2 Months

- We had Rose’s 2 month appointment. I can’t believe how much she is growing and changing. She smiles more and more each day! We still are trying to get over the thrush (hoping the new prescription the doctor gave us will do the trick), but besides that she’s perfectly healthy. Her stats for those that care (or pretend to): 

Weight:  8 Pounds 14 oz (5%) 
Height:  22.2 Inches (25%) 
Head:  15.0 Inches (15%)

Basically we have a long, skinny, adorable baby. Insert insane amount of photos of said baby here:
This was right after her appointment - even after shots she's smiling. :)
Love this face.
Always has crossed legs
In her 'Komono' onsie
 Love this man.
- I never tire of hearing some version of the following two statements: “You’re baby is beautiful” and “You are looking so good – you can’t even tell you had a baby”. These statements might just make up for the idiotic comments heard while pregnant. Might.

- Sometimes when Rose happens to be in a fussy mood (really it doesn’t happen that often – and I can’t tell you how lucky we are to be able to say that) she will quickly be satisfied when we put her in the carrier. Most times she’ll be content to look around while we get stuff done around the house… sometimes this happens instead:

Passed Out

- I might have a slight bladder issue while doing anything remotely ‘jumpy’ at crossfit. Even if I take extreme care to empty said bladder completely before the work out. Jumping Jacks? Jump Roping? Box Jumps? All lead to leakage. Nothing like feeling like a 1 year old that hasn’t been potty trained yet. (Someone please tell me this goes away at some point?) But I got new shoes. So that makes it better.

- I find it highly annoying when people walking around the office randomly stop right at my cubical and just stand there. Yes, sir? Did you need something? Oh – you just want to spy on my screen? Here let me move out of your way – I’d hate to be a bother.

- We had Rose’s baby blessing on Sunday. While it was wonderful to have so much family and friends around (seriously – thank you to all that came, your love and support means so much to us), and I loved hearing Braedon’s first fathers blessing… I’m somehow not surprised that my normally non-fussy, happy, smiley baby was thoroughly pissed through almost the entire thing. Apparently she is not such a fan of multiple men holding/touching/bouncing her for a long period of time. Who knew.
I love how he looks at her. :)

- On that note – I did find it quite adorable that one of the few times she did quite down was when Braedon said her name.

- I finally buckled down and pulled out my electric blanket last night. That thing is amazing. It might also possibly be the worst thing in the world as it makes getting out of bed 3,398 times harder. How about I just stay and work in my nice warm bed, mkay? Perfect.

- Speaking of never getting out of bed – snuggling is possible one of the best things ever.

-  Sometimes I can’t help but Email Braedon after I just had a really good session of pumping (tmi?). Seriously though - 9 oz!? You know I’m bragging about that. New personal record.

- Spook has this thing where he has to be touching one of us. He’s always been that way, even when he was a puppy (what do I mean when? He still is a puppy… but you get what I mean). Even if I’m standing doing dishes – he’ll come and sit on my feet. This has proven to be no expectation with Rose… if Braedon or I are up and about moving, and Rose is in reachable distant… without fail we’ll see something like this:

- Once upon a time I had Rose wear one of her Utah outfits even though it still was slightly too big. I wanted to get a cute photo of Rose and Ari in their outfits together… but of course before I could get said photo, Rose had a blowout. 
Sleepy Ute Fan
As close as I got....

- Halloween is next week. Usually I am all sorts of prepared with a costume… not so much this year. I figure I at least get some points for having a costume for Rose, right? I can always recycle my Zombie Hunter or Punkie Brewster costume.

- I know I might be in the minority here – but I honestly do love all this rain and cloudiness (totally a word) going on. Beautiful.

- I do however want said rain to stay rain for now… Snow can wait until December. Please and thanks.

- I happen to think we are one good looking family. Life is good. :)


Chels said...

You ARE one good looking family!

Mrs. Hesterman said...

I still update Billy at work on just about everything Noah does... diapers included... So no, not weird to email your husband about pumping.

Kendree Brough said...

Rose is such a pretty baby! And about the leakage...I have actually noticed that is getting better. There is a crossfit video about how to help with that little problem. When and if I find it I will send you the link!

Karissa said...

Your baby is just so adorable! And you guys are such a sweet family! Also, I'm totally loving the rain as of late. I love how it makes all of the leaves so vibrant because they're all wet! Fall rain is becoming one of my new favorite things.

kelli said...

she seriously is adorable! still, can't wait to meet her. :) haha

love her little zebra dress! such a little lady. :)

looove your hair curly! and seriously, you and braedon look slammin!

aaaaand i stiiiill want a puppy! so bad. spook is the sweetest! love that he's always touching one of you. so cute.

love you guys!