...summer fun!

I thought I'd join the craze of blogging with the rest of the world! So here I am! :)

I have really enjoyed this summer so far, so I thought I'd talk about a few 'highlights' of my summer.

  • First highlight of my summer would have to be when Braedon came home for three weeks. He had to come home for knee surgery. I of course got to see him! :) It was so nice to see him and get a nice big Braedon hug. I pretty much spent everyday with him of those three weeks. It was hard to say goodbye again, really hard, but I'm not complaining.
  • Second highlight is - Lava. Hot. Springs. This trip was supposed to be a big camping trip with lots of friends, and ended up being three of us (Chelsea, Richard, and I) staying in a little creepy inn that we referred to as "The Murder Inn". This had to be one of the funnest trips I have been on. We sat in the hot springs, we had some... fun and interesting.... late night experiences *cough* Chels *cough*, and floated down the river a few times. And to top it all off, none of us got murdered! ;) Though we do want to try and go back and film a movie there. Anywho. Even though it was a very short trip, it was a lot of fun, and a much needed vacation.
  • Third is what I like to call 'picture night'. Me and some friends (Chelsea, Kaisa, Blake and Darin) got together to celebrate the 4th of July... on the 5th of July. After we purchased some fireworks and lit off said fireworks we got a little picture happy. Like 200+ picture happy. All we did was take a bunch of pictures, but it was so fun, and reminded me of what amazing and awesome friends I have. :) Here is a couple of pictures to show you just how amazing we are:

  • Fourth Highlight is for sure the Good Charlotte and Boys Like Girls concert. Me, Kaisa, and Chelsea went on July 12th to the Great Saltair to see them, and also The Main and Metro Station. It was a super fun concert! And I especially liked Boys Like Girls... though I wish that they would finally come out with some new stuff. Anywho. It was fun!
  • The fifth highlight I want to talk about just happened yesterday. Me and my sister went and tried out for American Idol. I know, right? We both just kinda randomly decided to do it last minute, with out any expectations of going anywhere. We went and got wrist bands on Monday and then got in line Tuesday at 6 in the morning and got done around 6 pm. It was a very long day but it was fun, and very interesting to people watch and see how everything works. Obviously we both didn't move on, but since they only took about 100 people out of the 8,000 or however many where there, I don't feel super bad. :) I went for the experience, and an experience I got!
So there you have it. Now this isn't to say that these 5 things are my only highlights... but they are the main things that stick in my mind. I've had a fun summer so far including other things such as working, sitting around with friends, long talks, Dark Knight (I heart Christian Bale), Ultimate Frisbee, Rock Band, Bowling, and so much more. I'll be sad when it's over, but glad that I had it! :) I can't wait to enjoy the last few weeks I have!


Ms. Kelci Sagers said...

Katie, your summer actually sounds really, really fun! How did you manage to pull that one off? Most summers are... eh-hem... boring? Shall we say? Including mine :( I can't wait for school to start, then we can play more! :D

The Braedon part made me want to tear up... Not really sure why and I didn't but... it did. Maybe it was the leaving for the second time thing??

Katie McLelland said...

Haha it has been a really really fun summer... I'm not really sure how I DID manage to pull it off!

And you are so cute. Haha I just love it. :)