Update the Update.

Another week down.


But for reals, things are going really well. Let's have a bullet list update, shall we?

o Me and Braedon finally took some engagements. We had been planning on taking some at the Salt Flats for awhile (and also some in Moab when we go next week). and finally were able to go last Saturday. Braedon’s little sister Savanna came with us and was a huge help. The weather was fantastic! It was a lot of fun and I really love how the pictures turned out!

o Along with taking our own engagement pictures comes the responsibility of editing them. I really enjoy editing – but after a while it gets a tiny bit tedious. But again it’s fun to see how all the pictures turn out, so I’m okay with it. Observe:

o Again with all the new pictures I’ve finally been able to start making our guest book. I’m making it through It’s fantastic! I’m having fun putting it together. Hopefully it turns out good.

o Okay enough bullets about pictures.

o Spring Break was last week. UVU is weird and only dose a half week off – but it was so nice to finally be able to catch up on life – clean, do some laundry, etc.

o I go through the Temple on Saturday. So crazy. It seems like I was just making the appointment a few days ago – not a few months ago. How does time go so fast and yet also so slow?

o Moab is next week. So. Extremely. Excited. I have always loved Moab, it really is one of my favorite places to go – add to the fact that me and Braedon will be going with some of (if not the) most amazing people ever. It’s gonna be fantastic.

o I got a 92 on my last Partial Differential Equations test. How did that happen? I think I might just have to get some ice cream to celebrate.

o I just realized that I have some wedding showers coming up – and me and Braedon have still not registered for anything. Hmmm. Maybe we should get on that. :S

o It's Spring. It's warm. I'm staying caught up in school. I'm marrying my best friend in 49 days...

...Life is good. :)


Alex Hall said...

I'm going to have to agree with your comment about Moab...and you two are included in the most amazing people ever category!

xantogal said...

Hooray! I love the photo you posted. I'm so excited for you!

kell said...

Umm, love the picture! I want more!
And soo happy for you! It's coming up fast! Congrats!