Update on the List

We are getting closer! I'm starting to finally let it sink in...

Last night I went to a concert (Matt & Kim - so awesome) that I had bought a ticket for in March (don't worry that I almost completely forgot about the concert with everything going on). I went to the concert as Braedon, my lovely mother (thanks for covering for me mom!), and the amazing Chant were at the house working hard on some more painting. I felt a little guilty not being there helping - but I knew that it was in good hands.

After the concert I called Braedon to see how things where - he was just cleaning up and going to be heading back to our apartment soon (after having gotten way more done then I expected!). I told him I was heading home as well and that I would see him soon. Well about 10 mins later I suddenly realized where I was - 1 block away from the new house... apparently my subconscious already feels that this new house is our home. Luckily Braedon was still there so I just stopped by to see all the wonderful work that was done before we left together. Seriously they got so much done and it looks great!

Here is the updated list:

Close on the house
Get Key's
Change Locks
Change All Doorknobs
Pick out tile
Pick out paint
Pick out carpet (So happy this is done!)
Schedule carpet guys to come carpet
Fix Upstairs Toilet
Tear out old (gross-nasty-stinky-dusty-neverbeenvacuumed) carpet
Tear out old carpet pad
Tear our old tile
Smooth (grind-chip-hit-kick-hammer-scream at) old tile grout
Tear out (stupid-sticky-horrible-refusestocomeoff) linoleum in three bathrooms.
Unscrew all little plug/switch cover plates
Patch up all holes/dents
Sweep/vacuum/clean up dust and debris
Take Down Blinds
Vacuum edges/tack-strips
Tape, tape, tape, tape
Paint, paint, paint, and paint. (So close to done!!)
Tile the hallway and three bathrooms.Pack, pack, and pack some more
Watch carpet guys put in new carpet
Move to our new home!
Do a jig (all over the new carpet and tile).

Do you see how close we are!? The 'Pack, pack, and pack some more' part doesn't excite me too much... But we are almost there!

I can't wait!

Again - a special thank you to all those that have come and helped out the past week and a half (you know who you are). I can't believe the amount of support that we have gotten with this new house. I feel so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends to help us out and lift our spirits (and our paint brushes). Every little bit of kindness (from kind words, to food, to helping work) is welcome and appreciated more then I'll ever be able to tell. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Here's to the last 5 and a half items on my list!


Kara and Chant said...

You are so close! I can't wait to come see it. I'm happy to volunteer my hubby's services any time!

Karissa said...

yay! Wow you guys are so close!!! I feel so overwhelmed since we've just started, but I think we've gotten a fair amount accomplished in the past couple of days. It's so exciting though!