Nine. IX. Nueve. 9.

Wow. I feel like I am so out of touch with my internet self. It seems like so much has happened since I last blogged... I'm not really sure if a lot really has happened, but it sure does feel like it.

Let's do a little catching up shall we?

(And let's hope I can remember all the stuff that happened that made me think "I should blog about this!")

1. First I'll start with my new Church calling! I am the Young Womens Secretary! I love it! The Young Women in this ward are so awesome and the other leaders are amazing. I'm looking forward to getting to know them all better. I loved Young Womens back in the day so I'm excited I get to go back! :)

2. On that same note - Braedon just called to be the Priest Duty to God Specialist! So he is now working with the Young Men! Now we get to be together on combined activities. :) It's pretty sweet living in the basement of your Bishop. ;)

3. Jobs. Bleh. Not the funnest subject, but still needs to be updated. For those of you who don't know, Braedon quit his job a few weeks back. He was coming home super stressed and the company just wasn't treating him well. We prayed about it and felt like it was time for him to leave. So he gave his two weeks. He now is working with me for some people in my ward. I work as an office assistant and he is a roofing inspector (random I know... but hey it's work). It's been fun working together and being able to take lunch together and so forth. But both our jobs are not full term - you can't really do roof inspections when there is snow on the roofs. So we are still both looking for jobs... we've both had a couple of interviews, but nothing really has panned out yet. Here's to hoping we find something soon!

4. Babies. No we are not pregnant. And no we are not trying yet... see number 3 for the main reason. :) Just for those that keep asking.

5. My Birthday! Yup. That's right. I missed blogging about my Birthday! I'm now 22. And my wonderful husband got me an awesome gift! He got me a........... LONGBOARD! :) Observe:

6. Braedon and I love doing stuff outdoors - especially hiking. So we went on a couple of hikes together! One up Millcreek Canyon and one up Big Cottonwood Canyon! Both were beautiful! We love hiking in our fivefingers. :) Desolation Trail is up Millcreek Canyon and was so green! I loved it! The hike up to Lake Blanche was a nice long one, but Taylor and Alex came with us! It was a lot of fun! Observe:
So Green!
Happy Hikers!

Lake Blanch and the Crew!
So Pretty. :)
The fivefingers. And our dirty legs.
Happy Hikers!

7. Real Soccer! We finally made it out to a game! And what a game to go to! We won, 5 to 0. :) It was pretty sweet. Especially since they handed out free BK Breakfast Sandwiche coupons. Don't worry that we all got about 20 coupons... besides Ben. Who go over 200. :)

Yay for Fivefingers!
The Ry and Tiff!

8. For the 4th of July we had a relaxing weekend! It was so nice to not really have any big plans and just spend some time with the familes. First we went out to breakfast with my family at Ruth's Diner:
Mmmm. Ruth's Diner is yummy.

And then later in the day we went over to Braedon's house and sat around at the pool and went to a movie. It was so relaxing.

Nan's is basically amazing.
Braedon and his Mommy!
Chillin in the pool!

9. I was going to stop at nine, but during the course of writing this blog... I have a little update on Item number 3. Braedon got a job. Talk about finding something soon. Yay for blessings! :) Fan-Freaking-Tastic! I love that man. So proud of him!

Nine seems like a good number and I like leaving things on a happy note. So we'll call it quites for today. :)

Loves and Hugs Internet.


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