Q and A

This blog is dedicated to some of those well-meant-but-throughly-annoying questions that everyone seems to be asking lately*.

Question: "So, are you enjoying being married!?"
Sarcastic Answer In My Head: "Nope. Hate it. We've decided it's not for us... thanks for bringing it up. "
Answer Really Said: "Yes, we are enjoying it very much. It's been great." (insert annoyed fake smile here)

Q: "So do you still love him?" (insert dorky smile because person thinks they are ever so clever here)
S: "No... oh my gosh why didn't anyone prepare me for this! I mean... I loved him while we dated. And I even loved him so much to not date anyone for two years... but now that we can have sex and not have to say goodbye to each other I am in agony. Who knew love could die so fast."
A: "Yes! Very much so. More then ever." (insert annoyed fake smile here)

Q: "Who does the cooking!?"**
S: "No one. We don't eat. Cause I'm incompetent and Braedon is lazy. We figure we can last at least a month on purely candy and spices that were given to us as presents."
A: "We usually cook together, we both enjoy cooking." (insert annoyed fake smile here)

Q: "So do you like sex?"***
S: "Nope. Hate it. Don't understand what the big hubbub is about pleasing each other... and being close to one another. Psh. Sex. Overrated."
A: "Heh, of course. " (insert really annoyed fake and slightly awkward smile here)

Hopefully that helped clear things up. :)

It's been a little crazy here the past week or so, but hopefully I'll have some time this weekend to do some blog catch up. But just know that things are going good!


And just to make you want to come back for my next post - we finally got one of our couches (the other got back ordered... it will be awhile till it gets here. La sigh.) and our table! We love them. So be looking forward to some pictures of our apartment coming soon. :) (Your excited. Admit it.)

*If you have asked one of these questions, don't take this blog personal... You know I love you. :)

**Why on earth do so many people feel this is so important? Why do you care so much who cooks in my family?

***This question usually bugs even more because it's by someone that has had sex. Are you really asking me if I like it? Really?


Chels... said...

Tell us how you really feel, Katie. ;)

The Kims said...

I know how you feel! People are STILL asking me those questions. And I always wonder...what if someone really says that they don't enjoy being married, sex, and they're not still in love with their husband? They probably won't answer truthfully and if they do say no...the asker is probably going to feel super dumb.

But, I wouldn't be suprised if I've asked you one of those questions. I shouldn't, because I know how annoying it gets, so sorry if I did!

Brittany said...

seriuosly huh?! someone needs to write a book on what to expect when you get married and after you've been married for a few months.
no one ever told me that so many ignorant and stupid ppl would ask those retarded questions! lol but i guess that's what happens to everyone....

Natalie said...
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