The Summer Continues...

I figure it's probably time I do another post - one that's not calling people out on social norms and what not.

- I am 28 weeks - into the 3rd and final trimester. That feels all sorts of odd to me. This baby's due date is getting closer and closer and that knowledge sets all sorts of emotions off - like anxiousness, fear, love, and a lot of excitement. In the mean time this little girl is enjoying using my belly as her own personal bounce castle (I'm already getting the feeling she'll be accident prone like me) and kicking my ribs out of place (thank heavens for chiropractors). Annnd of course the latest photo:
28 weeks.
- This one time I was playing with Braedon's hair and might have gotten a bit carried away. I'm the best hair person ever.
Why stop at one pony tail when you can have SIX!
- I love summer mostly because of summer evenings/nights. Braedon and I will take Spook on a walk down a path by our house that leads to this huge open park. I then will enjoy watching Spook and Braedon play and chase each other. Nothing beats a beautiful summer evening watching my boys run around. :)
Spook playing keep away.
Taking a break.
 - My birthday was super relaxing. We had a picnic, got my favorite treat (SNOASIS!), and came home to snuggle to a movie. It was excellent. 
My addiction lately - seriously the best cure for a hot/long/bad/anything day.
- The day before Fathers day Braedon and I took his dad out for lunch at a Mexican place called Los Cucos (really good!) and then to see the Avengers for his Fathers Day gift. Then later that day we went up the canyon with the rest of the family for campfire dinner and games. It was a good day!
Camp fire
The best way to have a roasted marshmellow -
add a strawberry in the middle! Mmmmm.
Nan's Roasting a mallow.
Playing some Kadima - Nans, Parks, Braedon, Keegan, Brad, and Chanty
- Once upon a time I stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up some groceries. I was so proud of myself for how quickly I got everything and into the check out line (seriously I was so proud I even texted Braedon of my awesome success). Then, of course I get stuck being the worlds most dis-organized couponer that's ever graced this earth. I was so bored and annoyed waiting for her to sort through her 7 (I repeat - SEVEN!) different newspaper ad's while simultaneously taking off her glasses (and then having to re-put them back on after a two minute search, only to locate them hanging from her neck again), all while NOT finishing pulling out the rest of her items from her cart - that I took these lovely photos:
These types of people should get their own lane.
If you want to save money - great. But that 10 cents
you just saved on that can of beans just cost me 15
minutes of my life. 
One of the most lovely photos I've taken of myself,
 but I post it to express how seriously annoyed I was.
- Braedon had a pretty brutal workout yesterday that involved (but was not limited to) him setting/resting a heavy bar across his shoulders resulting in some nice bruising. 
Passed out once he got home.
Crossfit Battle Wounds!
- The heat is for sure starting to get to me - I've been coping with getting a Snoasis whenever possible and by having two fan's going at night. I never would have though I would be the one to sleep with no blankets while Braedon is all wrapped up. I'm hoping to be able to hit the pool this weekend... that sounds lovely.

Welp - I think that's all I've got for now. Till next time!

Love and hugs. :)

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