It's (not) a Brick. House.

It may not be a brick house, but we love it. :)

I know I have been MIA for awhile, but I'm finally back! And not only am I back, but I'm back with house pictures! You're excited. Admit it. Come on.....*crickets*....



I'm excited.

So let's get started. :)

This is our front door! And yes you are looking
down, we live in a basement apartment. :)

This is what you see from the doorway. Welcome to the Goudie home! :)

To your left we have our big desk. We love our desk.

And to the right is a door! What could it be!?
(You're totally on the edge of your seat, aren't ya!?)

It's our pantry! Yay for food! And notice the built in shelves...
my awesome husband made those so we could have better
food storage and more room. Isn't he handy? :)

Walking further into the house you see out awesome fireplace
and our even awesomer table. :) We love our table. Especially
cause if we need it to be bigger we can add in a leaf and it
becomes a square table! Woot.

And on the right is our kitchen!

This is our fridge. We like to write on it. And have other
people write messages on it too. :)

Further on our left is the free china hutch that we got from
someone in Braedon's Parents ward. They were just going to DI it.
We gladly excepted it for free. :)

Next we come to our family room. You'll notice our one (lonely)
red love-seat. The other red couch is still on it's way -
it got back ordered apparently.
But luckily we have Braedon's futon. :)

Walking further you come to another door!
(yes I realize I'm making this tour of our small apartment
a lot longer then it needs to be...)

It's our exercise/random storage room! There is an air
hockey table chillin there from the owners up stairs that
we are thinking we might hook up!

Then turning right you see a hall!

Walking down the hall and looking to your right you come
to two doors! Let's start with the door on the right!

It's our bathroom!

Oh hi!
(Excuse the dirty mirror. :S)

Turning around you see the separate entrance between
our bathroom and bedroom. But we aren't going to enter
the bedroom that way. Back to the hall!

And enter the room on the left! Our bedroom!

This is our giant bed from Braedon's old room. We love it.
For many reasons. ;)

And here is our closet. I'm not sure what we would do
with out this huge closet... we have too many clothes.
And no, I am not the one that takes up the majority of the closet...
that would be Braedon. :)

Speaking of Braedon! Look who I found! :)

Anywho, exiting our room you see two things. First
on the right you see the divider that separates our
home from the stairs.

And on the left you see our storage closest. Nice and full. :)

And there you have it! The tour you have all been waiting for! I hope you enjoyed it. I know that me and Braedon enjoy our house. :) Sorry it has taken me so long to finally put these pictures up!


I'm hoping to catch up on some blogging - so until then.

Love and hugs.



The Kims said...

Your table is gorgeous!

stacy said...

Glad to see your place! I loved the photo tour!