Stress Induced Suicide

So. I'm blogging. It's been about two months since I last blogged. So you think I would have something super exciting or important to report. Sadly, your thinking is wrong. But I suppose I have a few things I can talk about, so why not?

  • First. School. No surprises there, right? School is basically about 75% or more of my life. Sad, but true. Good thing I kinda like school, huh? Especially since I just started Fall Semester! Or, at least, am in the process of starting Fall Semester. I have had one class today and now have a big long break (that will normally be filled with tutoring - more on that later) before my next class. What better way to fill that time, then talking about myself right? ;) Anywho. This bullet isn't about Fall Semester though (I figure since school is around 75% of my life, it deserves at least two bullets), it's about Summer Semester, which went very well. I got an A in my stats class (good thing too or else I would have just up and quite school if I couldn't pull an A in that easy of a class) and a B in my Foundations of Analysis class. I'm very happy with both my grades. Analysis was a pretty tough class, and I'm glad I took in the summer so I didn't have loads of other classes along with it. Also something else I learned from Summer Semester, is I do not like 7:30 am classes. Especially when you have a 30-40 min commute. Pass.

  • Fall Semester. I think I might just accidentally kill myself with stress. And even though that thought is somewhere in the back of my mind, I'm still pretty excited for the new semester. I know, I'm weird. Liking school is so out of style. But I'm used to being slash doing things out of style, so I'll deal. ;) Back to the killing myself with stress. I'm taking a very heavy load. In actuality it's only 12 credits, but 9 of those are upper math classes. Those math classes being: Intro to Probability, Foundations of Geometry (thought I got away from Geometry after 9th grade, but nope!), and Advance Calculus 1. Yup. Suicide by stress over dose. I'm also taking an online class - Business Law. Random I know. But I still am short on some upper division credits and the only pre-req for this class is English 1010, it can't be too bad, right? Hopefully. :) Now you may be asking, why the stress induced suicide? Well, I want to finish by this May, not next May. The only way to do that is to take these classes all at the same time. Yipee. Hopefully I can handle it. :)

  • Next, is my new job! Woot! I applied and by some miracle was accepted to tutor in the Math Lab at UVU. Now you are thinking (do you like that I tell you what you are thinking all the time?), you're a Mathematics Major, why is you getting accepted as a Math Tutor such a miracle? Well I'll tell you. As part of the interviewing process, you have to take a 1050 math (or college algebra) test. It's been about 5 or so years since I last took college algebra, so while it isn't all that difficult, I only remembered about 56% of it. Why 56%? Because that's what I got on the test. Sad. So I wasn't expecting to get said job at all. But lucky for me, I'm so charming (obnoxious) and Kathy (the lady in charge that interviewed me) liked my interview and my way of tutoring. Also lucky for me, I happened to take Stats this summer and got an A and they desperately need people for the Stats Lab. So I will be working most of my hours in the Stats Lab, and a few others in the regular Math Lab. And I couldn't be more excited. This will look great on my resume and just be an all around good experience. :) I will also be working 10-12 hours a week at ELS (where I currently work, for those who where wondering) as well, so this semester is going to be chaos. :S

  • Lastly I would like to talk about a certain day(s) that is coming up. For all of you that have sensitive ears to cheesiness, this would be the time to stop reading. Continue at your own peril. 31 days from today Braedon will be released and with his family touring St. Louis and his mission. So, in just 31 days, I will be able to hear his voice, text him all day, and talk to him whenever we can. 31 days folks. That's a month, in case you were wondering. And then only 8 days after that (that's 39 days for those not inclined to do math), I finally, finally, get to see him! Thank fricken goodness. I am so ready to be done with this whole, waiting/being-away-from-him deal. I'm finally letting myself be excited about it. And the level at which my excitement is at, is pretty dang high. :)

Annnnnd, I think that's about it folks. I'll let you know if I die from stress this semester. Or at least, someone will let you know. ;)

Until next time. Love, hugs, and ....rugs?


The Kims said...

congrats on your man coming home soon, that's awesome! I took a psychological stats class once. worked my buns off and got a C+. and that, is why I'm not a math major. too bad psychology majors have to use stats all of the time. woops.

kell said...

Yeah, no kiddin whoops! I hear ya... I got a B in psych stats, only thanks to the tutors who helped us get the right answers on all assignments and tests! Math sucks...