whole "stranger danger" thing. We are working on it.

- Rose loves to help. With anything. And everything. Sometimes this is awesome (like putting away messes, or cleaning up spills, etc). Other times it can be a bit frustrating or scary (like when she wants to help with pulling things out of the oven). I try to have her help with things as much as possibly because I figure how else is she going to learn. Buuuuut sometimes it's nice to just do things myself and she always gets super sad if I tell her I don't need any help at the moment.
Loves helping dad in the yard.
Moving some lumber around. :)
- Rose is starting to get better and better at trying new things. She has always been the personality where she isn't really afraid, but if she feels pressured she will say she is afraid or just refuse to do it. This is slowly fading away and I couldn't be prouder. Like when she decided she wanted to try knee boarding all by herself and LOVED it.

- I'm not sure where this comes from (seeing as I have never been a fan of dresses) - but Rose wants to wear dresses (or in her words "a princess dress") all day every day. We don't have enough dresses for this to happen. So when I put her in shorts or pants I always get a look and a pout.

So proud of her princess dress.
- Rose is great at counting. Besides the number 4. She still skips the number 4. If I hold up four fingers she knows what number it is... but if I tell her to count with her fingers then she will just rush through and still skip the number 4. Why? I have no idea.
- Rose loves singing. Nursery songs, primary songs, regular songs, made up songs. All of it. She also is discovering musical instruments and is discovering she loves the piano (or as she calls it - "Ianano"). The song 'Waterfall' came on my shuffle playlist the other day and she about lost it she loved it so much. And now asks for it every time we get in the car. I figure there are worse songs she could be obsessed with. She also seems to have a flare for Jazz music. A Jamie Cullum song came on and she made Braedon play it on repeat until they got home. This of course makes my Jazz loving heart super happy.
- Rose loves being silly. She always has to have her shoes off. Loves to run. Make silly faces. Basically just enjoys life. She is always reminding me to stop worrying and enjoy the little things - from the pretty colors in the sky, to finding the moon, to being able to run around. She has great spirit and I love that about her.
I told her to give me a silly face... 
Always laughing. 
And of course running. :)
- Rose also loves to dance. I think this is part of why she loves dresses - cause she loves to twirl. And nothing beats twirling in a dress.
Dancing at Braedon's cousin's wedding.

- Rose still says she loves Doctor Who. I recently started to watch the Classics series and when she heard the theme song she came running yelling "You're watching Doctor Who!?! I love Doctor Who!" - again with the heart being super happy.
- Rose is still super smitten and in love with Haevin. It gives me high hopes for them to be best friends as they grow up. She gets so excited to say hi to Haevin each morning when she wakes up. Adorable.
Haevin has to join in on story time.
Rose wanted Haevin to come snuggle in her blanket. :)
These two!

- Right now she says her favorite color is Red (making my Utah Utes heart happy) and lately has suddenly started to say her favorite animal is a Kangaroo (random? yes).

My little Ute! :)
- Rose is still a pretty dang great eater. She does do the whole "I don't like that" bit at times before she even has a bite, but she knows our rule is we always have to try at least one bite before saying no. And then majority of the time she realizes she does like it. 
- Right now if someone asks Rose what her name is they will get one of two replies. Either she will hold up her hand with two fingers up and state "I'm two!" or she will quickly (and in her best moosh mouth performance) state "Rosealynn Dawn Goudie"  (which really ends up sounding something like "Woseawinn DonGowdee") leaving the person udderly confused as to what to call her. I'm interested to see how long it will take her to tell people she is three, or if she will keep saying she is two.

The sweetest.
- On that note. Rose says some other pretty adorable and funny things (at least they are funny to me). Such as:
  • "That's a good idea" - this is always said with one eye closed (a wink) and a thumbs up.
  • "Whew" - When something is a 'close call' or she thinks someone stole her bike because they happen to have the same one and I tell her that her's is safely away in the garage. This is also always said with her sweeping the "sweat" from her brow.
  • "I tell you something" - I think this started because Braedon and I would say something along these lines when Rose was being particularly silly or out of control and we wanted her to listen. Now she thinks as long as she says this first then we have to pay attention to her. Most of the time it usually works.
  • "What do you think!?" - Whether it's dress-up, regular clothes, right after I did her hair, after she brushes her teeth, etc etc... when she feels particularly pretty or good or special she will stand in front of you with her hands out wide and ask you what you think.
  • "Oh gosh" - I think we have Goofy to thank for this one. To being silly, from finding out she was wrong about something... we will hear this with a cute little laugh.
  • "You're a bonehead" - If you know anything about our family and Braedon then you know where this one comes from.
  • "Watch this!" - We are officially in that stage. Even if it's her wanting you to listen to something she will still say this. 
  • "I miss __(insert just about anyone's name here)__" - She will give the biggest 'sad' sigh over and over until you ask her what's the matter. And then she will state that she misses someone... anyone. Even the strangers she talked to at the pool (which she will of course call "her friends"). 
  • "I'm big and strong" - I love that this is something she says often. I'm all about being positive and loving yourself and being proud of who you are. When she says she is big and strong it makes me feel like I have to be doing something right as a parent.
  • "I do it all. by. myself." - This is always said while thumping her chest. 
  • "You're the best mommy ever!" - I put this on here to remind myself that at least at ONE age she thought I was a good mom. Hopefully this continues... but if not, I'm soaking it in now. ;)
Like I said. I love seeing each new stage present itself. It's amazing to watch her personality grow and refine. That being said of course there are some things I'm sad to see stop. Like the fact that she has called me 'Mom' a couple of times and Braedon 'Dad' a couple of times rather then mommy and daddy and also has started to say Grandpa and Grandma rather then papa and mama. But I know that these types of things will and have to happen... sigh.

My girls. :)
In the mean time I will keep loving on my sweet and sassy 2 year old going on thirteen three year old. She is wonderful, lovely, kind, cheesy, silly, exhausting, invigorating, hilarious, smart, beautiful and all around perfect for our family.

Happy Birthday my sweet Rosealynn.

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