Tid Bits

Turns out when I’m bored I think “you should blog!” so I open up a new page and then I stare at that white space with glossy eyes as I try to sift through my brain to find anything of interest to write…

and come up blank almost every time...

So you get a bullet list. :) 

- First I’ll do a baby update. I’m 26 weeks. Just had another checkup appointment the other day and all is well and as it should be (so good to hear). My doctor also said that after my next appointment in 3 weeks (where I get to down a small bottle of sugar water to test for diabetes) we will be moving appointments to every 2 weeks. This makes me feel like I’m a lot further along then what my head tells me. So strange. Currently, Rosealynn’s favorite thing is to have little dance parties – I swear I don’t know how that girl moves so fast in such a confined space, but I love every minute of it. All in all – things are great and both baby and I are happy. Now for the baby item that I know is all you really care about – the most current bump picture:
Please ignore the dirty mirror...
- I feel the need to let you all know how much I love my puppy. I’m fairly sure I take more photos of him then of anything else and I just don’t care. He’s adorable and loves me and I love him. Nothing makes a bad day (or even a good day) at work better then coming home to this puppy who is all a quiver with excitement as soon as he realizes it’s me that just pulled into our driveway. 
Waiting at his window.
Getting a nice washing outside. :)
He doesn't like to let go of his toys...
Watching Braedon out the window.
Sleepy pups!
- We got our first bountiful basket of the season. Yay cheap fruit and veggies!
So colorful!
- My birthday is tomorrow (no gifts necessary). I’ll be 24. 24 used to sound so old to me and now I don’t feel like it’s old at all. Hopefully I feel the same way when I turn 84. I’m also fairly sure that when I am 84 I will still love THESE (which I got as an early birthday gift):
Frooties!! Mmmmmmmm.
- Snowasis (now called Cup O Sno) is officially open. For those that may not know – this is hands down the best snow cone place I have ever found. They are about 30 minutes from my home… but only 6 minutes away from my work. I had my first one during one of my lunch breaks this week and it was DEEEEVINE. Oh how I wish I had one in my driveway. Mmmmmm. Best. Treat. EVER. It also makes me feel like summer is really here.

Annnd now I'm pulling blanks even for random bullet items so I'm gonna call it quits. Have a lovely night internets. :)

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The Morrisons said...

You're getting so big! Spook is SO adorable- hopefully he and Bruce can meet someday and be BFF!