The Start of an End.

It's 2010! (I totally didn't mean that to rhyme with the title, I swear)

Only 2 more days till I got back to school and start my last semester of my undergraduate career! It still seems really weird to me that this is my last semester of college. I'm a little nervous, but excited, to be entering this stage. I'm going to have to start my career soon.


I've actually started the ARL process (Alternate Route to Licensing) and am also in the process of trying to get a hold of the principal at the school my sister teaches at so I can maybe start doing some observations and even teaching a lesson or two. I can't actually get my license until I've been hired to a full time or part time teaching position (which seems totally backward to me...), so I've actually already applied to a lot of schools (in and out of state - a job's a job, right?). So we'll see how things go with that.

The whole ARL process makes me nervous though. There are so many steps and things you have to do and all in a specific order, that I'm afraid I'll miss something or do something wrong.
I want to be able to start teaching as soon as possible so that me and Braedon can have some money... so I'm constantly on edge thinking of what the next step should be and so forth. Hopefully I don't mess anything up. :S


In other news. Me and Braedon have decided not to have the wedding reception at my house, as we had originally planned. The more I thought about doing it at the house the more stressed I got, so we finally decided to go out and find a place. Which we did (with a lot of help from my mom - she basically rocks when it comes to planning anything)! It's a newer place, but we went and looked at it with the parents on Saturday and I fell in love. So we booked it! It's call the Atrium, and it's almost like an indoor garden. Observe:

It's beautiful and I am really looking forward to having the reception there. Besides that all other plans are pretty much the same, and basically figured out at this point, again my mom rocks. :)

I guess that's about it. Life is going good. I've enjoyed this break so much and am a little sad to see it go. But then I just remind myself - 'one more semester and you graduate and then get married.'

It doesn't get much better then that. ;)


kell said...

Hmm. Pretty jealous, I'll be honest.

I'm not ready to go back either!! luckily I have til the end of the week... But still. It flew by.

Love the atrium place! It's beautiful. And 10x less stressful, I'm sure. :) Good luck with school! YOU CAN DO IT!!

Kelci Sagers said...

My goodness, marriage and graduation all at once... Aren't we the lucky ones, hmmm? ;)

So I'm thinking, next blog should be on your killer converse, lol. Just saying!

Kelcie said...

The atrium is absolutely beautiful! I'm so excited for you two!!