Spring Things

I've decided I've been a poor blogger over the last few weeks so let's do some catch up (I feel that's what I'm always doing these days...).

First let's do some baby talk - A) For myself down the line to look back on and B) Because I get asked quite often. :)

- I am currently 23 weeks (and some change), or for those that think in a monthly fashion that would be 5.5 months (and still some change).
- I'm feeling our sweet baby girl kick more and more every day - which could possibly be one of the most comforting things to feel in this world.
- She's not kicking quite so hard enough yet for Braedon to feel her (or at least anytime Braedon is around to try and feel her).
- No real cravings besides what I always craved (fries, candy, chips, icecream - you know... basically anything horrible for you). If anything I have more food aversions then normal... which depending on the food is actually kind of nice.
- No throwing up for a long while - yay for the 2nd Trimester! I'm enjoying it while I can. :)
- I've been able to remain pretty active and feel good about my weight gain so far! I've been doing crossfit work out's at home as much as possible. The growing belly is getting more and more interesting to deal with for work outs though, that's for sure.
- We have been working on a project for the babie's room - I'm really excited about it! We are close to being done! Basically we are creating a a tree that will have a bunch of hooks on it to hang her cute jackets, hats, headbands, etc. Originally we started this project for my fedora's, but then decided to change it a bit and put it in the nursery. I'm really liking how it's turning out so far and hope that the final project is as cool in life as it is in my head. Here are some photos of the construction:
Cut out and prime coat painted
Top part
First coat of light brown
Top part
Dark brown over the light brown and the start
of the sanding (to show the light brown)
Close up of some of some of the sanding
How it will fit in the room. (Look at that
handsome man!)
- I still suck at getting good photos of the belly off the camera - so to hold any that care off, here are a couple crappy photos from my phone of this week:
23 Weeks.
Yesterday I was having a 'cute' day. I feel these
need to be celebrated and recognized. ;)
There you have it - baby stuff = going good. Now to other updates:

- A few week's ago Braedon and I got to watch out cute niece Ari over the weekend (or rather two weekends). Sadly the poor thing was sick for most of it - but this girl is still super smiley even when sick! I just have to share some of the cute pictures I took of her. :)
Ari loves to play with Spook!
She was in the process of crawling over my lap and fell asleep.
At the store with me. Love those cheeks!
Snuggling with Braedon. :)
Look at that toothy grin!
- Braedon and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary! This year our anniversary was a much happier occasion then last year (when we found out about our miscarriage). I love Braedon so much - more and more each day! I am so happy with my life right now and I know that it's because he's in it. I love holding his hand, sitting with him, talking with him, dancing with him, anything with him. It's been an amazing two years and I can't wait for the next one (and all the others after that).

- For our anniversary I surprised Braedon by buying an X-Box (wife points!). I've never really been able to do such a big surprise before (usually I am so afraid that he'll end up not wanting whatever I got that I end up not getting it with out consulting or telling him if it's more then 20 dollars - have I mentioned I'm a bit paranoid about money?). But I knew he'd love this and I knew that I'd love having it as well, so I did it! :)
That face was the best gift ever!
- Mother's day happened to also be on our anniversary - for some reason this made me not even think about getting anything for Mothers day, but Braedon surprised me with a Willow Tree figurine to add to my collection. I thought it was super thoughtful and sweet. :)
So sweet.
- Our poor pup Spook got neutered yesterday. Only one of his little nutlets had dropped - aka the other was growing on the inside of the canal, causing him to need an extra incision to get it out. You can tell he's hurting, but I"m glad we got it done cause leaving that other little nutlet so high up in the canal can be really dangerous. He's pretty good about not licking, but he still gets to sport one of these beauties when we can't keep an eye on him:
Cone of shame awesomeness.
- Braedon and I got a hanging plant for our backyard. I love it. :)
- My parents have a little water feature in their back yard - I was watching cute niece baby C and was not quick enough to stop her from full on sitting down in it (aunt award). So we ended up just taking the babies clothes off and letting them have fun.  My favorite parts of the video are Ari being a ham in the beginning and baby C pushing Ari's belly button. That girl loves buttons of any kind! :)
Baby C and Ari. :)

- I started painting again and finished one - It's really simple, but I like it. :)

All in all life is going good! I can't believe it's already the middle of May! Before I know it it's going to be my Birthday (weird).

Love and hugs to all!


stacy said...

Cute day? All your days are cute days!! You look great and you and Braedon will be awesome parents! I can't wait to meet her and I can't wait to see her room all done with all of her little princess treasures hanging. Super cute idea.

Karissa said...

Your belly is so cute! Also, your hair is amazing. And that tree project...awesome! Also, I LOVE your painting. I'm a little jealous...I really want to be able to paint well! I'm too messy to get details to work out.