March(ing on!)


It's March.

When did that happen?

Oh ya, at midnight last night, huh?

Hmmm. Bullet List time.

  • I have senioritis. Bad. I want to be done with school so much. I know I'm all happy about it being March finally, but it would be nice if it was the end of April instead. Or even the beginning of May... like, May 12th. La sigh.
  • Besides the fact of me having senioritis, I did really well on all my midterms this semester. I usually bomb the first test of any classes (no joke), but I got an 86 on my PDE's test, and a 90 on my Knot Theory test, and I'm pretty sure I'll get at least in the 80's on my Advance Calc 2 test. :)
  • My other two non-related math classes don't even believe in tests. Awesome.
  • While I'm on the subject of school, I would like to make something clear. School takes up almost all my life right now. It sucks, but it will be worth it. But a direct cause of this is I am not the most social of butterflies. Luckily I have wonderful friends who understand this... But I'll still come in contact with people who think they know me and my current situation so well and when I proceed to tell them I'm too busy for something they follow up with something along the lines of: "Oooooh, I see. Have to go spend all your time with Braedon, don't you?". This Bugs. And for many reasons:
    • Reason 1 - I only get to see Breadon for about an hour or two on Wednesday nights, and then on weekends. That's it. And while I may not be the happiest camper about it, we realize it's not so bad and that it will be worth it in the end - and besides there isn't much we can do about it anyways. So I get bugged because I want to be spending more time with Braedon and can't. Thanks for the reminder, jerk.
    • Reason 2 - I work hard for school, and I put in a lot more time then most people do. Sometimes I want that hard work recognized. Them assuming all I do with my life is spend time with Braedon seems to belittle my hard work with school.
    • Reason 3 - Me and Braedon are engaged. We love each other. If it were the case that I wanted to spend any of my extra time with him and not you, isn't that allowed every once in a while? I mean... come on.
    • Reason 4 - The person always thinks they are some extreme wit having made said comment. Don't think you are ever so clever that you can tease me about me being in love and engaged. I've gotten it from a lot more clever a person then you. So you can go eat it. :)
  • I spent entirely too much time on that last bullet.
  • I love the fact that on my way to school the sun is already up. Who wants to start a petition to ban Day Light Savings? Do it Arizona style? Anyone?
  • I've recently acquired an iTouch from a most amazing friend (you know who you are, and you know I love you. -3). It's fantastic. Seriously you guys. I love it. It has already proven to be an extreme time suck... but I don't care, cause I can play scrabble anytime I want. :)
  • I love scrabble.
  • I just finished reading Pride and Prejudice for the who knows how many times. I love that book. It's my comfort book. It's also the book I turn to when I A) don't have another book to go to immediately after I've finished another (because I can't go a day with out a book apparently) and B) when I know that I have a lot of school work or tests coming up, because anytime I'm reading a new book and my school load gets heavier I have an extremely hard time not reading and actually studying for my classes.
  • I tried one of those Neti Pots the other day. Weirdest. Sensation. Ever. But it really works, so I am going to continue to use it until my nose doesn't gush out gallons of goobers a day. :)
  • Me and Braedon went to dinner at a family's home from his mission last night. They obviously are from Missouri but moved to Utah about 6 or 7 months ago. It was really cool to actually meet some people that I've heard so much about. It was a lot of fun to spend some time with them, and they were so nice to me - extremely good for the ego. ;)
  • My parents are putting the house up for sale, and even though it would mean moving twice in a 3 month time period, I hope it sells fast, cause then I'll live closer to Braedon.
  • Yes I'm sappy, and I don't care.
I should stop now - off to do more homework. Till next time!

Loves and hugs. :)


::Kayla:: said...

the netti makes my eyes water like crazy and even thinking about it now is making my eyes water but it soo works

Robin said...

I agree on the Day Light Savings Ban. Seriously, let's get rid of it.

Oh, and I love you. :)

kell said...

I'm with you! Fully jumped on the banning bandwagon. Day Light Savings is GONE. hahaha.
And seriously!? The house is up for sale?? I looovvvee that house... :( That makes me kind of sad inside. But good for them! Where are you guys moving to?

Melissa said...

Yes... ban Day Light Savings. I'm so happy when I get to see the sun before going into my cage... I mean classroom. With no window to the outside world, I NEED those few moments of sunlight.

And good job today!