Jiggawatt Overload!

Want some further perspective into the mind of me? Sure ya do.
  • I've noticed that when I listen to my iPod that I end up skipping 5 or 6 songs before I actually stop and listen to one. This isn't because I don't like my music, it's more due to the fact that I always think the next song is going to be a better song and one I'm more in the mood for.
    • Along with this I've realized that I almost never skip one of my jazz boys - Harry Connick, Michael Buble, Tony Bennett, Jamie Cullum, etc. I love me some jazz music. Mmmmm. Sings to my soul. :)

      • This thought then made me think of how I want more jazz music not only for my own enjoyment but for the playlist I have imagined in my head for the wedding. Anyone want to help a girl out with some more good old fashion jazz music? Mel Torme, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Bobby Darin, or any of the boys mentioned from the previous bullet would be nice...
  • Me and Braedon made homemade icecream last night. It was delicious. Mmmmm. And then we watched Anastasia on a good old VHS. It was pretty dang awesome. Braedon must really love me. :)
  • I still can't believe that tomorrow is 2010. It seems like I've been waiting for 2010 to come for so long. Now it's here. Weird. Awesome. :)
  • I don't think I have mentioned this yet, but me and Braedon got a very nice new SLR digital camera for Christmas. We love it. We haven't had a ton of time to play with it and get to know all the settings and such, but we are excited to learn more about it. We both love taking pictures so much and now we have a camera to make it even more fun. Don't worry, I'm sure you will all see plenty of pictures in the future. :)
  • I got my hair cut last weekend, by Braedon's Aunt Jodi (who is amazing by the who). And I love it. She cut off all the dead ends and then added some layers and more bangs. It's not a huge change but I still love it. And it kind of makes me feel like a rock star. Not because it looks like rock star hair, but I now can shake my head and mess it all up and it still looks good. Perfect.
  • New Years week is always a slow week at the office, so my dad decided to have just me man the fort so him and my mom could take some time off (very much needed and deserved time off). But I've been able to watch a lot of movies while I work - including all three Back to the Futures. Man do those movies have a lot of good quotes. One of my favorites is the phrase "Jiggawatt overload". In what situation is that not a funny term?
  • Speaking of work, I'm very excited that there is none tomorrow and that I'm done today at noon. Woot! Happy New Years everyone!


Allison and Mason: said...

If you really do need some music - you are looking at the Jazz queen over here. I love Frank Sinatra and have SO much Jazz music. We used it for our wedding too. So just let me know and I could put together some cd's for you. It could be an early wedding present. :)

Melissa said...

I have a Frank Sinatra CD if you want to see if it has any songs you like -- I'm cool like that. :)

kell said...

Um...I don't have any jazz, and I don't like homemade ice cream, and I don't know where you work...but I DO looove haircuts! :) And I love looking at people's pictures. Thusly, I want a picture of your new haircut! And am thoroughly excited for more pictures to be posted.

That said, let's play soon. :) We should double again!

Katie McLelland said...

Allison - I would love any jazz music you could get me! I would appreciate it so much! Just let me know. :)

Melissa - Yes please. :)

Kelli - Agreed! A double would be fun! :)