Things That Make Me Happy - March!

Whoa - where did February go? I completely skipped over it apparently.

Sorry about that (like anyone even noticed or cares).

Life is good - here is a list of things that are making me happy right now.

- I'm an AUNT! My wonderful Brother and Sister-In-Law had a beautiful baby girl on March 10th. Welcome Aria Dawn McLelland, you are already so loved. :)
She is so beautiful! :)
- I got a new phone since mine was very much so on it's path to the grave.  What I love most about said new phone? The cool camera app that I got for it. Observe:

- SPRING. I don't care that it just snowed a couple of day's ago. It's Spring. Officially. I can already feel the change in the air, the warming weather, the trails calling my hiking feet. Oh man. I have a feeling this Spring/Summer is gonna be a good one.
Lake Blanch 2010
- Speaking of hiking and enjoying the outdoors. I got new shoes. Observe my new Bikila Vibram's. Oh how I can't wait to try them out on a good trail. Love.
Frog Feet?
- Again speaking of outdoors. Moab in less then 30 days!! I look forward to this trip every year now. It is the anniversary of how our group of friends began and it's always so much fun. I love jeeping, camping, laughing by the fire, more jeeping, hiking, etc. Plus. I absolutely love Moab. Team Awesome Friends + Moab = Amazing Trip. I get the wiggles just thinking about it.
Moab 2009

Moab 2010

- Mario 64. Recently Braedon and I went to a used Nintendo Game store and found a copy of Mario 64. We quickly purchased the game and are now working on beating all the levels. I love playing some old fashion Nintendo with Braedon - we make a pretty awesome team. :)
- The discovery of a park less then a minutes walk from our house. Braedon and I decided last week on one of the days that the weather was nice to go for a jog around our neighborhood. We haven't really done any exploring of our neighborhood so it was fun to look around - and we discovered a school that has a ginormous field and playground less then a minutes walk from us. So the next day we went back and long-boarded and played some Frisbee. Have I mentioned how much I'm loving the warmer weather?
Braedon on my long-board.
- DUCKIE's! Another discovery due to the warmer weather. Behind the fence in our backyard is a little canal that is always filled with ducks! My favorite is a white one that stands up super tall and proud. We like to go out and feed them from time to time. :) (Sadly I don't have any pictures of the duckies with me).

- My Fedora Collection is growing. My Mother-in-Law gave me another fedora (it's a brown wicker-ish material that is so wonderfully and perfectly old man-ish. I love it.) bringing my total up to 7. :)
Tower of Fedroa's.
- And of course, this guy:
Do you love the 'Painters Hair' Braedon is sporting?
He brings such joy to my life - I love his silliness, I love his protection, I love that he'll finger paint with me, I love everything about him - including this cute face:
So cute. :)

Life is good and I'm just enjoying the ride. :)

Loves and Hugs internet.


Kara and Chant said...

That was a fun post! Glad u are doing well

xantogal said...

Great pictures!!