Dance Photo Shoot

So in a post awhile back I talked about my sister's upcoming dance concert in July and how I was going to be taking the pictures for her for the posters and such. Well we had the photo shoot! It was a blast to work with all the dancers, they are such a fun group and so full of life. It was also fun to take pictures of movement for a change. All in all I think we got some good shots (we better since I took over 700 pictures) and thought I'd share some of them with you.

I realize that if anyone actually DOES read this blog, they are probably my facebook friend, so you probably have already seen these since they are all on there (I have yet to get ALL of the pictures from Robin so they are the same ones). But just in case I have some blog stalker out there that I don't happen to be facebook friends with , here they are:

The poster my sister made.

That's all for now folks! Go outside and play, run, move, and dance in the sun, it's good for the soul! :)


Katie said...

love your pictures!! good job :)

that's right. i'm blog stalking you just now.

Kayz said...

Those are AWESOME girl!! I especially love the "I'd Rather Be Dancing" one!! Sweet stuff! =)