Happy or not...

This blog is brought to you by the letter H and the number 8.

In all seriousness I want to talk about being happy and choosing to be so.

I would consider myself a happy person. I like to smile, and like to laugh even more. But while I may laugh and smile a lot... I still can use a lot of work on choosing to be happy.

I let a lot little things bother me sometimes, and though it may not effect me for very long - I'm not one for grudges - I still let those little things get to me, such as getting angry when someone cuts me off on the road. Granted it was rude but me being upset about it wont change that it happened. So it is my new goal to choose to be happy, even when stupid people cross my path. ;) I need to find those little happy moments, such as a sunset or my favorite song coming on the radio, and hold on to them. I need to let those little un-happy moments pass me by and to keep moving forward.

I am an extremely blessed person and loved by many (or so they say ;) haha) and I really really am grateful for those people in my life and those blessings. And yes there will still be sad times in my life and bumps in the road, but I am choosing to learn from those and to grow from them and to be happy for what they will have taught me. I am choosing.

And I am happy.



Melissa said...

You're so awesome. :)

Katie McLelland said...

Awww... Thanks Melissa :)