Random Musings of a Wandering Mind

So, once upon a time back in June I got a new phone. This new phone has a little place where you can put notes on it. I'm not really sure how, but somehow I started putting random thoughts and quotes into this note section. It's kind of funny to go back and read them, so I thought now that it's been a couple of months that I'd share a few of these with the blogging world and let you have a little look into my brain and life. Enjoy. :)

-I love Braedon Ashby Goudie. (Does it really surprise anyone that this is the first note I put in?)
-Sometimes, surprisingly enough, I just don't feel like talking.
-Mango is making it's way to the top of my favorite flavors list. Right there next to raspberry and peach. :)
-I loveth, less then three, and heart longboarding. :)
-Same goes for pie shakes. Mmmmm.
-I am perfectly okay with the slight fact that I am a Treky. :)
-I never want to take a stats class again. Ever. (This is particularly funny to me now, since I tutor stats haha)
-I really wish it was September (check that off the list!)
-"Hist whole head lights up like a Christmas tree!" - Clint
-I love laughing. Deal.
-I don't know how I feel about a stranger calling me "Super Star"... I don't think I like it...
-My hair sometimes looks like a Haystack. Like today for instance.
-"My friend, you've just been Lego resuscitated!" - Kurtis
-I love the joy that movement and dance brings to my life. :)
-"Stupdity is like nuclear power; it can be used for good or evil... and you don't ever want to get any on you." - Dilbert
-I love my Chucks. :)
-I kinda hate that my neck hurts constantly...
-"I think I pulled my laughing muscles" - Clint
-I have so many awesome people in my life. :)
-"Don't piss off the universe, the universe will slap you." - How I Met Your Mother
-I love Patrick Jane. Add him to the boyfriend list. ;)
-Seriously? Two kidney stones at age 21? Lame.
-I am a zombie killing queen.
-I should not be as excited as I am about the idea of going to the Library tomorrow. :)
-Why do stores like Forever 21 intimidate me?
-I love me a man in a vest. Mmmm. :)
-"Shut up you dumb choir punks! Santa's a drunk!" - Scrubs
-I still don't understand why I love Deadliest Catch so much.
-I loveth Jazz music. La sigh. :)
-I love love love Boy Meets World.
-If I'm ever in New York again I'm gonna make sure and watch out for any cab with the license N7N8. I wanna be on Cash Cab!
-Mmmmm... Jame Cullum, Michael Buble, Bobby Darin, Dean Martin, Harry Connick Jr. , Tony Bennett, Mel Torme, Frank Sinatra can all sing to me anytime they want. :)
-"Katie your dress!... and my quiver!" - Richard Marsh
-I don't think I could ever get sick of hearing the sound of waves crshing or thunder rolling. Sigh. :)
-"I'm sorry. He irks me. He's irksum." - Patrick Jane
-"Just because he thought it was an egg and sat on it, doesn't mean it's his!" - Ken
-I love the temple. Especially the Draper Temple. :)
-"Are you on fire!? You better be on fire!" - Gavin
-I love Scrabble. :) Lots and lots.
-One of my most favorite things about the weekend, is not having to set an alarm. :)
-"Ha! I'm a wrestler. Wrestlers don't get trampled." - Boy from the Bookstore
-Add Joseph Gordon Levitt to the boyfriend list too. ;)
-I want a memory foam bed. Mmmmm.
-"You have to treat 1050 students like kids. It's true! Some of them know nothing!" - Yingxian
-I love football.
-"Your menstrual cycle is ridiculous!" "Seriously, menstrual cycles are ridiculous. Who can bleed for 7 days straight and not die?" "ALIENS!" - Garrett, Me, and Alex
-I LOVE Matt & Kim!!!!! Love. :)
-"What? I'm sorry. I can't hear you over the sound of me being awesome."
-Today I was told that I look like a teach or a librarian... I'm not sure what to do with that?
-Why are people so nice to me? What did/do I do to deserve such kindness?
-I think my backpack is trying to kill me...
-You know your life is too busy when going pee and eating is at the bottom of the priority list... sad.
-Seriously... rain shouldn't make me this happy. But it does. I love it. And I love Fall. :) Sigh. :)
-I also love The Biggest Loser.
-I'm so sick of probability jokes. Seriously. It wasn't that funny the first time... it's no funnier the 239928301th time.
-"You seem somewhat familiar... have I threatened you before?" - Jack Sparrow
-The fact that I keep going to bed without reading before hand is a testament of how tired I am at the end of the day. La sigh.
-I love Braedon. More and more. :)
-I also love my mom. She's pretty much the best mom ever. :)
-I don't care if it's 80 degree's outside... it's fall and I'm gonna wear a hoodie.
-I spread crazy like a two year old spreads germs.
-I hate being late. Hate it, hate it, hate it.
-Flogging Molly = Awesome night. Talking to Braedon afterwards = Even awesomer night. :)
-There is purpose to life, and it is a grand, glorious, and joyful purpose, designed by a loving God.
-Thank goodness it's October this weekend. :)

And there you have it. Besides all that madness going on, life is good. School and work and homework is keeping me more busy then I thought possible, but it will all be worth it in the long run, and I really am loving my job and learning new things. :)

Also, for those that don't know and may want to (which I doubt there are many, if any of those reading this blog) I get to see Braedon this weekend. He's home. For good. I can't believe it... that I've really made it through these past two years... I'm glad for the experiences and who I've become, but thank goodness it's almost over. But I'll leave the rest of this topic for another blog on another day. :)

Till next time!

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The Kims said...

If you hadn't won my heart already, now it's official. Why?
Because Boy Meets World is one of the greatest joys of my life. Best TV show, HANDS DOWN.

Also, That's awesome that you get to see Braedon this weekend! Does that mean I get to finally meet the infamous boy at Family Dinner over conference weekend?