This weekend has been a very productive weekend! We've had a couple of projects that have been pending for some time and we finally finished them. One was finishing making our 'scrapbook' - which we just do on blurb (what can I say I'm all for digital rather then gluing pictures and paper together). The other was the tree for our nursery - it's done!

For any new followers (cause I'm sure there are so many) or those that missed my last post you can see the beginnings of the project here.

We finally finished up some last minute touch up's, got the tree mounted on the wall, and hooks in place! Observe:

Top portion up and hooks in! Also my owl that
I painted is up too!
Close up of the owl. :)
We figtured since originally it was for my fedora's we'd put them
up until we got more things for the baby. That top pink fedora
is her FIRST fedora my brother and sister-in-law just gave us
today! I love it!
Here is the close up the cute fedora for our
little girl! I'm so excited!
How it looks when you walk in the room.
The other half of the room is a bit bare right now until the Crib is set up and we get the changing table - but I'm loving how it's all turning out and also loving that it's finally done - this has been a long work in progress.

Here's to finished projects and unfinished projects to come! :)

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Kara and Chant said...

It turned out so cute! Love the owl!!! That little hat is so adorable!