Happy Segment

I almost let another month go by with out a single blog.

I apologize to the blogsphere - which I'm sure only has a population of maybe 2.

I don't particularly have anything special to blog about, so I thought I'd do another segment of 'Things that make me happy'.

- Being an AUNT (again). My lovely sister Robin had her beautiful baby on March 25th:
I love both these beautiful girls. :)
- Dates with the Husband. Not only have we finger painted, been to movies, but we just this weekend went out to breakfast and then took a trip to the zoo. I haven't been to the zoo since Jr. High. So much fun, and so wonderful to enjoy an afternoon out in the beautiful weather. Mmmmmm.

- Moab in 3 days! Need I say more? No. No I need not. 

- Fun weekends with friends - food, rockband, cames, good conversation. Doesn't matter what we do, our friends are wonderful and spending time with them is always good time.

Tay Rockin on the drums!

Clint Singing it out!

Kara and Chant!

All in all... I am very happy with life. :)


Brittany said...

your pics from your phone don't show up :(

Katie Goudie said...

Weird! I reposted them... hopefully they work now. If not I don't know whats up!

Brittany said...

they do work :) yay