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I sat down with the intention of writing a good blog - possibly about the cabin trip my family took, or the pool fun we had on the 4th of July. You know - a blog about a specific event in my life. I then decided that my brain was too jumbled to blog about any one thing in specific, thus I present to you some random musings from the brain of yours truly (and some random photos from the phone of yours truly)

- Sometimes I get the urge to put a ‘Yard Sale’ sign in front of people’s houses because of the amount of crap decorations they have crowding their front yard.

- Braedon got another raise. He basically rocks at his job. I’m so proud of him. J

- Because of said raise and since Braedon's birthday is coming up - we decided to get him a Grill. I woke up to this one morning:

BBQ all over our living room.
- We have less than two months for this baby girl to make her appearance. How crazy awesome is that? The app on my phone says she's a little more the 4 pounds and over 17 inches long at this point. She’s a growing girl! I don't have a photo of this week yet (33 weeks), but here is last week at 32:

I actually cleaned the mirror before taking the photo
this time. Be proud.
- I love instagram. I understand the picture quality is horrible. I get that half the little filters are over the top and overdone. I still love looking at people’s pictures of everyday life (especially when those pictures include my cute niece). J

- Speaking of cute nieces and nephews. I love mine. 

Showing off her Belly Button. She always then has to see yours.
She looked very dissatisfied with my lack of belly button right now.
Grandma with all three!
Walking around. :)
Noah and his cute little cheeks.
Love those eyes of hers.
Ari loves to put on tap shoes, so Grandma thought she'd put hers
on as well. They made a cute tap dancing duo.

These girls love to read!
- Once upon a time Braedon and I went to go renew our drivers licenses. We decided to go before work RIGHT when the place opened (7:00 AM) in the hopes of avoiding long lines and such. We pulled up at 6:45. No cars in the parking lot. Perfect. Five minutes later we realized it was the 24th of July. AKA, Drivers Licenses Division is closed. Better luck next time.

- We did in fact have better luck the next time. Consider our licenses renewed. :)

Us waiting in line before the place opens.

- I laid on the grass last night. Apparently my skin has decided it hates grass all of the sudden, despite never having problems with it in my previous 24 years of life. I was an itchy mess for about an hour.

- I just had to double check that I am in fact 24. Sometimes I forget my own age.

- Most days I get home before Braedon does. Sometimes (when it's rainy and smells wonderful) we like to wait outside for Braedon to get home. I love that my pup loves to snuggle. 

- I love to read. My body loves to sleep. Lately the second seems to be overruling the first. La sigh.

- My cars AC is finally fixed (again). This means Braedon doesn’t have to die of heat stroke every day on his way home from CrossFit cause now both cars have AC.

- Before we had the AC fixed in our car we saw a lot of this:

Spook looooves to wind sniff. :)
- I have a mini heat pad I keep in my purse (compliments of my wonderful sister in law Tiff – thank you again!) and it is a life saver. I really think my office chair might have been constructed by demons. Demons that hate pregnant ladies.

 - Speaking of my purse – it’s a mess. I don’t understand how it has so much junk in it. I also don’t understand why I haven’t cleaned it out yet.

- I sometimes will make hand made cards. Now before you get too excited, these cards aren't the cutsie type cards you learn how to make on pinterest. These are made using crayons, markers, and if it's available construction paper (if it's not available then just regular paper). They may look hokey to some, but I figure why spend 5 bucks on a card (that you know will just get thrown away two seconds after it's open) when I can make one and put that 5 bucks towards someones gift instead? Anywho. Once upon a time I was making a Birthday card - when a combo of my lack of spelling skills and pregnancy brain struck:

Don't even worry that I did the 'Bar' part first and then thought:
"Oh! I forgot the 'I' - I'll just try and squish it in..."
 In case you weren't aware - there is no 'a' in the word 'Birth'. 

- My husband is hot. ‘Nuff said.

- My puppy is adorable. ‘Nuff said.

- Last Weekend we watched Braedon's parents dog/house. Rascal wanted a hug - so of course Spook had to get in on the action:

Double Puppy Love.

- I still have a very serious Snocone obsession. Mmmmm.

- I finally cleaned out my purse. Go me. :)


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