Update the Update.

I know I've been slacking lately - so here's the update.

- My car has been appraised and a check to fix it is coming my way. Even though I think the appraiser low balled the price, I'm still hoping I'm wrong and will somehow get extra cash out of all of this.

- The tooth is coming out. Yup. Hello, I'm 23 and getting a tooth pulled. La sigh. In all honestly Braedon and I feel really good about going this route then some of the other options we had. You know what the best part is? Extractions are only 27 bucks! Woot! (Of course the implant and possible bone graft is around 2500... but I'm choosing to ignore that fact at the moment).

- I'm still loving being an aunt. Saturday we went up to my parents house to watch the Utah game (go Utes!), and it was so much fun to spend time with the family, catch up, and of course play with my cute nieces (Noah unfortunately wasn't there). I'm loving getting to know these cute little girls so much more each time I see them, they both have such amazing and wonderful personalities. Plus the fact that they actually smile when they see me just makes my heart so happy. Sigh. So adorable, so cute, so fun. :)

- Speaking of family - I just want to give another shout out for mine. I love spending time with my family so much, I always leave them feeling happy, uplifted, and more at peace. They are such wonderful and good people. :)

- Uhhh, Thanksgiving is next week. Does anyone else find this extremely insane?

- I have a house this Holiday season. I can decorate inside and out, however I want! Which will include as much twinkle lights as possible. (But don't worry - only after Thanksgiving, of course).

- In case you didn't know. November is the month of not just thanksgiving, but of not shaving. You know I'm participating in that and currently have legs that look like they belong in the stone-age. Braedon too has a nice little 'stache going on. Yup, we're classsssy.

- Currently at work I have this picture as my desktop. It warms my heart every time I look at it. How'd I get so lucky to have such an amazing husband?
Leaving our Reception at the end of our Wedding Day. :)

Life is good. :)

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